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Working Together: Collaborative Art Online
Entry Deadline: 7/17/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $40.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: California
Event Dates: 7/25/23 - 8/21/23
Jury Dates: 7/18/23 - 7/21/23

Working Together: Collaborative Art

Online Exhibition

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts - Mill Valley, CA

Juried by Joe Brubaker - sculpture, painter and collaborative artist with the 

Show dates: July 25 - Aug 21, 2023 @

Submissions accepted June 9 - July 17 by 11:00 pm Pacific Time.

Artists will be notified through CaFE via email by July 21 at 5pm Pacific of jury results.

Our online shows are finely curated and the work is professionally displayed in sections "walls." See our past online shows HERE.

Show Description:


Calling all Collaborative Artists to share your work. AND, If you haven't yet tried to create collaboratively,  we encourage you to stretch, get out of your comfort zone, find an art partner or two (or three or more) and get to work!

Collaborative arts practice involves artists working closely together, often over extended periods of time, to make art.  It harnesses the experiences and skills of each person taking part to give meaning and creative expression to the project.

Collaboration builds comradeship as artists move toward a common goal.   Often it results in the transfer of technical skills and knowledge from one artist to another.  Two or more people working together create something entirely different than each person working alone.  It is a symbiosis that results in a new type of work entirely.

Today there are many examples of collaborative art projects in public art and large festivals.  Existing works can be enhanced and changed into something completely new through the generative experience of mutual creativity.

Ways of collaborating are as unique as the individuals involved in the project.  Agree on your own "rules" and have fun!

 Each submitted work must be created by at least 2 people, and one person cannot claim more than 75% of the work.


Each artist team may submit up to 3 images of work for consideration into this juried show.  All media welcome.  If you want to show multiple views of an installation or sculpture, you must do so in one composite image.

Diptychs and Triptychs are considered 1 piece of work. Diptychs and Triptychs must be submitted as one image. 

  • Submissions fees to O’Hanlon Center for the Arts: $40 for NON-Members
  • $30 for O’Hanlon Members – Coupon Codes OH30 at check out If you require financial assistance, please let the office know. We have a limited number of partial scholarships:
  • Only one submission fee per collaborative Team.  Please list all artists in the art description field.
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  • Work does NOT need to be for sale.
  • Please include a description of the collaborative process.

Show will be archived after close on our website.  

Deadline for Submissions is Monday July 17, 2023 by 11 pm Pacific Time.

This is a blind jury.

Artists will be notified of jury results by email by 5pm Friday July 21, 2023 5pm.

For accepted works: We create a digital catalog of the show and take the description of your work off your submission.  Please be sure to include a description of each work and double check prices and titles.

Contemporary, exploratory, and/or experimental entries encouraged. Group installations encouraged.

There will be a zoomed Roundtable art discussion to celebrate the show on Tuesday, July 25, at 4 pm Pacific time open to all.  The Zoom link will be emailed to selected artists and available on OHCA Website.  This meeting will be recorded and put up on our Vimeo page.


Joe Brubaker founder the Exquisite Gardeners in 2009. They are a team of curious, hardworking people from all walks of life who cooperate to create transformative art installations from everyday materials. For more information please visit The Exquisite Garden Project website. (

Joe's own work ranges from all-wood simplistic carvings with calm and straightforwardness as an intention, to found-object-assembled sculptures which are purposefully cobbled together bricolage style. The pieces range from 8 to 10 inches tall to massive forms as large as 14 feet.  He meanders back and forth between the two directions and find that the artistic cross-training keeps his hand and eye fresh.

"I come from an "anything goes" perspective of creating and would describe my process as 3-dimensional collage. I also paint, draw and write poetry.

I compare my artistic journey to driving on a winding road I'm familiar with, but at midnight with no headlights on."

  --Joe Brubaker

Juror website

Postcard Art: Untitled, Circa 1980 by Ann O'Hanlon, Kris Gordon, Margaret McElroy and Annie Osborne.


Application Requirements

Works previously shown at the O'Hanlon Gallery ONLINE are not eligible for consideration.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to all artists, all over the globe ages 16 and better.