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Six Outdoor Sculptures. Purchases & Commissions. $75K-$300K: One Application

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Entry Deadline: 7/7/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 15, Maximum:Max. 15
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 15, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
State: Florida
Budget: Total $1.4 million. Sculptures $75K - $300K

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BoyntonArts seek multiple sculptors to create outdoor works for five property developers and one hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida.  With one application, each artist will be presented to all developers and the hospital over the next two years.   Four sculptures will join the 40 ft tall “Cavalcade” by Albert Paley on the Avenue of the Arts (Ocean Ave) as a cultural destination in South Florida.  A total of $1.4 million will be spent on new commissions or existing works ranging from $75,000 and $300,000.  The developers and hospital welcome all styles with engaging content in materials resistant to Florida’s winds, sun and salt air.   Boynton Beach is well known for its cultural diversity, charter fishing and Kinetic Biennial.  @boyntonarts @kineticbiennial


Full Description


In the next 24 months, five apartment developers and one hospital will commission or purchase sculptures for six projects.  Three of the sculptures will join “Cavalcade” by Albert Paley and anchor the Cultural District at the prime downtown intersection.  The intersection links City Hall, Library, Arts & Cultural Center, the Marina and the bridge to the beach with the major north-south Federal Highway or US1.  With the completion of the apartments, restaurants, bars and sculptures, the City intends to market the zone as cultural attraction in south Florida between Palm Beach and Boca Raton.


All artist applicants will be presented to each of the developers and hospital for potential selection.  Each artist has six unique opportunities with six different selection panels. 


Artists can present past work for a new commission and propose the sale of existing work.  Existing sculptures (or new commissions) must be resistant to the hurricane force winds, the sun’s ultraviolent light and the salt air. 


Some of the developers have specific themes or other attributes required of the artwork.  The Pierce by Affiliated Development seeks an engaging, educational sculpture that celebrates Boynton’s connection to the natural environment of the Atlantic Ocean with elements such as coral reef, fish, sea mammals, coral, shell fish, sand, waves, fishing, fishing boats, diving, surfing, etc.  Bethesda Hospital wishes the artist to integrate moving water with the sculpture.


In general, the sculptures will be sited on wide sidewalks near the street.  Most have backgrounds of 3 to 7 story buildings with retail storefronts.  Narrow tall sculptures may be the best solutions.  Good surveillance around or through the sculpture should be possible.  The sculpture at Bethesda Hospital will be the grassed landscape between the entrance and parking lot. 


The sculptures should be engaging to pedestrians and have a strong visual image to automobile drivers both day and night.  The works selected might be abstract, narrative, figurative, pop, collage, etc.  Durability and repairability against damage by wind, sun, salt air and people including fading, graffiti and scratches are essential.  By the Art in Public Places ordinance, the sculptures should last as long as the buildings. 


The City does not have any theme related to public art except that Boynton Beach is the only city in the world with a consistent commitment to kinetic art.  The 7th Kinetic Biennial will be held in February 2025.  Samples of recent public art are present in this Call to Artists.


Boynton Beach is a minority majority, working class city of 80,000 with a significant percentage of African-American, Caribbean American and Hispanic American residents. 


 Scope of Work:  Commissioned Work

  • ·         Prepare concepts, design details and budgets.
  • ·         Work with the client’s team to finalize aesthetic design, the fabrication methods and materials for the Florida outdoor environment, and the structural elements necessary for approval by the Boynton Beach Building Department.
  • ·         Coordinate with owner’s design team on lighting and a raised base, if any.
  • ·         With owner’s team, create a presentation for the Art Advisory Board for review and approval.
  • ·         Deliver and install the sculpture with a licensed contractor.
  • ·         Complete the catalog forms that includes a description of regular and long-term maintenance and the specifications for replacement of electronic components, if any.  Material and color samples to be provided.
  • ·         Other scopes of work that may be required by the developer.


Scope of Work:  Purchase Existing Work

  • ·         Except for developing the artwork design, scope of work includes all the scope in Commissioned Work above.
  • ·         If necessary, modify artwork to be resistant to the hurricane force winds, the sun’s ultraviolent light and the salt air.
  • ·         If necessary, modify the artwork or artwork structure for installation on a concrete foundation.



Each developer may have unique contracts, but will clarify the following:

  • ·         The responsibility for engineering design and building permit applications.
  • ·         The ability of the developer/hospital, any future building owners and the City of Boynton Beach to reproduce unlimited images of the artwork for any and all purposes except the direct sale of the printed or digital images for profit.
  • ·         The ownership of the digital files for potential sales as NFT.
  • ·         Any extension of the warranty beyond 12 months after installation.
  • ·         Artist’s role in any repair of the artwork if damaged.
  • ·         If the artwork is a limited edition, the ability of artist to sell a copy in Florida.  (Unlimited editions are not permitted by the Art Advisory Board)



The artist contracts will range from $75,000 to $300,000 for the required artistic services in the scope of work including the design, fabrication, delivery and installation.



The developers and hospital will be selecting artists in 2023 & 2024.



The contract will be held between the developer/hospital and the artist.


Application Requirements


Submit the following through CAFE by Midnight, Wednesday June 7, 2023, USA Mountain Time

1.   Text input with artist name(s), email, phone, artist website and one social media address.  A brief artist statement may be added.

2.   PDF of Resume

3.   15 images of relevant artwork or projects.  Must have a minimum of ten unique works among the 15 images.  

4.   If any of the sculptures presented are for sale, provide the names of the work with purchase the price including delivery to Boynton Beach.


Eligibility Criteria

Desired Qualifications

  • ·         Talented visual artist or designer with experience in public sculpture.
  • ·         Excellent success fabricating in the appropriate materials for this project.
  • ·         A history of public projects and/or exhibitions demonstrating a positive and professional artistic reputation.



  • ·         Must have experience creating public sculpture.
  • ·         Must be able to secure general commercial liability insurance for the term of the contract.
  • ·         International with the ability to receive payment through banks in the USA



  • ·         The building architect or other members of any of the design teams.
  • ·         Members, immediate family members and business partners of the members of the Boynton Beach Art Advisory Board and Public Art staff.


Extra Consideration

  • ·         To expand the diversity of artists creating work in the City of Boynton Beach, artists that have not been previously commissioned for public art with the private sector or the City under its Art in Public Places program.
  • ·         Artists with life experiences with the diverse ethnic and cultural communities of Florida including but not limited to African Americans, Caribbean Americans and Hispanic Americans.