Call Detail
Entry Deadline: 12/5/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Arizona







Monday, December 5th, 2022

11:59 PM (MST)



Friday, October 21st, 2022

12:00 PM (MST)

This session is not mandatory. It will be recorded and made available online.



Monday, November 21st, 2022, at 12:00 PM (MST)


 PROJECT MANAGER:         Kati Ballares


                                                                             City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

                                                                             200 W. Washington Street, 10th Floor

                                                                             Phoenix Arizona 85003-1611


                                                                             Phone: 602-534-8334


Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture was established in 1985 to champion and sustain the City's arts and culture community to make Phoenix a great place to live, work, and visit. 

Our Commitment

The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture believes in fair treatment, access, and opportunity fo​r all individuals. Our equity strategy aims to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented marginalized groups' full participation from the agency's programs and to strengthen equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts and culture sector for all Phoenix residents. ​

The City of Phoenix fully endorses and supports the concept of equal business and employment opportunities for all persons, regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, genetic information, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

Land Acknowledgement:

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture acknowledges that modern-day Phoenix is on the traditional lands of the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and the Tohono O’odham and before that their ancestors (Hohokam) as well as the Pee-Posh (Maricopa). We honor the elders of both past and present, as well as future generations that enable us to live here today. Further, we acknowledge the sovereignty of the 22 Tribal Nations who continue to steward the lands that make up the state of Arizona.


The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture requests qualifications from professional artists for purchase of existing sculptures for semi-permanent display at two locations in Phoenix: the 55th Avenue Promenade, from Camelback to Indian School Road, and the Western Canalscape at 20th Street.

The 55th Avenue Promenade is a linear greenspace with pedestrian amenities such as shade trees and a walking path.  As a part of the city’s Cool Corridor’s program, sidewalks and trees are being added to the space.  In addition, four plinths for sculpture will be added along the walking path. Artwork is sought to enhance the pedestrian experience of this unique community amenity. Up to four artists will be commissioned for this opportunity with the artwork being on display for up to 24 months. Selected artworks may become part of the City’s Municipal Art Collection and remain on display permanently.

The Western Canalscape at 20th Street is part of a larger canal improvements project along the Western Canal in south Phoenix. At the 20th Street access node, two plinths for sculpture are located adjacent to the canal pathway. Artwork is sought to enhance the pedestrian experience in this unique environment. The plinths are located at the end of a residential street and may require community outreach for the selected artist(s). Up to two artists will be commissioned for this opportunity with the artwork being on display for up to 24 months. Selected artworks may become part of the City’s Municipal Art Collection and remain on display permanently.  

To be considered for these two public art opportunities, the artwork must meet the following requirements:

·       Artwork must be no larger than 12 feet in height and movable, should future development of the site require their relocation.

·       The sculptures must be of durable, vandal-proof, weather-resistant and low-maintenance material, suitable for an outdoor desert environment.

·       Design and materials must mitigate any potential hazard to the public, such as no sharp, or protruding elements.

·       Artwork must not be religious, political, or figurative in subject matter.

·       Artwork must fit the concrete base pads ranging from 5 feet to 15 feet wide.

·       Artwork must be suitable for attachment to a concrete pad using an attached plate, flange, or pin system. If selected the artist will be asked to create a proposal for how the sculpture will be installed and may be required to provide engineered foundation drawings. The footings or concrete work needed for placement will be provided by the Office of Arts and Culture in consultation with the artist.

·       Artwork should be able to be safely removed and reinstalled without damage or alteration.  If the work requires assembly, it must be able to be safely disassembled.

Site Details

55th Avenue Promenade

The 55th Avenue Promenade project is a collaboration between the Parks Department and the Streets Transportation Department.  The corridor is a flood irrigated landscape median in between the lanes of 55th Avenue, from Camelback Road to Indian School Road. Improvements include sidewalks along both the east and west sides of the median as well as shade trees as a part of the city’s Cool Corridor initiative. The Office of Arts and Culture will install four plinths within the landscape median on which the selected artwork will be mounted.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Western Canalscape: 4th Avenue to 24th Street

The Street Transportation Department, in conjunction with Salt River Project (SRP), is transforming the Western Canal from a dirt path to an improved concrete pathway. The Western Canal area between 4th Avenue and 24th Street accommodates a lot of pedestrian and bicycle use so an improved canalscape project will be a welcome recreation or commuting alternative to navigating nearby roads.

The primary intent of the project is to develop a contiguous commuter and recreational route, including safe crossing facilities where the trail crosses arterial and collector streets. The project will reintegrate the canals into the surrounding communities by incorporating public art, landscaping, and neighborhood access points to the path to provide better visibility, access and, ultimately, appreciation of the canal system in the Phoenix area. This project will link neighborhoods with eight schools, four transit routes, a Park-and-Ride facility, five churches, and the future Valley Metro South Central Light Rail extension.


Beginning on the date the Call to Artist (hereinafter referred to as “Call”) is issued and until the date a contract is awarded or the Call withdrawn, all persons or entities that respond to this Call for the services outlined below, including their employees, agents, representatives, proposed partner(s), subcontractor(s), joint venture(s), member(s), or any of their lobbyists or attorneys, (collectively, the “Respondent”) will refrain, from any direct or indirect contact with any person (other than the designated procurement officer) who may play a part in the selection process, including members of the evaluation panel, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Deputy City Managers, Department heads, the Mayor and other members of the Phoenix City Council.  As long as the solicitation is not discussed, Proposers may continue to conduct business with the City and discuss business that is unrelated to the solicitation with the City staff.

Respondents may discuss their proposal or this Call with the Mayor or one or more members of the Phoenix City Council, provided such meetings are scheduled through Romeo Rabusa procurement officer, conducted in person at 200 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85003, and are posted as open meetings with the City Clerk at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled meetings.  The City Clerk will be responsible for posting the meetings.  The posted notice shall identify the participants and the subject matter and invite the public to participate.    Romeo Rabusa’s contact info is

With respect to the selection of the successful Respondents, the City Manager and/or City Manager's Office will continue the past practice of exerting no undue influence on the process.  In all solicitations of bids and proposals, any direction on the selection from the City Manager and/or City Manager's Office and Department Head (or representative) to the proposal review panel or selecting authority must be provided in writing to all prospective Respondents.

This policy is intended to create a level playing field for all Respondents, assure that contracts are awarded in public, and protect the integrity of the selection process. RESPONDENTS THAT VIOLATE THIS POLICY SHALL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Application Requirements


Requirements and deadlines for submitting a response to Call: 

Cost: There is no fee to apply to this call.

Deadline:  Monday, December 5, 11:59 p.m. (MST). Late applications will not be considered.

Eligibility: This project is open to any professional artist with the demonstrated ability to meet the criteria (SEE SECTION V – EVALUATION & SELECTION), regardless of residency, race, ethnicity, gender, age, or experience level. No previous public art experience is required to apply. Arizona artists are strongly encouraged to apply. 

City of Phoenix employees and Phoenix Arts and Culture Commissioners and their immediate family members, and selection panelists and the panelists’ immediate families are excluded from participating in this project. Applications from Artists’ representatives, managers, or galleries will not be accepted. 

Submissions: Submissions will be accepted via CaFE. Do not mail or email submissions or original artwork. Applicants are strongly encouraged to retain a complete copy of their submission for their records.

You can find more information at:    

Applicant Name: If applying as a team, please select a team lead as a point of contact for all communications. Artists applying as a member of a team are not eligible to also apply as an individual.

Applicant Pool: Applicants to this RFQ may be considered as an applicant pool for other similar City of Phoenix public art projects. 

Submission Materials:

1.      Statement of Intent (1000-character limit) - Think of this as a job application and your cover letter. Be as succinct as possible. Describe why you are interested in this opportunity and highlight any relevant experience. 

2.      Resume or CV. (3-page limit per artist) Current professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) including artist’s name, address, email, and phone number. Teams must submit one resume/CV per team member merged into one PDF, DOC, or DOCX file.

3.      Images – Six (6) to ten (10) digital images of previously created sculpture in jpg format. Follow CaFE Guidelines for size. Describe each project pictured in terms of media, site, and scale. Include all materials, dimensions, weight, year completed and estimated budget. If created as a collaboration, list all partners involved and describe your role in the process. Do not put text on your images. We recommend using only one photograph per image. Collaging more than one image together may reduce the panelists’ ability to see your work clearly. 

Contact information: The City of Phoenix contact for this Call is Romeo Rabusa, Procurement Officer (the “City Contact”). Any questions relating to this Call shall be directed to Romeo Rabusa at or 602-534-8334. To be considered, such questions must be received by December 2, 2022, at 12:00 noon (MST). 

If a Respondent believes that any portion of this Call is ambiguous, inconsistent or contains an error, the Respondent shall promptly notify the City Contact of the apparent discrepancy before Monday, November 21, 2022.  If the Respondent fails to notify the City Contact of the discrepancy before that date, the Respondent’ shall be deemed to have waived any such claim of ambiguity, inconsistency, or error in this Call.

Helpful Links: Several online and video resources for application guidance are available from the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture: 

•     Public Art 101 Digital Classroom Lesson 1 – Applications and Selection Process (VIDEO)

•     CaFE Submission Demonstration (VIDEO) –

•     Artist’s Guide (PDF) –'s%20Guide%20to%20the%20Phoenx%20Public%20Art%20Program.pdf

Scope of Work

The selected artist(s) will be expected to provide sculpture(s) for designated locations as a part of these two public art projects. The selected artist(s) will be expected to review concepts with the City and the design team to ensure that the sculpture(s) are effectively integrated into the space, and accommodate specifications as well as traffic flow in the space, and other site-specific regulations. All sculptures must be suitable for an outdoor, desert environment. 

Estimated Budget

The budget for the 55th Avenue Promenade project is not to exceed $150,000 for four works of art. This includes all costs related to the purchase, shipping, administration, and installation of the artworks. The budget for the Western Canalscape project is not to exceed $150,000 for two works of art. This includes all costs related to the purchase, shipping, administration, and installation of the artworks.

Estimated Timeline of Project

October 11, 2022                      Call to Artists Open for Submissions

October 21, 2022                       Informational Meeting 12:00 PM (MST)

November 21, 2022                  Deadline for questions and inquiries 12:00 PM (MST)

December 5, 2022                     Application Deadline 11:59 PM (MST)

January 2023                                Selection panels recommend finalists for each project

February 2023                              Final Selection of Sculptures

Spring 2023                                  City Council approval and award of contract

Summer 2023                              Installation of Sculptures


Qualification Criteria

All responses to this Call will be evaluated based on a 20-point system listed below.  After evaluating all submissions, the City, at the request of the Evaluation Committee, may ask some or all of the Respondents to submit supplemental information or to participate in interviews.

The points will be distributed as follows:

1.      Demonstrated artistic quality of completed artwork -10 points

2.      Appropriateness for the public setting and existing collection - 10 points

Responses to this Call should be concise, and well-organized according to the requested information. Submissions lacking the necessary information will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria


A selection panel will be convened by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to review submissions received and make recommendations to the Arts and Culture Commission. Members of the panel will include art and design professionals, staff of the funding departments, and community members.  Non-voting advisors to the panel may include additional city staff and members of the design team.  The panel will review the work of all applicants before selecting finalists to be interviewed. The panel will conduct interviews with the selected finalists before making a final recommendation to the Arts & Culture Commission

The final recommendation of the selection panel will be reviewed by the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission; a subcommittee of the City Council; and the Mayor and City Council prior to the award of the contract.