Call Detail
Pleasant Street Mural
Entry Deadline: 4/15/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Rhode Island
Budget: 30,000 ($17,800 directly allocated to the artist)


The City of Pawtucket, RI is seeking qualifications from visual artists in association with our 2022 Pleasant Street Mural Project, made possible in part by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Located at the intersection of Jenks Way and Pleasant Street, the site runs parallel to the Blackstone River from downtown Pawtucket to the City of Providence. This roadway corridor serves as a gateway into and out of downtown Pawtucket. Although this route experiences predominately vehicular traffic, the City of Pawtucket expects a significant increase in pedestrian activity in this area as a result of the ongoing Tidewater Landing development project. The northernmost portion of Pleasant Street includes a large concrete retaining wall that is highly visible and ideal for public artwork.

Questions about this call to artists must be submitted in writing by March 31st, 2022 to Diana Figueroa, Senior Planner at with the subject line "Pleasant Street Mural"


Following the review of all submitted responses to this RFQ, the City of Pawtucket will contact 2-3 artists and request their participation in a community design workshop to be held (in person or Zoom) in summer of 2022.  This design workshop (approximately 2 hours in duration) is intended for artists to visit the mural wall location, present past work and mural ideas, converse with residents/stakeholders, solicit public feedback, and better understand the shared vision of artists and residents for the Pleasant Street Mural.  Participating artists will submit a final mural design proposal for consideration approximately five (5) weeks after this community design workshop.

Artists selected to participate in this 2-hour design workshop, and produce a final mural design proposal will be provided with a $500 stipend for services and to cover travel expenses.

A single final mural proposal will then be selected.  The selected artist will complete the mural scope of work below in the summer of 2022 in coordination with the Pawtucket Department of Planning and Redevelopment, the Pawtucket Department of Public Works, the Cornerstone Corporation, and neighborhood residents as needed.


The final selected mural design proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria and in accordance with Pawtucket Advisory Commission on Art and Culture selection procedures:

·         MEDIA:  All visual art and materials will be considered consistent with the purpose of the acquisition.

·         QUALITY: Artwork shall be of lasting value and artistic merit that will enhance the City’s Collection

·         AUDIENCE:  The artwork should enhance the experience of its audience

·         STYLE:  Artwork should be suitable in scale, materials, and form while enhancing its site and immediate surroundings

·         RANGE: Artwork may be functional or non-functional, conceptual or tangible, representational or abstract, portable or site-specific, temporary or permanently installed

·         CONDITION AND PERMANENCE: Artwork should be of materials and methods of construction/execution suitable to the setting.  Artwork for outdoor display will be constructed and installed to prohibit theft and minimize vandalism and weathering

·         TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY:  Artwork/proposals will be considered only if the work is likely to be completed as designed

·         FISCAL FEASIBILITY:  Artworks will be considered only if there is adequate funding for display, maintenance, insurance, and safeguarding. 

·         PUBLIC SAFETY:  The City will not consider works of art that the City determines may pose a threat to public safety

·         LOCAL ARTISTS: Rhode Island artists are specifically encouraged to submit applications to all calls for art

·         CONTENT: Projects of purely commercial, political, or religious nature, which in the view of the City are intended to persuade rather than contribute to aesthetic enjoyment, will not be considered

The 2022 Pleasant Street Mural Project is partially funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $30,000.  The estimated project budget is as follows.  Significant deviation from this estimated project budget must be coordinated and agreed upon between the selected artist and the Pawtucket Department of Planning and Redevelopment:


Pawtucket Pleasant Street Mural Scope of WorkTotal Budget
Public Request for Artist Qualifications$500.00
Selected Artist Stipends (3) 
(Public Design Session and Final Design Proposal)
Public Design Session Logistics$200.00
Artist Materials (primer, paint, equipment, anti-graffiti sealant)$5,000.00
Lift/scaffolding as needed$5,000.00
Final Artist Mural Labor and Services$17,800.00
Contingency (Pawtucket Art Commission)$1,000.00