Call Detail
Sister Cities - Sculpture for Ciudad Guzmán
Entry Deadline: 6/19/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Colorado
Budget: 40,000


Longmont Art in Public Places (AIPP) in collaboration with Longmont Sister Cities Association (LSCA) seeks a Colorado artist or artist teams who are proficient in the creation of a site-specific sculpture to serve as a gathering place to celebrate the 25 years of Sister Cities partnership between Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico and Longmont, Colorado. Highlighting the vital role the annual student exchange plays in the partnership, the gathering place piece will serve as the location for LSCA events. Additionally it will be a space for the community, overlooking McIntosh Lake and the majestic twin peaks, Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker. The artist must ensure that the artwork serves as a seamless addition to the space and use materials able to withstand harsh Colorado weather elements including ultraviolet rays. The area where the gathering location is approximately 625 square feet. See images included.


Established in 1987, Longmont’s Art in Public Places program (AIPP) is funded through a one percent levy on construction costs on most capital improvement projects. AIPP is administered through the Longmont Museum and managed by the Art in Public Places Commission of the City of Longmont, a fifteen-member citizen advisory committee. The Longmont public art program activates public spaces such as parks, trails, and facilities in new, creative ways. The AIPP commission supports and cares for a collection of public artworks in Longmont and promotes the community’s access to, and engagement with, public art.

Project Description:

Art in Public Places is interested in commissioning a Colorado artist or artist team to create a site-specific sculpture for gathering and seating at Flanders Neighborhood Park. The sculpture will highlight and celebrate 25 years of partnership between Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico and Longmont, Colorado. The sculpture will inspire a sense of connectedness. As a gathering location, the project should embody the sentiment of the Longmont Sister Cities Association mission to strengthen connections within our own community and through the world community by:

  • Promoting educational & leadership opportunities
  • Serving as an information resource
  • Acting as a communication conduit to the international community
  • Sponsoring exchanges & homestays
  • Furthering municipal cooperation

For Final Project Scope:

Three finalists will be selected to create concept proposals for the artwork opportunity. Finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,500

Some important themes for the final project proposal:

  • Community bonding and history of the Sister Cities Guzman, Mexico relationship/social impact/culture/reflects past, present, and future
  • Connection/access/porous borders/transformation
  • Gathering/celebration space providing shade

Artist Scope of Work:

The selected artist/s will be responsible for designing, fabricating, transporting, and installing the artwork, including (but not limited to):

  • Based on the approved concept proposal, developing final design documents detailing every aspect of the installation and its footing at the site.
  • Execution of the final design on schedule and in a manner that conforms to the approved concept proposal.
  • Transporting the final piece on-time and providing all documentation and hardware for the installation. Artist/s will manage and coordinate the installation in partnership with the City of Longmont Art in Public Places administrator.
  • Provide maintenance and conservation instructions for the completed artwork.
  • Work cooperatively and maintain effective communication with all parties involved in the project.
  • Participate, if available, in the dedication event.


Submission Requirements: 

Interested artists will be asked to submit materials online to CaFÉ (

CaFE is free to use and there is no entry fee for this submission.

You will be asked to respond to the following questions in your online submission:

  • Describe your interest in this project and how this commission relates to and/or will build on your body of work. (no more than 1000 words)
  • How have you approached sculpture installation projects in the past that are site specific and what are some of your past successes in developing work of this nature? (no more than 1000 words)
  • Letter of Intent
  • Do you live/work in Colorado and specifically within St. Vrain School District boundaries (not required)? See image attached.
  • Corresponding image information about each work sample, including: artwork title, a brief description of the artwork (100 words or less), medium, completion date, dimensions, location, and total budget/cost (please use the Price/Value field in CaFE). In the description field, please state the commissioning agency if applicable and your role in the creation of the artwork if other artists or design professionals were involved in its creation.

You will be asked to attach the following files in your online submission:

  • A CV/resume with current contact information (no more than 3 pages - PDF)
  • Names and contact information for three to five professional references (PDF)
  • Up to 10 sample images of previous artwork relevant to this project (JPEG) – Fabricated work and details only. Please do not submit renderings without images of the final fabricated work.

Finalist Review Process: Up to three finalists will be selected to create concept proposals for the artwork opportunity. Finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,500 to participate in the concept proposal process, which will include the opportunity to tour the site, and ask questions of staff and Longmont Sister Cities Association. Artists living more than 75 miles from the Longmont Museum will receive an additional amount up to $250 for travel and lodging expenses for the site visit.

  • Proposals will include renderings and a short narrative description, as well as a budget and timeline. Proposal materials will include images and narrative that can be repurposed for display for public comment.
  • Finalists will present their concept proposals to the Selection Committee the evening of Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The finalists should plan to present in person, but be prepared to present virtually depending on several variables at the time.
  • Finalist concept proposals will be placed on view at the Longmont Museum and online for public comment. Comments will be shared with the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will recommend a final artist and design for the project to the Art in Public Places Commission for final approval.
  • AIPP intends to award the contract to one artist or artist team; however, AIPP reserves the right to award to one or more applicant, or no applicants, if none of the applications are deemed acceptable.

Eligibility: The public art opportunity is open to professional artists residing within Colorado with slight preference given to artists living or working within the boundaries of the St. Vrain Valley School District

If applying as a team, please assign a team leader to respond to the submission questions, communicate which artist(s) are responsible for each of the work samples, and submit one resume and one references attachment for the team with one resume page and at least one reference per team member.

Tentative Timeline

  • Call for Entry – closes June 19, 2022
  • Finalist proposals and selection – Wednesday July 27, 2022

This project is open to artists residing in Colorado, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical disability. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the Longmont public art administrator.


The budget for the artwork is not to exceed $40,000. This budget includes all costs of designing, fabricating, transporting and installing the artwork, including but not limited to all design fees, fabrication, materials and equipment costs, professional fees, travel and lodging during design, fabrication, insurance, overhead, site preparation and installation costs including all contractors and equipment. Lighting will not be included in this project. The artist will be encouraged to attend the dedication ceremony, but will not be required to do so.


Following recommendation of the Selection Committee and Art in Public Places Commission, the Artist will finalize a contract with the City of Longmont for final design, fabrication, construction, installation, and oversight of the Artwork.