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Walk of Art 2023

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Entry Deadline: 3/1/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (2023 Walk of Art): $25.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Michigan

Walk of Art Sculpture Application - applications due March 1, 2023

Submission Guidelines

Art Rapids is seeking Artist applications for original sculptures of a size, weight, and material suited to an outdoor park setting. The sculptures will be exhibited at the Elk Rapids Day Park, owned by Antrim County and located in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Sculptures created with commercial molds, patterns, kits, copies, etc. are ineligible. Selected works will demonstrate the intimate connections between art, place, and the natural environment. Please submit this Application & Agreement by March 1 along with 3 to 10 representative digital images, sketches, or a scale maquette of your proposed sculpture. No more than 10 images per sculpture will be reviewed. Slides or photographs will not be considered. Digital images must be in jpeg format and submitted on a CD or by email. CDs will not be returned. Sculptures for the exhibit are selected by qualified jurors; decision letters will be mailed or emailed to all Artists submitting applications.

Art Rapids recognizes some changes may occur during the process of creating the finished sculpture. If, in the reasonable judgment and opinion of Art Rapids jurors, the finished sculpture is materially different than the concept presented and accepted during the selection process, Art Rapids reserves the right to refuse the finished sculpture for exhibit. It is the responsibility of the Artist to discuss with Art Rapids any changes during the creative process that could be considered materially different.

The Selection Process  

Walk of Art jurors, a total of three, will be led by artist Kim Bazemore, WOA coordinator, along with two guest jurors.    Bazemore is a self-taught metalsmith and has been making jewelry for 30 years in northern Michigan. She studied interior design and has renovated several homes & commercial buildings using green, energy-efficient construction practices. She sells her jewelry nationally and at regional art shows and for several years operated a fine-art gallery in Traverse City. The past two years she has been developing her welding skills, creating sculptures large and small, from steel, stainless, copper, bronze and upcycled materials.

Agreements & Conditions for Exhibition

The sculpture will be on loan from the Artist to Art Rapids and the Park. The Artist retains ownership of the sculpture throughout the period of time it remains in the Park. All copyrights pertaining to the sculpture belong to the Artist except for certain rights provided to Art Rapids, which are noted in this Agreement.

The sculpture will be on display continuously for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years; however the exact time period (“loan period”) will be at the sole discretion of Art Rapids and is subject to the sale rights of the Artist explained in this Agreement. The loan period will begin on the date installation is completed.

The location of the sculpture in the Park shall be determined by Art Rapids in cooperation with the Artist and approved by Antrim County. The installation period is annually between May 1st and May 20th. The Artist, working in cooperation with Art Rapids personnel, is responsible for the installation of the sculpture. Upon successful installation, Art Rapids will pay the Artist a stipend of $600. Any sculptures arriving
after the May 20 date will not be printed in the annual park map.

The sculpture must be installed in a workmanlike manner with sufficient anchoring to prevent the sculpture from being removed, tipped, broken, or overturned. The Artist agrees the sculpture and installation will be completed so that it does not create any known risk to the public. Art Rapids has the right to review the Artist’s proposed installation plans and to modify them to address safety concerns of Art Rapids and/or Park officials.

The sculpture will remain outside and uncovered throughout the loan period, therefore it must be sufficiently durable to withstand exposure to the Northern Michigan weather conditions. Art Rapids will provide signage to prohibit and discourage physical contact with the sculpture by visitors and users in the Park; however the park is not staffed nor patrolled; it is open to the public and the sculpture will not be protected by a barricade, fence or enclosure.

Maintenance and Insurance

Artists are to be aware their sculpture will be exposed to weather and may experience degradation from exposure to the elements and may be damaged by vandals or stolen. Artist may perform maintenance on the sculpture at any reasonable time. If Art Rapids becomes aware of maintenance or repair needs, it will request Artist to complete needed repairs. Should the Artist fail to complete required maintenance within thirty days (or other agreed upon time period), Art Rapids may implement the repairs or maintenance at the Artist’s expense. The Artist and Art Rapids will make reasonable efforts to consult with each other before any maintenance or repairs are undertaken. Neither Art Rapids nor Antrim County will insure the sculpture for damage or loss. The Artist may do so at his or her expense.

Promotional Rights

The Artist grants Art Rapids and Antrim County the right to use any images or portrayals of the accepted sculpture in brochures and advertising for the Park without compensation. The Art Rapids website will include information about the sculpture and the Artist. No royalties or other fees beyond the agreed-upon stipend will be due to or paid to Artist by Art Rapids or Antrim County.

The Artist will seek advanced approval for any organized activity he or she wishes to conduct in the Park relating to the sculpture or Walk of Art exhibit.


Application Requirements

See submission guidelines/rules to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

See submission guidelines/rules to apply.