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CAL Fall 2023 Judged Show
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Entry Deadline: 8/28/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $15.00
Entry Fee (Conroe Art League): $15.00
Media Fee(Additional Artwork Fee): $15.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: Regional
State: Texas

CAL’s Fall 2023 Judged Show is a virtual show held on the CaFE’ (Call for Entry) website. Artists must upload an image of each artwork to the show, meeting these system requirements:

  • File Type: JPEG or JPG only.
  • File Dimensions: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest side.
  • File Size: Under 5 MB.

Judging is online.  This show is open only to artists living inTexas. You do not have to be a member to enter this show, but to submit your artwork for the LSAG Regional Show, you must be a member of one of the LSAG Art Leagues, and we invite you to join Conroe Art League.


JUDGE: Anat Ronen,

AWARDS:  Announced at General Meeting on October 7, 2023.

Cash awards are given based on number of paid entries to the following:

  • Best of Show
  • Best Floral
  • Best Landscape
  • Best Student

The following winners are qualified to compete in the Summer 2024 LSAG  Regional Show: 

1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, 1st Honorable Mention, Best of Show, Best Landscape, Best Floral, Best Student

Winners who are Active Adult Regular Members of CAL may hang in the CAL gallery in November 2023 - no hanging fee & one docent shift per artwork. Docent training is available.


Adult Artists over the age of 18:  $15 per entry. Limit 3 per category with a Maximum of 20 pieces for each Adult Artist.

School Students up to age 18:  Free, Maximum 2 pieces of art with coupon(s) used at checkout. Enter one coupon code per entry on the payment page, as follows:

  • First artwork entry coupon code is STUFIRST
  • Second artwork entry coupon code is STU2ND

Students =<18  may use both coupons. Refunds are not given for students who pay the fee without using the coupons.

Entries are Declined for inappropriate use of coupon codes and also for non-Texas residents. No refunds.


Applying is a three-stage process. ALL steps must be completed to submit.

Step 1:  My Portfolio. Upload an image for each artwork into your portfolio BEFORE applying to Call. (Many artists miss this!) If you "Submit" artwork and then want to go back and add another piece, CaFE requires you to set up a new profile for yourself (see Step 1 above).

Step 2:  Apply to Call. Search calls, (or use the link) find CAL Fall 2023 Judged Show, and apply.

Step 3: Checkout. Complete and checkout. This is where Students =< 18 years may enter up to two coupon codes.

Every artwork must have the Artist's correct Division and the Artwork's correct Category

ARTIST’S DIVISIONS: Artist’s division is based on your life experience with creating art. An artist must designate only one division and may move to a higher division up to Professional.

  • I-Professional Division: Artist’s choice for this designation (Professional artists making a living selling their art need to register as professionals. Artists promoting themselves as professional elsewhere or on their website, need to compete in the professional division.)
  • II-Semi-Professional Division: Artist’s choice to move up
  • III-Non-Professional Division: Artist’s choice to move up
  • IV-Adult Student Division:  Adult (over 18) who has created artwork for less than three years either through self-study or under the direction of an art teacher. After 2 years of College Art (4 art courses) or 3 years as a self taught Adult Student, any LSAG member must enter the Non-Professional Division or higher.
  • VES-Elementary School Student Division:  Any Elementary school student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level.  Kindergarten through 5th grade are Elementary.
  • VMS-Middle School Student Division:  Any Middle school student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level:  Grades 6-8 are Middle School.
  • VHS-High School Student Division:  Any High School student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level.  Grades 9-12 are High School.


Though an artist may designate only one DIVISION, artist may enter artwork in up to 3 categories within that division for different pieces of artwork. The show chair and judge reserves the right to disqualify or move any artwork not entered in the appropriate Category.

  • Category A: Oil/Acrylic Painting – oil paintings and acrylic paintings painted like an oil painting
  • Category B: Watercolor/Acrylic Painting – watercolor and acrylic paintings applied with water giving the appearance of a watercolor painting
  • Category C: Pastels – pastels including pastels applied over a watercolor underpainting
  • Category D: Drawing – drawing of any kind & including Sumi-e and oriental brush painting
  • Category E: Mixed Media – artwork displaying two or more types of media, including but not limited to collage, encaustic painting and other mixed media
  • Category F: Photography – digital or film photography MINIMALLY manipulated or adjusted
  • Category G: Digital Art – all forms of digital art including but not limited to photography that has been SIGNIFICANTLY manipulated or altered using technology. If something starts with a photograph & is then altered with paint, pen, or anything OTHER THAN a computer, then it is NOT considered digital art. You may wish to consider Mixed Media (E) if two or more mediums are used.
  • Category H: Abstract/ Experimental/Non-Objective Art – in any medium
  • Category I: Sculpture – 3-D forms in various media including sculptures in relief.
  • Category J: Studio Fine Crafts – original fine crafts created in a studio environment including glass blowing, stained glass, printmaking, porcelain / ceramics, woodwork, jewelry, mosaic, weaving, fiber art, metal work, and other finely crafted items

We look forward to seeing your artwork.  

For questions, please contact:

Bob: or


Application Requirements

Each artwork from an artist must be in the same division (I, II, III, IV, or V). An artist's artworks may be in different categories. 

Adult artists may enter up to 3 artworks from each category with an overall maximum of 20 artworks.

Student artists =<18 are limited to 2 artworks.

The fee is $15.00 for each image submitted for individuals over 18, and free (with coupons) for school students 18 and under. 

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Rules

Artist's residence must be in Texas.

Artwork must be original and may not have been painted on by any other person and must have been completed in the last 2 years.

For each artwork specify the width, height, and depth, round up to whole inches.  Include the frame size in your measurements. Artist must comply with size requirements and community standards. Subject matter must be family friendly. No Nudes.

3-D Art Requirements - maximum size is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 48 inches high.  Maximum weight 40 pounds.  

2-D Art may not be more than 48” wide or exceed 30 pounds in weight.

Best of Show winner are given a free 1-year membership to CAL. 

Once you submit artwork, CaFE only allows certain changes. You must notify, and ask that your  status be changed to Incomplete. Then you can make corrections and submit it  again.  No substitutions of artwork can be made, and the system does not allow artist to change the name of the artwork. 

Refunds are not given.