Call Detail
Public Art Planning Consultant for Brewer Community Center - Wichita, KS
Entry Deadline: 6/5/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Kansas
Budget: Public Art Planning Consultant budget is $20,000, as part of $180,000 total budget.


Greteman Group, on behalf of SFS Architecture and their client, the City of Wichita, Kansas, is requesting responses from qualified firms or individuals to provide consulting services for the planning and selection of public art in coordination with the expansion and renovation of the Carl G. Brewer Community Center located within McAdams Park at 1329 E. 16th St., Wichita, KS.

The intent of this RFQ is to initiate the procurement of public art for the project by selecting a Public Art Planning Consultant who will be responsible for coordinating with the design team and selection panel to determine appropriate locations and scope of public art within the project and conducting a Call for Artists to provide the artwork.

SFS Architecture is the prime consultant leading the design process in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Wichita. Other design team members include MKEC (Civil Engineering), Confluence (Landscape Architecture), PKMR Engineers (MEPF Engineering), and Dudley Williams & Associates (Structural Engineering). Additionally, Greteman Group will facilitate the selection process for the Public Art Planning Consultant, provide non-voting representation on the selection panel, and facilitate any community engagement. The selected Public Art Planning Consultant will be expected to enter into an agreement with SFS Architecture to provide the scope of services outlined in this Request for Qualifications.



McAdams Park dates back to some of the first parcels of the park acquired in 1901. The park was formerly referred to as McKinley Reserves Park but in 1966 was renamed to honor Emerson McAdams a former police officer and director of McKinley Park for 27 years. League 42, named in honor of the great Jackie Robinson, makes their home in McAdams Park at the adjacent ball field with plans to open another field in the park. Various facilities at the park are named after community standouts such as the Antoine Carr basketball courts, the Barry Sanders football field, and the McAfee Swimming Pool.

The recreation center at McAdams Park was constructed in 1958. In 2021 the facility was renamed to honor the legacy of the late Carl G. Brewer who was the 100th mayor of the City of Wichita. While structurally sound and with portions of it recently being renovated, including the existing basketball court pavilion, the building has become functionally challenging over time and is currently not adequate for the programming needs of the Department of Park & Recreation or the needs of the community. Improvements are expected to focus on providing educational services, community programs, health and fitness programs, and second basketball court to supplement the existing facility to remain. The design of these improvements is currently underway, and it is anticipated that construction will commence in the summer of 2023.

The existing recreation center is approximately 12,000 square feet and the new facility will add approximately 24,000 square feet of new recreation and wellness programming opportunities. Public Artwork proposed and installed in the facility should be compatible and responsive to the site, landscape, architecture, and interior design. Project stakeholders share in the desire for the art to be inspirational to all visitors particularly emphasizing the community’s African American heritage and legacies.



The Public Art Planning Consultant will be expected to attend progress and planning meetings for the duration of the design phase after receiving the Notice to Proceed. The Consultant will provide recommendations and coordinate with the Owner and Architect on appropriate locations and infrastructure for public artwork, lead a Call for Artists procurement process, and facilitate the acquisition and/or installation of all artworks at the project site.

Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities

  • “Project” refers the site improvements and building expansion, renovation, or new construction as it will be designed at the Carl G. Brewer Community Center at McAdams Park.
  • “Public Art Planning Consultant” or “Consultant” will lead and facilitate the selection of Artist(s) and subsequent Public Art for the facility and/or site. The Public Art Planning Consultant will be required to collaborate and communicate with the Architect, Owner, and Selection Panel to define the scope of work for Public Art, issue a Call for Artists that procures the Public Art for the project within the Owner’s established budget for Public Art. The Public Art Planning Consultant will be contracted by the Architect for their services upon award and selection.
  • “Public Art” refers to creative output, i.e. “artwork”, realized by one or more artists chosen to provide art for the facility and/or surrounding site. The artwork may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional which will be determined and chosen through the process led by the Public Art Planning Consultant with all approval(s) of artwork made by the Selection Panel.
  • “Artist” refers to an individual or company chosen through an open selection process to provide Public Art for the project.
  • “Architect” refers to the Prime Consultant (SFS Architecture Inc.) responsible for the design of the improvements and expansion of the existing Carl G. Brewer Community Center. Additionally, the Architect is responsible for holding the contract with the Public Art Planning Consultant and selected Artist(s).
  • “Owner” refers to the City of Wichita Parks and Recreation Department as the owner and operator of the Carl G. Brewer Community Center and McAdams Park.
  • “Selection Panel” will be the approving body for selecting the Public Art Planning Consultant as well as approving the Public Artwork. This panel may be comprised of member(s) of community, member(s) of the Carl G. Brewer Family, representative(s) from the Wichita City Council, Wichita City staff, and the Carl G. Brewer Community Center Facility Director. It is anticipated that this panel will consist of four to six voting members with additional non-voting representatives from the Architect and Owner team.
  • “Community Engagement” refers to the engagement and participation of the community in providing input and feedback for various aspects of project.



The total budget for Public Art for this project is $180,000.00, which shall include all fees for the Public Art Planning Consultant and all artist(s) creative work, art, and installation at the facility. The Public Art Planning Consultant budget is $20,000, as part of the $180,000 total budget. Reasonable lighting of artwork will be coordinated by the Architect and provided as part of the construction budget. Specialty or integrated lighting should be provided as part of the cost of the Artwork, with electrical coordination between the Artist and Architect’s consultants. Specialty engineering services specific to the artwork shall be included in the budget for Public Art.



Public Art Planning Consultant Procurement

Public Art Planning Consultant RFQ Issued                                May 5th, 2023

Deadline for Questions (to Greteman Group)                              May 22th, 2023

Responses to Questions                                                            May 26th, 2023

Qualifications Due                                                                     June 5th, 2023, 4:00 pm CDT

Interviews (if needed)                                                                June 12th – 16th, 2023

Notification of Award / Notice to Proceed                                    June 20th, 2023


Public Art Procurement (all dates to be confirmed by Public Art Planning Consultant)

It is the hope and intent to have the selected artist participate in the design phase to the greatest extent possible for collaboration and coordination.

Public Art Scope of Work Defined                                              ASAP

Issue RFQ/P Call for Artists                                                       ASAP

Notification of Award / Notice to Proceed                                   ASAP

Installation of Public Art                                                              TBD (3Q 2024 estimated)


Application Requirements


Applicants or candidates will be required to participate in a competitive, qualifications-based selection process that will be reviewed and evaluated by a selection panel comprised of project stakeholders. Applicants may meet the criteria outlined below through the combined skills and experiences of team members. 

The Selection Panel will review submittals and determine the candidates that are to be shortlisted. Selection panel may conduct interviews to make a final selection or reserves the right to forgo shortlist and interview and select a consultant based on the qualifications and demonstrated experience or reject all submittals entirely should no qualified submittals be received.

  • Professional merit and qualifications demonstrated in a portfolio of past work that includes community-based projects, public art, planning, and design.
  • A broad range of creative and administrative skills applicable to the development and execution of the scope of work.
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion demonstrated through past work, leadership, and team composition.
  • Knowledge and access to diverse artists and creatives in the City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, and/or the State of Kansas that can be engaged to provide relevant work for the selection panel to review and award.
  • A demonstrated ability to translate complex concepts in ways that are meaningful and compelling.
  • An advanced knowledge of graphic design, digital and web-based platforms, and social media.
  • A range of ideas and approaches for how to creatively interpret data.
  • Special consideration will be given to artists consultants who have worked with a variety of artists, budgets, and diversity of materials.
  • The selection panel in coordination with SFS Architecture reserves the right to reject any and all responses and/or modify the scope of services during the negotiation of the contract.

The successful candidate will be required to enter into an agreement with SFS Architecture to provide the services outlined above and/or negotiated after award. The DRAFT Agreement and exhibits for the Architect and Art Consultant along with the Prime Agreement between the Owner and Architect are attached to this RFQ.

Eligibility Criteria


The role of Public Art Planning Consultant is open to professional artists, art consultants, urban designers, and planners with proven experience in public art and infrastructure and community engagement, who live and work in the United States of America. Preference may be given to candidates that live and work in Wichita, Kansas region and qualify as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). 

The selected consultant must demonstrate experience in public art planning, community outreach, and commitment to working with and for the benefit of the public.



Submittals should focus on the candidate’s experience, philosophy, approach, and work samples addressing the evaluation criteria as minimum requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications should include:

  • A Two (2) page resume or curriculum vitae If applying as a team, provide a resume or CV for each team member combined into one PDF.
  • A one (1) page Letter of Interest (LOI) stating why the Carl G. Brewer Community Center opportunity is meaningful and appropriate to the applicant’s work, as well as potential approach and methodology in selecting artists and managing budgets and timelines.
  • Three (3) to Five (5) total images for each relevant past project with clearly labeled descriptions articulating and demonstrating the results of your involvement.
  • No more than five examples of work within the past five (5) years should be included.
  • Identify any project that includes artists that qualify as MBE.
  • One (1) example of a previous final deliverable package that demonstrates an ability to keep detailed records and financial accountability for artists, including budgets, warranties, and insurance requirements for the project.


Submit questions to Kendall Schellhorn at by May 22, 2023.


Application is available via CaFÉ̒. Deadline for submissions is June 5, 2023, 4:00 pm CDT.