Call Detail
Exhibizone 8th International Sales Exhibition - Spring 2022
Entry Deadline: 6/9/22
Application Closed

Entry Fee (For 3 images): $40.00
Media Fee(For each additional images, up to 10): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: Unspecified
Event Dates: 6/20/22 - 7/31/22


Exhibit and Sell your Art Worldwide

Awards: Group Exhibition, Cash Prizes, Catalogue, Digital Certificate, Online Promotion, Visitors Ratings and Comments, Exhibition Reports and Insights

Exhibizone, the house of smart online exhibitions, proudly presents its 8th international online group exhibition in Spring 2022.

In the spirit of empowering visual artists to showcase their prominent arts worldwide, the Spring 2022 festival invites all artists to submit their best artworks in various subjects from anywhere in the world and be part of the 8th edition of the international online sales exhibition by Exhibizone.

The show will present selected artworks created by talented artists and intends to express the most attractive art in terms of idea and technique.

Along with showcasing artworks, the awards for the Spring edition include 3 cash prizes for public choice award winners, publishing in a colorful stylish A4 catalogue, digital certificate, lifelong artist profile page, exhibition news circulation, online promotion, social media badges, visitors’ comments and ratings, exhibition progress reports, statistics and insights.

Exhibizone online art shows are top-rated and so far, have been seen by 3,000,000+ visitors.
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Group Exhibition
An international online group exhibition will present selected artworks by talented artists worldwide.

All selected artworks will be exhibited online from June 20, 2022 to July 31, 2022.

Artwork Sales
Selected artworks will be promoted to sell via an online exhibition link.
Moreover, they will be placed in one online Biafarin partner art gallery worldwide for the duration of the exhibition.

Exhibition Catalogue
All selected artworks and artists will be published in a stylish colorful exhibition catalogue available online. Artists can order the print catalogue via print-on-demand service from a partner website.
The catalogue will be promoted internationally and circulated and available to thousands of viewers via popular publication gateways.

Public Choice Awards
USD 600 for the 3 artists with the highest number of views in the exhibitions.

Promotional Badges
A digital promotional badge for each artwork will be sent to each artist to share in the social media.

A link to the digital version of the exhibition poster will be sent to each artist via email.

Artwork Reviews
All exhibition visitors can submit their reviews and ratings of the exhibition and each artwork online.
The reviews act as a bridge to visitors' minds and hearts and will be sent to each selected artist for exhibition by email.

Exhibition Promotion
A promotion program including exhibition press release sent out, catalogue circulation and social media presentation, will be executed to boost the selected artists' exposure and increase the artwork sales during the exhibition period.

Reports, Analytics and Insights
A report containing the number of views, reviews, artworks popularity, and engagement rate of exhibition viewers with artworks along with sales statistics will be sent to artists regularly.

Some of the selected artworks might be published in various magazines and books in Biafarin art network for promotion purposes.

Artist Profile Page
Each artist receives a free online profile page in Biafarin platform.

A digital certificate will be issued for all participants and selected artists.

Each artist can print the digital certificate from Biafarin platform, after the submission is complete.

■ Free Shipment
Selected Biafarin members with Gold and Platinum membership will use a free shipment of their artwork(s) in case of sales.


Organizer Fee
USD 40 for 3 artworks
USD 10 for each additional artwork
All payments are non-refundable.


About Exhibizone: As an art exhibition house, Exhibizone has become an international destination zone for visual artists to exhibit their art efficiently via one-of-a-kind smart online shows. Each exhibition targets specific segments of visitors and provides online sales features, news circulation, social media badges, catalogues, and exhibition posters to maximize the art exposure for participant artists.

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About Biafarin: Biafarin is a Canadian registered artist management company, supporting artists from 100+ countries to promote and sell their art effectively.

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Exhibizone uses Biafarin technology platform to deliver the smart online group exhibitions to visual artists worldwide. 

Biafarin is the sponsor of Public Choice cash prizes to winners and guarantees the delivery of service by Exhibizone.

Application Requirements


Artist Photo - headshot (jpg or pdf format)

Artist Full Name

Artist Birth Date

Complete Postal Address


Social Media Links (Optional)

Website (Optional)





Creation Year



Size (WidthXHeightXDepth) in cm or inches

Artwork Description

Price in USD

Eligibility Criteria


Open to all visual artists working in any art medium worldwide.



Art Categories: Painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking, photography, digital arts, fiber art, textile arts, sculpture, installations, and mixed media are accepted.

Style: All styles are welcome.

Size: There is no size limit for submitted artworks.

Duration: There is no limit for artwork creation year. Artworks created within the last 5 years are preferred.

Number of Artworks: Artists are invited to submit up to 10 pieces of their original artworks.

Originality and Rights: 

- Artworks must be entirely the work of the artist, executed without the supervision of an instructor.

- Artist should own all the rights for promoting, publishing and selling the artworks locally and internationally.

- Artworks that, in reasonable view of the organizer, include porn, violence, and/or racial, and religious hatred, inappropriate and/or offensive content, are not admissible.
- Entries must not be copies or derivatives based, in any way, on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other artistic works. 

- Organizers have the rights to use artworks and artists data for promoting the exhibition.