Call Detail
Curfman Gallery 2023-24 Season
Entry Deadline: 11/14/22
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $25.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 15
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado

The Lory Student Center Arts Program at Colorado State University is excited to announce an open call for entries for the 2023-24 Curfman Gallery exhibition season. Located in the heart of the Colorado State University campus, the Lory Student Center receives over 20,000 visitors a day. The Curfman Gallery provides a showcase for the creations of nationally and internationally recognized artists, as well as the work of local and student artists. For more than four decades, the Student Center's diverse exhibits of varying media have offered patrons the opportunity to interact with engaging works of art, stimulating cultures, and the history of CSU.

The LSC Arts Program seeks to bring the visual arts to all students at CSU. Our mission is to create an environment that welcomes emerging and nationally-renowned contemporary artists. For the 2023-24 exhibition season, we are seeking thought-provoking work that is firmly rooted in contemporary practice. Work exploring issues of identity, community, current social phenomena, new material investigations, or traditional media in new contexts may receive special consideration.

There is a $25 entry fee.

Delivery Shipping: The LSC Arts Program will provide up to $300.00 in reimbursements for delivery of artworks to Colorado State University.

  • Insurance: Insurance during the delivery of artworks is the responsibility of the artist. Insurance coverage provided by CSU will begin after the check-in and verification of safe arrival of newly received artworks.

Return Shipping: CSU will pay for the return of artworks to the artist using the same shipping materials as delivery. Modifications will be made, if necessary, to ensure the safe delivery of artworks.

  • Insurance: CSU will provide insurance for the return of artworks to the artist.

Artists who are interested in visiting campus to talk about their work should include a proposal for what they would like to present (for example, a workshop or artist talk).

The LSC Arts Program does not broker sales. In the event of the opportunity for a sale, we will put the interested party directly in contact with the artist. The artist will retain 100% of the sale price.

Seeking solo exhibitions or curated 2-3 person shows. Applicants may enter as a group.

All media and all sizes are accepted.

All work must be ready to install. Installation work will be considered if artist will travel to install.