Call Detail
Tampa Convention Center Renovation

Entry Deadline: 5/13/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 15
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Budget: 1.7 million

Project Background and Overview  

Tampa is a very progressive City in a tremendous growth stage for development of a modern urban environment with entrepreneurs committed to over $3billion dollars of investment in the immediate area of TCC and the Tampa Riverwalk. This area is comprised of additional amenities such as the Amalie Arena, Sparkman Wharf / Channelside Entertainment District, Harbour Island, many new downtown residential units, along with more under construction and additional development already slated.

The mission of the TCC is to provide outstanding facilities and services to our customers generating a positive experience. Additionally, through the hosting of conventions that bring in multiple room night visitors, the TCC looks to maximize the economic opportunities for the City of Tampa. It is the goal of the Convention Center to secure, enhance, and increase business while providing an environment that will create opportunities for repeat clients of the venue.

The Tampa Convention Center is located directly on the waterfront in the heart of downtown Tampa.  The Center offers state-of-the-art technology services to compete with facilities throughout the nation.   The venue covers over two city blocks, featuring 2,000+ feet of waterfront access.  The facility has over 600,000 gross square feet with 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, divisible into three contiguous halls. The ballrooms combine to create 36,000 square feet with banquet seating of 3,600 or space for 4,100 guests. TCC has 36 meeting rooms that offer over 42,000 square feet of flexible space.   TCC has 19 restrooms and two show offices.  We have recently upgraded meeting rooms, ballrooms, restrooms and all food & beverage cafés and restaurants. There is a large capital expansion project to expand the meeting and convention spaces by 20,000 sq ft to be completed by summer 2023.

The center has two sets of boat docks with utilities situated on a seawall that borders the Bay and the Hillsborough River.  The south set of docks is home to several businesses that offer water related activities to the public. Adjacent to the waterfront is the Sail Pavilion and entertainment plaza that boasts a 360degree water view including Big Rays Fish Camp restaurant, restrooms, and a large plaza area completely outfitted for events and concerts.

The facility hosts approximately 300 event days annually and boasts attendance of around 300,000 a year.  Events held at TCC include banquets, conventions, trade shows, conferences, meetings, corporate functions, sporting events, and consumer shows.  Floor diagrams of the Convention Center and any additional information about the facility can be viewed on-line at: Additional views, map, and surrounding areas may be viewed at:  The facility operates 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. 

Developing Themes and Areas of Primary Content 

The subject matter, or content for the artwork, is open. However, content should relate, be in context, and have appropriateness to its location. Interest has been expressed for artwork that addresses the region, quality of light and environment, as well as the cultural heritage, diversity, and traditions of the area.

Site Opportunities and Anticipated Budgets:
(Budgets are approximate and may adjust slightly)

I. Large-scale two-dimensional artwork for three elevated bays
Three bays, each bifurcated into two areas for artwork. A single, or individual artwork may span both areas or two artworks may also be considered, one for each side. Dimensions are approximately 10’ x 30’ each, or 10’ x 60’ total. Budget: $250,000 for each 10’ x 60’ bay

II. Suspended Artwork
A rotunda space that overlooks the Garrison Channel provides an ideal location for a suspended artwork. This rotunda is a central location and gathering space. Budget: $400,000

III. Reworking of entrance locations for East and West Halls
There is an opportunity to rework an existing, unsuccessful design feature from the 1980s. The tile that is currently there can be incorporated into the artwork, or removed, pending artist concept.  $50,000 each hall entrance 

IV. Purchase of Existing Artwork *
There are multiple areas for the purchase of existing artworks of varying sizes. Opportunities are mostly for two-dimensional work. To submit your work to be considered for purchase, please search  CaFÉ™ for Portable Works for City of Tampa Convention Center Renovation or visit for direct link.  Budget: $450,000 

Commissioned Artists Scope
The Artist or Artist Team commissioned for each site is expected to:
• Work with city staff and design team, or development team, pending project
• Create a conceptual and final design proposal of a work of art for their location
• Participate in design proposal reviews, respond to feedback
• Implement the approved design proposal
• Create a maintenance manual for the work of art
• Provide content for interpretative signage about the artwork
• Work with educator on creating educational content about artwork

Anticipated Project Schedule
This schedule is subject to change. 
All materials received:   May 13, 2022
Notification of artist/s:   2Q 2022
Artists’ Design Development  2Q – 3Q 2022
Artists’ Artwork Implementation 4Q 2022 – 2Q 2023
Artwork installation completed  2Q 2023

Selection Process
The artist selection process for these commission opportunities includes two phases:
• Phase I: A prequalified pool of artists will be developed through this RFQ
• Phase II: Is the consideration of artists in the prequalified artist pool for specific opportunities
  -  Artists who are shortlisted as finalists for opportunities will be asked to interview with the selection committee
  -  Artists will be provided a stipend to develop a proposal or concept
• Phase III: Existing Artwork that will be a direct purchase will be prioritized and selected by the selection committee

Application Requirements

Application Requirements:

1. Contact Information, including website

2. Work Samples – up to fifteen images or video work samples depicting works of art relevant to the opportunities outlined in this RFQ.

3. Work Sample Descriptions – You may upload a document describing the work submitted samples or complete the fields in the work sample uploads. For each work sample, provide information from the list below that is relevant to your work sample.
  - Title
  - Date Completed
  - Materials
  - Name of Collaborators / Team Members
  - Location of Artwork
  - Description of Artwork
  - Commissioning Agency
  - Cost
  - Website to learn more about commissioned Artwork
  - Vimeo or YouTube link, if relevant

4. Resume - a current professional resume (limit to three pages), emphasizing professional Public Art experience and/or experience in working with public agencies.  

5. Letter of Interest – in the letter, describe why these opportunities are appealing to you and relevant to your work. Include your experience with public art, your experience working with or creating art in diverse communities and placemaking. Letter should not exceed 3,000 characters

Artist teams may submit up to fifteen work samples total for the team, resumes for each member, and a joint letter that details the information requested in (4) above. The letter must also state previous experience of members of the artist teams collaborating with each other.

Do not submit a proposal for a concept with your application. Artist who submit proposals will be disqualified and their submission will not be reviewed. Proposals are defined as a physical description of an artwork for the site and/or a visual illustration of an artwork for the site.

Questions pertaining to application process may be emailed to: 

Eligibility Criteria

These opportunities are open to professional artists with experience executing their ideas from concept to completion, meeting a specified budget and timeframe, working in the public real with public agencies.