Call Detail
Valley Metro CAPEX Light Rail Public Art

Entry Deadline: 10/25/23
Days remaining to deadline: 21
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 8, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 8, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Arizona
Budget: $300,000 each

The Capitol Extension project is a 1.4-mile western extension of the existing Valley Metro light rail transit (LRT) line from downtown Phoenix to the Arizona State Capitol. The Capitol Extension is scheduled to begin operations in 2028.

The Project shall include three, split platform stations (6 total platforms) along the route: 1) at 7th Avenue, on Washington and Jefferson streets, 2) at 13th Avenue on Washington and Jefferson streets. There are two new traction power substations (TPSS) that are also planned.

Communication, coordination and connection with the diverse communities along the alignment will be key to a successful art program for this extension.

Artists awarded a contract for the Capitol Extension will coordinate with area residents and stakeholders, the Design Consultants, Valley Metro and City of Phoenix staff, and the Regional Rail Arts Committee (RRAC) to enhance the overall design of stops and transit elements along the Project.

Experienced public artists are invited to apply for the six station platform projects ($300,000). Emerging public artists are invited to apply for the two traction power substation projects ($50,000).  Artists will apply for both projects in this call.

Application evaluation will be based on the following criteria: demonstration of artistic merit in conceptual approach and technical execution; potential to create an impactful design for this public art project; experience in collaborative design work and community engagement; and past projects demonstrating value commensurate to costs.

Artwork designed at these sites should be thoughtful, engaging and reflect the character of the surrounding community while maintaining strict standards of safety, maintenance, and operations. Artwork may be stand- alone as well as integrated.

The budgets are “Lump Sum”, meaning they include ALL costs (i.e., artist fees, travel, insurance, shipping, engineering, fabrication and installation, administrative expenses related to the project, taxes, contractor’s licenses, inspections, etc.)

The detailed Scope of Services is located in Exhibit A of the contract. The Artists will be expected to possess thorough knowledge, expertise, skills and experience necessary to deliver the services/materials requested.

The Request for Qualifications and Contract document can be found here.

Application Requirements

Letter of Interest that describes:

  • Past approach to other projects,
  • Responses to evaluation criteria
  • Reasons for interest in this project, and
  • Other pertinent information
  • Design Submittals or preliminary ideas will not be considered

Current Resume

  • Current professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) including artist's name, address, email and phone number
  • Teams must submit one resume/CV per team member

Reference List

  • Submit at least three but no more than five references
    • Name of reference
    • Title and position
    • telephone number and email address

Annotated Image List

  • The image list will include a brief description of each image including date, scale, materials, project budget and total cost. Images shall be listed by the number that corresponds to the image file name.

One set of no more than 10 digital images of completed Artwork

  • Artist should submit images of past work that best illustrate their qualifications for the project.
  • if applying as an Artist team, the team shall submit no more than 10 images
  • Follow CaFE guidelines for size
  • Do not put text on your images

Eligibility Criteria

Artists living, and legally able to work, in the United States