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City of Thornton: Art in the Park

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Submissions due May 2, 2012*. 3 Images representative of: Artistic content and technical competence as demonstrated through images of 3 different installed sculpture projects. 1 - 3 Images representative of: Appropriateness of the proposed art or concept as demonstrated in up to 3 images of your design. Eligibility: Open to Colorado residents only. Background Thornton consisted solely of farmland until 1953, when Sam Hoffman purchased a lot off Washington Street about seven miles north of Denver. Thornton was named in honor of Governor Dan Thornton and was the first fully planned community in Adams County. The City of Thornton is a home rule municipality, 10 miles northeast of Colorado’s capital, Denver. Thornton is a diverse community of about 120,000 with a strong commitment to quality of life and environmental issues. Thornton has aggressively pursued recreation programs and open space, with nearly 1,000 acres of land developed or designated for public parks within its 27.2 square mile radius. Further information about Thornton can be found on our website: PUBLIC ART AND PROJECT BACKGROUND In 2006 the TASHCO Board of Directors, a City Council appointed citizens' art board, established a master plan for the City of Thornton's arts community. The primary objectives of this plan called for a permanent cultural location, the nurturing and encouragement of talent and the support of local artists. Currently the City has 31 pieces of public art (see the public art brochure). Site The Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center: the north boundary of the area is 112th avenue, and will include construction of meandering sidewalks on the south side as part of this project. To the west are housing units in Northglenn city limits which are buffered by Thornton open space that preserves western views and wetland and riparian habitat. A trail connection from Thornton's open space across Grange Hall Creek to join Northglenn's Fox Run Open Space is part of this project. To the east is the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center and south of the project area are the existing multi-purpose fields. The master plan for this site was completed in 2008 and will include: • Fishing: A floating and fixed dock system for fishing and non-motorized boating; accessed from concrete trails; close to ADA parking. • Pond, Boathouse, Pedal boats: For all-aged family fun, accessed from an ADA accessible dock. • Trail Connections: Grange Hall Creek travels from Northglenn through Thornton with connections to Big Dry Creek and the South Platte River Greenway Trail. • Sport Courts: Tennis, basketball & volleyball with a large picnic pavilion area serving league play opportunities as well as individual or group visitors to the site. • Amphitheatre: Seating for 300-500 people to enjoy inspiring programs & celebrate community. This summer to date, over 2400 listeners have enjoyed Concerts in the Park. • Carousel: The former Biggs department store's carousel that Thornton acquired and has been storing, to be housed in a weatherized pavilion, will be a tradition re-established for the next generation of children. It will be a recreational amenity where even residents with special needs can "ride horses and feel the wind blow across their face". PROJECT The goal of this project is to produce up to eight unique works of art that will be utilized for seating. These art pieces will be creative art work that is original to Thornton and celebrates the many activities that take place at the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center space. An artist or artist team may propose one of the benches as long as they are residents of Colorado. TASHCO will finalize the number and sites for the Art Bench Project depending upon submissions received. The following information and requirements apply for all proposals submitted: • The artwork will be used as seating and must be designed to accommodate long term use for that purpose • All benches will be viewed from all angles, and artists must consider the entire surface when planning design • The artwork must take into consideration the safety of our park patrons, especially children’s safety • The artwork must celebrate creativity, art, and reflect or be consistent with the surrounding amenities that the park offers • The artwork must be durable and easily maintained • All proposed concepts for artworks are subject to sole acceptance by the TASHCO board of directors, Thornton’s city council appointed citizen arts board, in conjunction with City of Thornton officials. The artist will be responsible for including in their proposal all itemized expenses associated with the design, labor, materials, contracted services, operations, insurance and travel required to complete the work, as well as transportation/delivery of the work to the site and installation of the work. Budget The artist will be responsible for including all itemized expenses associated with the design, labor, materials, contracted services, operations, insurance, travel, and associated costs required to complete the work. The total budget for the design, execution, and installation of up to eight benches is $80,000. The artists are responsible for working with TASHCO and the City of Thornton representatives to oversee all aspects of the installation of the art benches. Selection Process A selection committee will review the applications and make final recommendations. The Selection Committee will include representatives from the TASHCO Board of Directors. The selection committee reserves the right to reject any or all entries at any time in the review and selection process. Selection Criteria 1. Artistic content and technical competence as demonstrated through images of 3 different installed sculpture projects. 2. Appropriateness of the proposed art or concept as demonstrated in up to 3 images of your design. 3. Suitability of the design and work of art to the site, including form, content, scale and materials. 4. Thorough description of the proposed materials, longevity, surface integrity, safety, durability and maintenance requirements. Contact us for details regarding an on-site visit. Installation of the park benches is scheduled for August 30,2012. ---------- *Deadline modified on this day 5-1-2012.

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