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HMVC Gallery presents [Influence]
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Entry Deadline: 8/28/23
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $25.00
Media Fee(Media Fee): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Award
Eligibility: International
State: New York
Event Dates: 9/1/23 - 9/30/23

Probably the most common question artists get asked is: “What inspired you to make this artwork?“.

Throughout history artists have been inspired by their experiences, the environment around them, their culture, politics, and imagination. As the concept of art and creating art developed over time, artists began to be inspired by other artists and their art styles.

Each artist has their own individual perspective, style, and creative vision resulting in art that is deeply personal to them.

So we can conclude that an artist’s influence is as subjective as the art itself.

In September we celebrate our 1 year anniversary and in our group show ”Influence” we want to showcase artworks depicting things that have influenced you and your art.

We welcome artworks from all mediums of visual art, except AI-created art, and video/film.

★ Digital entries must be received by August 28th, 2023 before 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

★ Notification of acceptance will be sent by email by August 31st.

★ The show will premiere on September 1st and end on September 30th.



All Artists participating in the online group show will be featured on our Website and Virtual Gallery platform. All artists will be awarded an HMVC Gallery New York certificate of participation. A video clip of “Influence” featuring all participating artists’ artworks will be screened on a jumbotron in New York City’s famous Times Square every Saturday in September.

We are delighted to announce that we will be giving cash prizes to two talented artists!

Best of show winner: $150
Second place winner: $100
Third place winner: Online Solo Show

The winners of Best of Show and Second Place need to have a working PayPal account to receive their prize money. If the winner of the cash prize fails to provide HMVC Gallery New York with a working PayPal account, the winner will be forfeited and HMVC will be entitled to select another winner. The prize will be sent to the winner within 14 days of responding to HMVC.

The Third Place winner will have their own online Solo Show at HMVC Gallery New York and the show will run for a month. The Solo Show winner will also receive a HMVC Gallery New York solo certificate recognizing their achievement.



To be considered for the online group show artists must provide the jurors with high-quality images of their artwork as befitting the theme, an Artist Bio, and an Artist Statement. Artists can submit up to 20 artworks for the jurors’ consideration. In the end, one artwork from each selected artist will be included in the group show. If your application is lacking or if your work is misrepresented, we reserve the right to refuse to feature your artwork in the show.

All properly prepared entries (refer to submission form) will be viewed and judged by the jurors, Heini Mika and Vincent Chang. The decision of the jurors is final.
We accept the following Image Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and WEBP. Dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. We may have to readjust your dimensions after entry to fit the limitations. Image Size: under 2 MB.
At the moment we welcome artworks from all mediums of visual art, except video/film.



By submitting images, the artist agrees that the images are the artist’s own work and they own all rights to the images. If the artist’s work gets accepted, they grant HMVC Gallery New York the right to use their image on our website, social media, and online to help promote our online exhibitions. Full credit and copyright will remain with the artist. We will promote the show and the artists in our Newsletter and individually on our Instagram page @hmvcgallery.



The Submission fee is $25 for the first entry and $10 for additional entries and it is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance.

Application Requirements

We welcome artworks from all mediums of visual art, except video/film.

File definitions.

File Type: JPEG or JPG only.
File Dimensions: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest side.
File Size: Under 5 MB.
Color Profile: sRGB

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome all artists and their submissions at HMVC Gallery New York.