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Nicholls State University Coastal Center
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Entry Deadline: 7/28/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Louisiana
Budget: $95,000


The installation at the Coastal Center should represent the wind-swept trees commonly seen on forested barrier islands and other areas directly affected by continuous Gulf winds. This image represents multiple aspects of the Coastal Center vision: (1) a tree of the Gulf coastline immediately recognizable to both residents and visitors of the coast, (2) major coastal vegetation that retains silts and sediment, (3) a major indicator of coastal well-being in the form of resistance to saltwater incursion, (4) a metaphor for historical families and communities retreated from the Gulf Coast (a "swept family tree") due to severe hurricanes, particularly a triumvirate of severe storms that struck the Lafourche-Terrebonne coast at the turn of the 20th century—that ultimately determined today's settlement patterns in those parishes, and (5) a symbol of the submission a living thing to natural forces representing the burden we face in resisting coast-damaging forces.

Artists are encouraged to design a realistic, highly recognizable representation that may incorporate kinetic and light elements to convey a sense of movement and energy and facilitate visualization from outside the building through the Atrium's glass face. Ideally, the installation should generate awe and excitement and the remembrance of and hope for the once and future coastline.

Application Requirements

Submission Requirements

A complete application must include:

  • Artist résumé demonstrating a minimum of five (5) years of professional visual art experience (NOT STUDENT WORK). If submitting as a team, a current résumé should be submitted for each team member (Compiled into one document). A biography will not be accepted in place of a résumé.
  • Statement of interest describing:
    1. Why you are interested in this project
    2. Previous experience with public art
    3. Your connection (if any) or interest in the University.
    4. How you believe the art will enhance the chosen space
  • References that include the names and current contact information for three (3) individuals with whom you have worked, collaborated, or who have commissioned your work in the past. 
    References will be contacted for artists invited to develop a proposal for the commission.
  • Images (up to 10) of your original completed commissions, not proposals, which demonstrate your qualifications for the project. 3-D models, sketches, or drawings will not be accepted. You must include the title, medium, dimensions, project budget (price), year completed, location, and a description. The value must be indicated in US dollars. Each artwork must contain only one image with only one view of the work.
  • Up to 3 videos (optional) of work examples

Eligibility Criteria

This call for artists is open to professional artists 18 and over, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identification, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical ability.

Artist teams may apply and must designate one artist as the lead contact. Examples of work submitted must be original, recently completed artwork (within the last 10 years).