Call Detail
10th Review Me - Interview and Publication - 2022
Entry Deadline: 4/14/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: International
State: Unspecified


Receive a Professional Interview or art Critique and Get Published

Review Me, in cooperation with Biafarin Artist Management and Observica Magazine, proudly announces the 10th edition of Review Me in 2022.

The 10th edition of Review Me provides constructive critiques and elevating interviews for brilliant visual artists globally. 

Upon artist's approval, received art critiques and professional interviews will be published in Review Me website and an upcoming issue of international contemporary art magazine; Observica. 

Each selected artist will receive 6 to 8 colorful glossy A4 pages in prestigious Observica Magazine.

Artists from anywhere in the world, working in any medium, are invited to submit a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 artworks for this unique opportunity.

Submission is Free and selected artists need to pay a Selection Fee to complete their selection process.

Each critique, interview, and publication will be organized in relation to artists' submitted artworks.

So, it is recommended to submit artworks with particular messages to deliver or demonstrate creative ideas, thoughtful subjects, or special techniques.

Artists can choose any set of works that showcases their recent art trends, goals, and message.

The artwork set can belong to one specific collection, or they can be gathered from various series.

Moreover, as a legacy, artists can provide a range of their artworks that have been created in different eras of their art career.


Published critiques and interviews can be found at



■ Critiques
A number of selected artists will receive a professional art critique for their submitted artworks.

■ Interviews
A number of selected artists will receive a detailed interview about their art career and submitted artworks.

■ Publication: Website

Critiques and Interviews, together with artist headshot photo, and artworks, will be published online in Review Me website.

■ Publication: Online and Print
All selected artists will receive 6 pages or more in prestigious Observica Magazine that is available online and via print-on-demand order.

Artist biography, headshot photo, selected artworks, and received interview will be published in 6 to 8 pages on Observica Magazine.

■ Artist Profile Page

Each artist receives a free online profile page in Biafarin platform.

■ Certificate

A digital certificate will be issued for all participants and selected artists.

Each artist can print the digital certificate from Biafarin platform, after the submission is complete.


Submission is Free.

Selection fee is USD 300 for receiving an interview or critique and getting published in both Review Me website and Observica contemporary art Magazine.

Application Requirements


Artist Headshot Photo
Artist Full Name
City and Country of Residence
Social Media Links
Artist Biography
Artist Statement



Creation Year
Size (WidthXHeightXDepth) in cm or inches
Artwork/Series Description

Eligibility Criteria


The competition is open to all artists working in any medium worldwide.



Art Categories: Painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking, photography, digital art, sculpture, installations, mixed media, crafts, fiber art, etc. are accepted.

Style: All styles are welcome.

Size: There is no size limit for submitted artworks.

Duration: There is no limit for artwork creation year. Artworks created within the last 5 years are preferred.

Number of Artworks: Artists are invited to submit minimum 3 and maximum 10 pieces of their original artworks.

Originality and Rights: 

- Artworks must be entirely the work of the artist, executed without the supervision of an instructor.

- Artist should own all the rights for promoting, publishing and selling the artworks locally and internationally.
- Artworks that, in reasonable view of the organizer, include porn, violence, and/or racial, and religious hatred, inappropriate and/or offensive content, are not admissible.

- Entries must not be copies or derivatives based, in any way, on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other artistic works. 

- Organizers have the rights to use artworks and artists data for promoting the opportunity and publications.

- Selected artists might be asked for for high resolution artwork photos.

- Artworks that, in reasonable view of the organizer, include porn, violence, and/or racial, and religious hatred, inappropriate and/or offensive content, are not admissible.