Call Detail
Beyond, at Art Works Downtown

Entry Deadline: 7/6/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $40.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Local
State: California

What conscious experience might exist beyond our current reality? Art Works Downtown seeks visual artists exploring, answering, or enjoying this question. The exhibit Beyond intends to showcase artworks which take the viewer beyond their present state of mind or offer visions of realities beyond our day-to-day life.

Juror:  Donna Seager, owner director, Seager Gray Gallery,



  • San Francisco Bay Area artists only (artist must live within 100 miles from San Rafael, California). Refunds will not be given to those who apply but don’t qualify.
  • Open to most subject matter including abstraction.
  • Open to all visual arts media including sculpture. Video artists must include dimensions of equipment in submission and supply all equipment—including headphones—for the exhibition. Projections are prohibited.
  • Original artwork only. No giclées or reproductions. Editions are acceptable if they are original works such as printmaking, photography, or limited original digital art.
  • Images of explicit sexual content or violence will not be considered.
  • Size limit: artwork must not exceed 60” including frame, stand, and all materials.
  • Submissions must not have previously exhibited in the AWD 1337 Gallery.
  • Apply through AWD will not accept hardcopy, email, or disk submissions.


Exhibit Calendar:

  • July 6: Entries due via Technically you have until 11:59 Mountain time (9:59pm Pacific time). We are not available for questions about applications on the due date, please plan ahead.
  • July 13, 14: Notification by email. Separate emails announce “invited” and “not invited” submissions.
  • July 27–29, 1–8pm: deliver accepted entries, artist statement, and signed contract.
  • August 4–September 16, 2023: Exhibition dates.
  • Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: Public visiting hours.
  • August 11, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
  • September 8, 5–8pm: second reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
  • September 21-23, 1–8pm: Pick up unsold artwork

Application Requirements


Membership Discount: AWD Artist Members receive a discount of 50% off the entry fee. Join the the AWD Membership today by clicking HERE


Online Entry: 
AWD uses (CaFÉ) to process juried exhibitions. To submit entries, visit First create a free profile then upload images to your portfolio. Second, apply to this call. The CaFÉ website provides all the assistance you should need to prepare your submissions and apply. If you have trouble sizing your image(s), use the links provided below for help. Before you start, we recommend reviewing the CAFÉ HELP page. We also recommend reviewing our CAFÉ Tips and Tricks by going to > Artists tab > Calls for Entry > Tips and Tricks. AWD does not provide technical assistance for submissions.
• 3D/sculptural entries: Since you can only submit one image per entry, we suggest submitting one image with two views.
• Free online image software:;
• Using the most current internet browser. Check the CaFÉ help page or this link:
• First-timers: please note that adding images to your account “Portfolio” does not submit them to the “call.” You will need to add the images from your portfolio to the call when you apply.


Delivery of Accepted Work: 

  • Work(s) must be hand delivered to Art Works Downtown 1337 Fourth St., San Rafael between the hours stated (above) under Exhibit Calendar.
  • All work must be ready to install. Wall-hung artwork must be securely wired. Please include clear directions and proper hardware for special installations needs.
  • We will not accept substitutes for the artwork approved by the juror. Please also deliver an artist statement and resume for the exhibit binder. We do not print these materials for you.
  • The artist must complete and sign the Consignment Contract before or during delivery. If a representative of the artist delivers, the artist must call ahead to give the representative’s name.
  • Please note that other artists will deliver and pick up during the same hours. You may need to wait for staff to finish processing other artists. Paid parking can be found on the surrounding streets and in two garages one block away on C Street.


Pick Up:
Artists who do not retrieve their work will be charged a storage fee of $5.00 per day. Works remaining after 30 days will become property of Art Works Downtown. Please note that other artists will deliver and pick up during the same hours. You may need to wait for staff to finish processing other artists. Paid parking can be found on the surrounding streets and in two garages one block away on C Street.


Eligibility Criteria

Art Works Downtown (AWD) accepts a 40% donation upon sale. AWD processes sales as follows. All checks and credit card sales will be made payable to Art Works Downtown. AWD then reports the sales tax and passes the net sale to the artist. The artist is responsible for donating 40% of the net sale total to AWD. It is not the artist’s responsibility to report sales tax. All sold artworks will remain on display until the end of the exhibition. Patrons may retrieve their artwork when the exhibit ends. Sales will be paid to artists as soon as possible after the exhibition ends.