Call Detail
2023 REOI: Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure Interior Wayfinding Public Art

Entry Deadline: 3/26/23
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Hawaii
Budget: Approx $75,000 for i1-i5


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Wailuku Town is currently undergoing a number of road and infrastructure improvements along with construction of the new four-level parking structure (the Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure), which will provide much needed additional parking. Since the late 1990s, the County of Maui has been working to build a new parking structure to meet a large part of the parking demand in Wailuku Town. When the Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure replaces the existing municipal parking lot, it will nearly double the amount of parking to over 400 stalls. The Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure will also be designed with the capability to host events such as food-truck rallies, farmer’s markets, festivals, and other outdoor events.

The Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure, although the largest building footprint in the neighborhood, is nestled behind the historic buildings on Market Street and shielded street view by the contemporary buildings on Main and Church. The structure is to be bordered to the north by the future Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, a Hawaiian cultural center. 

More often than not, parking garages receive greater numbers of complaints rather than praise; making them an ideal space to implement sensitive public art and to develop creative placemaking strategies that use the powers of design, art and culture to transform these complaints and problems into new opportunities. When Wailuku residents and visitors use this parking garage, they get out of their cars and are greeted by an immediate experience of this special community. Escaping the steel and glass of their cars, they feel the weather, hear the sounds, smell the air and see the light of their immediate experience. This experience leaves an impression, and that impression adds to their total experience of Wailuku Town.

The selected artist(s)/artist team(s) are expected to have the ability to communicate and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, with the support of SMALL TOWN * BIG ART, during the development of a design for unique and engaging works of art. The artist(s)/artist team(s) will be tasked with developing site specific/site responsive work(s) which need to be incorporated into the existing identified wall space. The final work(s) should serve as a visual landmark for the Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure. All SMALL TOWN * BIG ART projects are meant to develop and promote the unique history, culture and community of Wailuku.

The project is a collaborative partnership between the County of Maui and SMALL TOWN * BIG ART. The project will be managed Dowling Company, Inc., and once installed, will be owned and maintained by the County of Maui.

A selection committee, which shall include at a minimum representatives of the County of Maui and SMALL TOWN * BIG ART, will be formed to evaluate all proposals.



Artists and/or Artist Teams will be commissioned to co-develop with community stakeholders an innovative project that engages a diverse public audience. Themes must be site-specific and address the distinct history and/or culture of Wailuku.

For all areas listed, a budget of approximately $75,000 is available to develop and formalize the artwork design/s; fabricate, transport, and manage the artwork installation; and provide a detailed maintenance manual for the artwork. No additional honoraria for incidentals or travel will be provided.

The selection committee may select as many artists or artist groups as deemed fit for this commission.

OPPORTUNITY: Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure Interior Wall Public Art

Location: Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure

Description: The art will function as directional signage, offering a wayfinding element that draws people to entry and exit points. 

There are five (5) areas within the parking structure to choose from (I1 - I5), please see the diagrams attached here. You may choose between 1-5 areas within your expression of interest and budget proposal. The dimensions of each area are as follows:

  • I1: a) 113.5" H x  178" W; b) 89" H x 178" W; c) 165.4375" H x 178" W
  • I2: a) 113.5" H x  178" W; b) 89" H x 178" W; c) 163.0625" H x 178" W
  • I3: a) 113" H x 242.75" W; b) 89" H x 242.75" W; c) 132.25" H x 242.75" W
  • I4: a) 136.875" H x 253.375" W; b) 136.875" H x 252.9375" W; c) 111" H x 253.375" W; d) 111" H x 252.9375" W; e) 191.25" H x 253.375" W; f) 191.25" H x 252.9375" W
  • I5: a) 134.625" H x 253.25" W; b) 134.625" H x 253.375" W; c) 111" H x 253.25" W; d) 111" H x 253.375" W; e) 183.25" H x 253.25" W; f) 183.25" H x 253.375" W

Anticipated Timeline:
Call to Artist Released: Feb 23, 2023 
Application Deadline: Mar 26, 2023, 11:59 PM in Mountain Time Zone (Denver, CO, USA)
Artist Selection/Contracting Complete By: Apr 7, 2023 
Design Concepts Deadline: May 7, 2023
Design Approval Complete By: May 19, 2023
Installation Deadline: June 15, 2023 ​

Suggested theme: Each of four parking structure levels pays homage to the importance of water to Wailuku. Utilizing the research and community member interviews completed during the Wailuku Municipal Parking Structure design process, the forms of water, the water of Nā Wai 'Ehā and the life-giving ways that water sustains the community were all offered as themes for projects on this site. Applicants are encouraged to integrate this theme (see PDF for reference) into their statement of interest/ initial ideas for panel consideration.  

Immediately adjacent to the parking structure area is the developing Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, which will advance the culture of the Hawaiian people through education, classes, workshops, exhibits, activities and events centered around hula. This PDF includes reference information collated by the project design team, and may be an additional useful reference. 

Please note: If commissioned, a community consultations process will help to finalize your design, as this first step is intended to identify artistic excellence, intent, and budget range.

Applicant Q&A: Click HERE



  1. Selected Artists and/or Artist Teams will be required to enter into an agreement with Dowling Company, Inc., relating to the commission of the public work.
  2. Selected Artists and/or Artist Teams will engage in a period of project development to determine opportunities for community involvement, identify/ confirm an ʻōlelo noʻeau (traditional Hawaiian proverbs and poetical sayings), and to clearly identify inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.
  3. The Artist and/or Artist Team will be responsible for all costs (including site visits where needed) incurred in preparing or responding to this REOI. All materials and documents submitted in response to the solicitation become the property of the County of Maui and will not be returned.
  4. The Artist and/or Artist Team will be required to provide all tools, equipment, insurance, technology, knowledge and labor necessary to successfully execute the proposed project.
  5. All projects will be professionally documented. The County of Maui shall retain ownership of the video/ photo documentation and may choose to promote or display the work publicly, at a later date.
  6. No actual or potential conflict shall exist between Artist and/or Artist Team and the Artist and/or Artist Team’s family, business, or financial interests for the proposed services in this REOI.
  7. The Artist and/or Artist Team shall not be in a reporting relationship to a County of Maui employee who is a near relative, nor shall the near relative be in a decision-making position with respect to the Artist and/or Artist Team.


  1. The selection committee shall evaluate the applications and may request oral presentations from the applicants.
  2. For specific projects, such as installations, it is at the selection committee’s discretion to confirm the Artist’s and/or Artist Team’s preferred location or to assign an alternative location.
  3. As part of the selection process, the selection committee may conduct reference investigations as is necessary to evaluate and determine the performance record and ability of the top ranked applicant(s) to perform the size and type of work to be contracted, and to determine the quality of the service being offered. By submitting an applications, you authorize the selection committee to conduct reference investigations as needed.
  4. The selection committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications. The selection committee may select an Artist and/or Artist Team on the basis of the written application or may request oral presentations from the most highly rated Artist and/or Artist Team under the evaluation criteria outlined above.
  5. If, in the opinion of the selection committee, the solicitation does not result in reasonable prices to the County of Maui, considering price and cost factors associated with the acquisition described herein, then all proposals shall be rejected.
  6. The selection committee reserves the right to reject any and all applications, to waive any irregularities in the applications received and to accept the applications that are in the best interest of the County.
  7. The selection committee shall recommend to Dowling Company, Inc., that the commission be awarded to the highest ranked Artist(s) and/or Artist Team(s).
  8. All Artist(s) and/or Artist Team(s) will be contacted via the email address listed in their online application whether or not they have been selected to participate in the program.

Application Requirements

Applications will only be received via CaFÉ and will not be accepted after the marked deadline. Applicants may apply as a single artist or multi-person collaborative group. Please carefully review the application requirements before beginning the online application process, as incomplete applications will not be considered. (If you are uploading .pdf documents, they must measure 8.5" x 11")

The proposal shall require, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Artist/s or team bio (as it would appear on our website)
  2. Artist/s or team résumé​ (Submit a one to two page current résumé that highlights your professional accomplishments as an artist. If applying as a team, please submit one résumé for the team, with no more than one page per team member. Please highlight experience in creating communal or public art and two references).
  3. References: Please highlight experience in creating communal or public art and two references who can speak to this experience.
  4. Statement of Interest: Please submit a statement briefly outlining your interest in the SMALL TOWN * BIG ART public art project, your design approach and your experience working on projects of this kind. Please also include information on your experience working with diverse communities and stakeholders.
  5. Process Description (Please note: each project must undergo a period of collaborative project development. Please include examples or opportunities for broad community engagement that specifically pertain to your proposed project).
  6. Project Budget: Please include the area or areas (i1-i5) to be covered by your proposed budget. (This amount must cover all stipends, design fees, travel, accommodation, fabrication, supplies, material costs, delivery, approval by a Hawaii-licensed engineer, and installation expenses, including installation insurance. Project work must be completed in accordance with all applicable statutes, laws, and regulations). Each project’s budget request may vary, depending on the project’s specific needs. The request must be in increments of $100. Multiple project budgets may be submitted as "OPTION A" "OPTION B" etc.
  7. Work samples

Eligibility Criteria

All artists welcome.