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(NOV 23)Los Angeles 2024 | GALLERY ROW OPEN CALL
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Entry Deadline: 11/30/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Media Fee(Additional Images ): $5.00
Optional Video Consultation : $100.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: California

GALLERY | Main Street Gallery has an industrial style, high ceilings and a modern layout maximizing our linear footage. Our program focuses on exhibiting contemporary artists through conceptual group shows and solo exhibitions. Featured on the coveted CURATE LA gallery map, visitors to the Main Street Gallery include local residents, artists and celebrities alike.

LOCATION | Located within Downtown's historic core in heart of LA’s Arts District and Gallery Row, the Main Street Gallery is one of 25 galleries featured on the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. This remarkable organization includes notable institutions such as The Broad and MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Our specific location is also a major hotspot for the film industry; most recently our gallery was used as a backdrop for the series WESTWORLD. 

EXHIBITIONS | Main Street Gallery Exhibition lengths may vary from 4 to 12 weeks. Main Street Gallery Online Exhibitions will vary from 3 to 6 months. The number of pieces varies depending on the artist’s medium, sizes and shapes of selected work. Featured artists are invited & encouraged to personally attend receptions. A selected few may be invited for a recorded artists interview and/or panel discussion about their exhibit. 

ROSTER | Artists selected for exhibition will also be considered for representation by the Dab Art Co. Roster artists receive priority consideration for exhibitions, ongoing professional consultation and portfolio assistance, marketing and promotional assistance in selected publications, online market inventory and website profile. Our Roster selections are open and ongoing throughout the year. 

SALES | Our partnership with the international sales platform ARTSY has greatly expanded our collector visibility, elevating the Dab Art sales experience. We have to maintain a solid and well managed inventory to meet the demands of our collector base. Dab Art Co. is know for having the very latest in contemporary art available for purchase regionally, nationally and internationally.  

CALL FEES | Basic media fee is $35 for 3 images. Additional media may be added, the cost is $5 per image. No more than 20 images can be added. 

OPTIONAL VIDEO CONSULTATION | If you would like to discuss your submission in detail, you may consider selecting our optional consultation with the gallery director at checkout. The director will discuss your submission in depth, reviewing your website, social media accounts, written biography, artist statements and any additional images the artist may provide. The director will also discuss any professional goals or questions about our industry from the gallery perspective. This consultation is is designed to help improve your overall online presence and increase exhibition invitations through critical and constructive feedback. The fee for our optional consultation with the director is $100.00 (USD). Consultation times vary based on the artists needs and information provided, but are limited to 1 hour maximum. Each consultation is conducted and recorded via Zoom and artists are provided with a copy of the recorded consultation for their reference. The gallery will confirm that your consultation fee has been paid through CaFE prior to your appointment. You will have 90 days to schedule your consultation. The scheduling link is provided in the question portion of this submission; link are also provided with call notifications. Please note that regardless of your invitation status at the close of the call, consultations are non-refundable. Our consultations are completely optional, offered with the intention of helping artists improve their online submissions and have absolutely no bearing on final selections.

COMMISSION | Gallery retains a 50% commission on all exhibition sales in gallery & online. Artwork and artists selected for exhibition will be listed on the Dab Art Co.'s sales platform, Artsy. You can view our Artsy page HERE.

REMITTANCES | **Gallery Exhibitions: Sales remittance to Artist will be provided within 5-7 business days after the close of exhibition and receipt of payment from Buyer to Dab Art Co. has been finalized. Dab Art Co. will provide Artist with a remittance statement for any and all sales. **Online Exhibitions: Sales remittance to Artist will be provided within 5-7 business days after the completion of a sale transaction and receipt of payment from Buyer to Dab Art Co. has been finalized. Dab Art Co. will provide Artist with a remittance statement for any and all sales.

CONSIDERATIONS | Entries on or before 11/30/2023 are for Exhibition Consideration in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Entries are reviewed weekly and selections are made throughout the month. 

NOTIFICATIONS | Notifications are generally sent via email within 2 weeks after the close of each calendar month. Artists selected for exhibition will receive a notification of status. 

INVITED STATUS | An Invited status means you will receive an immediate invitation for an upcoming group or solo exhibition. 

FAQ's | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there a call fee?

A: Fees are re-distributed in various ways depending on the call; time spent reviewing portfolios for consideration, submission consultations, exhibition publications, artist stipends, juror honorariums, incremental shipping costs, gallery interns and a plethora of other expenses that go into planning, marketing and executing all the facets of a large scale exhibition program such as ours.          

Q: How many artists are selected per call?

A: Selections are made based on curatorial discretion, exhibition concepts and market demands. On average each gallery selects 10-20 artists each month for solo exhibitions and group shows (online & in gallery). Since opening our first gallery in 2011, we have grown our exhibition program steadily with each passing year. In 2021, we exhibited almost 750 individual artists in a total of 42 exhibitions.

Q: Why have monthly calls?

A: Our mission is to discover, exhibit and highlight contemporary working artists at the moment. Monthly calls allow us the freedom to find and exhibit the very latest happening in the contemporary art world. The market demand for new art of all genres and mediums is overwhelming by our gallery visitors and online sales viewership. Monthly calls allow us the opportunity to select new artists and meet the demands of both our gallery audience and online sales platform. Bottom line; we are always looking for quality art for exhibition and for sale.

CONTACT | Please email for all inquiries regarding this call (questions about your status, late entries, additional entries, consultation appointments, etc.) Be sure to include the name on your CAFE account and date of submission. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION | Visit to find out more about the Dab Art Co. View our Exhibition Program, Artist Index, Locations and Films. We look forward to seeing your work!

ABOUT | Main Street Gallery is a contemporary art space opened in 2019 by the Dab Art Co. This distinctive art company is dedicated to enhancing the contemporary art experience for artists, collectors and viewers in and outside the traditional gallery setting. The Dab Art Co. embraces the relentless evolution of contemporary art by featuring experimental artists, highlighting innovative techniques and utilizing technological advances. Mainly focusing on mid-career to established artists, our current inventory of artwork is available for purchase on our sales platform ARTSY. Our partnership with ARTSY has greatly expanded our collector visibility to an international level, elevating the Dab Art Co. sales experience. Since 2011, the Dab Art Co. has expanded from standard gallery exhibitions to art publications, artist talks, panel discussions, video profiles, exhibition videos and documentary filmmaking; featuring our most remarkable and distinguished artists. 

Application Requirements

PROPOSALS | Proposals will be reviewed for group exhibitions and solo features. Artists chosen for exhibition will be further evaluated and considered for roster selections. A comprehensive and detailed submission will include at least 3 images, a biography and/or artist statement, artist website link and links to at least 1 social media platform. Early applications are encouraged as exhibition selections are made throughout the month.

GALLERY REQUIREMENTS | All work must be original, unsold work, & the artist must own the sole copyright to art. Frames, mats & wiring must be professional quality & in good condition. No saw- tooth hangers. Wiring must be securely fashioned & support weight of the artwork. 2D Artwork selected for exhibition MUST BE READY TO HANG. 

SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS | Absolutely no packing peanuts. Crates, boxes, even small packages containing packing peanuts will be resealed & immediately shipped back to you, no exceptions. Artists are responsible for round-trip shipping & insurance (during shipping) of artworks. All shipments must include a prepaid UPS OR FED EX return label & be shipped in a container suitable to re-use for return shipping. Work sent through the US Postal Service, must include a shipping label, USPS stamps will not be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria

ACCEPTED ARTWORK | Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Glass, Fiber, Functional, Digital, Photography, Installation, mixed media and New Genres. Proposals may include multiple disciplines.

SUBMISSION TIP | A comprehensive and detailed submission will include at least 3 images, biography and artist statement. We want to highlight the artists, not just the artwork.