Call Detail
2023 Printmaking Residency at Remarque Print Workshop
Entry Deadline: 3/26/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Call Type: Residencies
Eligibility: International
State: New Mexico
Event Dates: 5/22/23 - 5/26/23

Five artists will participate in this year’s residency.

May 22 - May 26 2023

Remarque Print Workshop is offering an opportunity for 5 printmakers  from across the state and country to come to sunny Albuquerque, NM to use our non-toxic printmaking facility for a week-long residency. Applicants are expected to have prior printmaking knowledge but need not be familiar with the non-toxic Akua inks and etching process.

Our goal in offering this residency is to provide printmakers/artists who may not have access to presses or studio equipment with the opportunity for an intense week of artistic production.  We hope to bring five diverse printmakers together for a week, in order to foster their creative process and to forge new relationships with printmakers from different parts of the country/world. We are looking for printmakers who can work independently, and we welcome those artists who want to explore new techniques and processes as well as those who want the opportunity to focus intensively on one project. In addition, we entertain the possibility of having artists teach a workshop, or participate in a pop-up show and/or artist’s talk.

In return, we ask only for artists to donate one print for our gallery and to pay us an administrative fee of $100.00

Selected artists will have complete and 24 hour access to our 3,000 sq. foot studio including six Takach presses, use of our Akua inks, exposure unit, plate cutter, etching tanks etc.  Artists are expected to purchase their own paper and plates and any extra materials. Remarque will not provide food or lodging, but we are happy to recommend one of many affordable Air Bnb rentals close by.

There will be a brief "meet and greet" reception Sunday evening before the beginning of the Residency. Artists may work through Friday evening and clean up on Saturday. We also invite the artists to share their work and artistic vision on Tuesday evening. 

To apply, please submit three to five examples of your artwork, a resume and a short bio. In addition, send us a short (less than one page) proposal describing your goals and process for the week of Residency. A well thought-out and achievable description of your plans for the week is an essential component of a successful application. We are open to artists working on on-going projects during their week here or taking the opportunity to explore new dimensions of their printmaking.  We will provide as much support as we can in terms of techniques and materials, but all artists need to be able to work independently toward their stated goals.

Please upload your images to Cafe. Resume,  Bio and statement can be emailed separately to: 

Artists accepted for the Remarque Print Residencies are responsible for their own transportation to Albuquerque and must find their own accommodations while here. Remarque Print Workshop will provide studio space, inks, and storage space (flat file and locker). Paper and other supplies are available for purchase. Remarque Print Workshop is not liable for any injury or loss experienced by the artists while part of the residency. Remarque Print Workshop will not be held responsible for any physical ailment related to Covid-19 contracted by the artist before, during, or after the residency. Remarque Print Workshop asks each artist to donate to the gallery one print of the artist’s choosing.

The Team at Remarque

Application Requirements

All artists must pay the 35.00 entry fee, and submit a proposal outlining their plans for the residency.

Eligibility Criteria