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The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant for American Painters Ages 45+

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Entry Deadline: 4/3/23
Days remaining to deadline: 2
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Grants
Eligibility: National
State: Massachusetts

The late Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed were students of Hans Hofmann who studied with him in both New York and Provincetown. They were active at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) as artist members, instructors in the summer school, and they served on a variety of committees throughout their 50 years on Cape Cod. Lillian, in particular, was sensitive to the challenges artists face, especially those working against the mainstream or outside of popular schools of art. Her desire to provide financial support to mature artists through this generous endowment gift speaks to her passionate commitment to art created regardless of the demands and whims of the marketplace.

Grants are offered to American painters aged 45 or older who demonstrate financial need. The primary emphasis is to promote public awareness and a commitment to American art, as well as encouraging interest in painters who lack adequate recognition.

Application Requirements: 10 images, artist statement, resume, essay, financial information

• Applicants must be American painters aged 45 years or older on or before the deadline.

• For the purposes of this grant, painting is considered the application of various wet media (oil, acrylic, gouache, ink, tempera, watercolor, egg tempera, casein, enamel) on paper, canvas, fabric, or wood. This includes fresco. This excludes mixed media, encaustic, collage, dry pastels, digital paintings, prints, and work in graphite or drawings. The use of multiple paint mediums is allowed (ie mixing acrylics with oil paints). Do not submit images in ANY of these excluded mediums. Only paintings will be considered.

• A need for financial support must be clear and demonstrated. There is no set cut off, rather we compare the applicant pool. 

• Applicants must be either citizens of the United States or have permanent residency in the United States, though they can be presently living abroad.