Call Detail
City of Loveland, CO - Rialto Theater Acoustic Artwork
Entry Deadline: 3/5/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Jury Dates: 3/7/23 - 4/7/23
Budget: $6,000

Loveland Art in Public Places (AIPP) seeks an artist or design team to create sound-diffusing artwork on a wall in the Devereaux Room at the Rialto Theater. The intent of this project is to manage the sound in the room and create a visually appealing focal point. The space is multi-functional, and the artwork will be on the west wall, usually the backdrop for presentations, a retractable screen is also sometimes lowered in front of it. The total surface area is 37’ 3” L x 10’ 3” H (the art installation or artwork on the wall must be 5 inches deep or less). The total square footage for this project is approximately 370 sq. ft. 

History of the Rialto Theater and Devereaux Room

The century-old theater served multiple purposes until 1987, when Loveland’s Downtown Development Authority purchased the building and began the restoration process. In 1995 the City of Loveland purchased the Rialto and completed the renovations. Today, the Rialto Theater is where the community comes together for performances.

Linked to the Rialto Theater is the newly constructed Devereaux Room, a fresh, modern venue suitable for various events. The multi-functional room is used for meetings, events, birthdays, reunions, and other gatherings.

Project Overview

Loveland AIPP is interested in commissioning artwork for this site-specific installation project in the Devereaux Room. The artwork is intended to serve a sound-diffusing purpose and make a visual impact. The installed work must be flat or low-relief (5 inches or less) and almost weightless without being flimsy. Artists are encouraged to use lightweight materials such as foam, cork, fabric, felt, other textiles, or porous materials that absorb sound. Also, the artwork should be reasonably durable due to people potentially touching it and the high use of the room.

The desire is to bring color, warmth, texture, and dimensionality to the wall while also absorbing sound. The specific subject matter, layout, style, and color pallet are open to the artist.

The artwork can be installed in one continuous piece or in parts such as panels or shapes that are related to one another or form a pattern.

The artist or artist team must install the artwork on location and is responsible for all materials and installation costs.

Click "view site details" for a photo of the location. Also, feel free to contact the public art staff for additional pictures of the area and details of the wall.

A maximum of $6,000 has been allocated for the mural to include design, fabrication, insurance, installation, travel, contingency, and any incidental costs. The City of Loveland reserves the right to withdraw from the project before a contract is formally entered with the Artist. Contract provisions will apply after the agreement by both parties. 

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

The Visual Arts Commission (VAC) requests qualifications and professional samples of past artworks to be considered for this project. From this RFQ, up to three finalists may be selected to present design concepts for this project. Finalists will receive an honorarium to develop and present their artwork design concepts. Please do not submit proposals to this RFQ as those proposals will be removed from the jury process.

All applications for consideration must be submitted through the CaFÉ website at: and include the following:

  • a statement of approach for the project which communicates experience with projects of similar scope and scale
  • at least 5 images of fabricated and installed artwork completed within the past five years, highlighting your previous accomplishment(s) with art installations of similar appropriate scale. No more than 2 images per project are permitted. Do not submit images of past proposals that have not been executed. Minimum: 5, Maximum: 10 images
  • your professional resume specifically highlighting public or private artwork commissions
  • 3 professional references

Materials must be submitted through CaFÉ; however, please contact Suzanne Janssen, Public Art Manager for the City of Loveland, at least three to four days before the deadline should you need clarification, details, or additional photos regarding this project.


               Phone: 970-962-2495

Artwork Jury Overview

  • City staff will oversee operations and administer the decisions of the jury panel.
  • Artwork Selection Panel:  Members of the City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission (VAC), two Rialto Theater representatives, and 3 Loveland residents will serve as jurors for the project.
  • Each finalist will present a full-color rendering of their design concept and may present any additional information the artist feels appropriate for the jury panel’s review.
  • A detailed budget will be required for all finalists. The detailed budget must include all expenditures in connection with the execution of the project.  (It is recommended that artists prepare such a budget to ensure the project can be executed as presented.)
  • The selected artist/artist team will enter into a contract with the City of Loveland and must carry general liability insurance of $1 million and execute the design as presented.
  • Project completion date will be determined jointly by the artist and representatives of the Art in Public Places and the Loveland Rialto Theater staff.
  • The selected artist/artist team will work closely with Art in Public Places staff throughout the project timeline.

Selection Criteria

  • Assigned Personnel: Do the person(s) working on the project have the necessary skills to execute the project? Has the artist/artist team completed a project of similar scope on time and on budget? Are there sufficient people with the requisite skills assigned to the project?
  • Scope of Proposal: Does the proposal show an understanding of the project objective, appropriate scale, and desired results?
  • Materials: Are the materials safe and durable to withstand public contact?
  • Aesthetics: Does the artwork meet the aesthetic preferences as stated within the RFQ?
  • Availability: Can the work be completed within an acceptable timeframe?

The VAC will select the design(s) that meet the following preferences:

  • suitable for general public viewing
  • addresses the project theme as outlined
  • a design that makes a visual impact on the viewer

Project Timeline     

All applications must be submitted by:  Sunday, March 5, 2023          

Finalists notified by City staff:  Monday, April 10, 2023

Finalists present their design concept:  Thursday, June 1, 2023

Eligibility Criteria


Any artist living or working within the United States.