Call Detail
Tamarac Fire Station #15

Entry Deadline: 1/13/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Budget: $135,000

NAME:                                               Tamarac Fire Station #15

LOCATION:                                       6000 N. Hiatus Road, Tamarac, Fl

DUE DATE OF APPLICATION:       Friday, January 13,2023

PROJECT BUDGET:                        $135,000


 Public Art Project Description  


The City of Tamarac, Florida is seeking to commission an artist or artist team to create an artwork of significant size and quality to be located at Fire Station #15, located at 6000 N. Hiatus Road, Tamarac, Fl 33321. This artwork will pay tribute to 50 years of service provided by Tamarac firefighters and their heroic acts of valor to the community. The artwork should reflect the spirit of Tamarac and be impactful to pedestrians and passerby traffic both day and night at this high traffic roadway.  Three artists will be selected as semi-finalists to develop and present design proposals.  Each will receive a $1,500 stipend.  The winning artist will be awarded a $135,000 contract and will be responsible lightning, the footer, creation and installation of the final work.  The budget includes lighting he design must be approved by the city commission.


Deadline for Application: Friday, January 13, 2023


Qualities of Artwork

The artwork should be durable and require minimal ongoing maintenance. South Florida has a sub-tropical climate and is hot and humid with an intense sun and seasonal heavy rain. Problems with rust and fading should be avoided.


Shortlist/Second Selection

Each semi- finalist will receive a $1500 stipend to provide a full proposal to include a maquette and/or 3D renderings and presentation. 

 Please submit the following when applying:

 1 Current resume 2 page maximum

2.10 images of past projects that support your work and relate to this project

3. Annotated image list


All items become the property of the City of Tamarac


All questions must be submitted to:  AND 


Website for City of Tamarac: 

 Project Schedule (Subject to Change)

• Artist Applications Due:  January 13, 2023


Notification: (Dates are tentative and subject to change)

• City Commission Approval:  TBD

• Artwork Permitting/Installed: TBD

            • Opening Ceremony: TBD


Selection Process

The Tamarac Public Art Committee manages the application process and will review the proposals.   

 Criteria for Selecting Proposals 

All artists must meet the guidelines of the program.

1. Artistic merit of concept.

2. Style and Appropriateness: The artwork should depict a clever approach to the iconic reference of a fire station such as the Maltese cross as part of your inspiration.  You can choose to include other symbols such as a fire hose or any other images that are universally understood relating to fire stations.

3. Technical Considerations and Feasibility: Including the artist’s artistic history and experience in completing public art projects within the timeline and budget, as well as the sustainability of the project.

4. Safety and Maintenance: Artwork should be durable, meet the requirements of insurance policies and be resistant to theft and/or vandalism. Materials should require minimal periodic maintenance and be readily available if conservation or restoration is necessary.


Application Requirements

Please submit the following:

 1 Current resume 2 page maximum

2.10 images of past projects that support your work and relate to this project

3. Annotated image list


Eligibility Criteria

Artist must be age 18 or older living in the United States and  has experience in Public Art.