Call Detail
Public Art Roster
Entry Deadline: 9/25/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 8
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 8
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Jury Dates: 11/1/23 - 12/1/23
Budget: up to $150,000

City of Sarasota

Public Art Program

Call for Artists

2024-2026 Artist Roster

The City of Sarasota Public Art Program is accepting applications to the 2024-2026 Artist Roster from August 21, 2023 – September 25, 2023. This Call is open to local, regional, national, and international artists.

The Public Art Program seeks a diverse range of artists and artist teams to create experiences for our citywide public art program over the next two years. 

The Artist Roster is a list of artists who pre-qualify to work with the City’s public art program. The Roster will become the main tool for choosing artists for citywide public art projects for the Public Art Program as we launch new goals and strategies associated with the Public Art Plan.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the City's public art vision. With the recently adopted Plan, several new initiatives were approved for implementation. These include:

Artists Residencies 

Art in Parks Program

Temporary Rotating Exhibitions

Developer-Initiated Projects 

Small Sculptures


Public Engagement and Neighborhood Collaborations

Various Mediums and Applications Welcome

Required Submission Materials

A statement about your work 

A brief biography 

8 high-resolution images

Image descriptions for 8 images 



This Call is open to local, regional, national, and international artists.

The Roster is open to:

·         Individual artists

·         Artist teams or artist collectives

Qualifying artists and artist teams from Florida will be placed into our Regional Artist Roster.

The Public Art Program will not accept late, incomplete, mailed, or hand-delivered applications.


If selected, qualified artists will:

·         Create artwork for public spaces

·         Design and propose artworks for approval by Public Art staff and the Public Art Committee

·         Work within a fixed budget and timeline

·         Possess excellent public engagement techniques to gather community input and facilitate project adjustments

·         Present to the public, and City boards and committees if requested (including City Commission)

·         Travel as needed during the proposal process

·         Register as a City of Sarasota-approved vendor

·         Adhere to state/ local requirements, such as contractor licenses and permitting requirements

·         Fulfill contract terms with the City of Sarasota 


Important Dates

August 21, 2023: application opens

September 25, 2023, 5pm (eastern): Deadline for all entries

November 1, 2023: Public Art Committee reviews applications

December 1, 2023: Acceptance status notice to all applicants

January 2024 to July 2026: Roster will be used during these dates

Application materials

·         Contact information

·         Eight artwork sample images (up to 300 dpi)

·         Details about each image (title, date, medium, budget, commissioning agency, etc.), and a short 1-3 sentence description

·         Artist Biography (250-word limit)

·         Artist Statement (250-word limit)

·         Public Engagement Methodology (250-word limit) A statement describing your experience working with community groups and what your engagement methodology consists of.

If accepted, your information will become public record and will be accessible through the Public Art website.

Project Opportunities

Once approved by the Public Art Committee, public art staff will review portfolios to select artists based on the best fit for each project. We will consider audience, locations, local context, and other factors. Staff will work with artists and communities at each site to facilitate the process of acquiring artworks that best suit the needs of the community and the goals of the Public Art Plan.

 Roster artists will create the following types of projects for the Public Art Program:

Site Responsive Commissions

All projects are site responsive. Roster artists will work with public art staff and community representatives to design, fabricate, and install permanent artwork specific to the community.

Architecturally Integrated Projects 

Roster artists will work closely with the building’s design team to integrate artwork with the proposed architecture in creative ways for permanent site-responsive artwork.

Community-centric Commissions: Roster artists will engage with the community as part of the creative process. This social practice shapes the design of permanent site-responsive artwork. Artists must confirm community engagement methodologies when applying for Roster status.

Painted and Printed Murals: Murals are a staple product in the Program. For mural artists*, please provide square foot costs to allow us to easily calculate project budgets as our mural program grows. Paint specifications will be verified prior to work performed. All murals must include anti-graffiti coating.

*A note for non-mural artists / painters: Murals can be various materials, surfaces, and sizes. We would like to see your work if you are interested in reproducing original work onto outdoor / weather resistant surfaces, or to have your work superimposed on vinyl or other mural materials.


All installations will take place within the City of Sarasota limits. Travel is required and should be considered when presenting the proposal for work. Artwork locations will consist of public space or privately-owned property which has been dedicated to the City for use for public art. All work should be designed and specified with the public’s use in mind. Safety, accessibility, and weather resiliency will be factors in proposal acceptance.

The Current Public Art Collection

The City of Sarasota is committed to the aesthetic enrichment of the community through private and public acquisition of works of art so that citizens and visitors to the city are afforded an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate art. The City of Sarasota's Public Art Program hosts a Public Art Collection of over 95 works of art citywide. Artists participating in the Program’s Artist Roster will be a part of the Public Art Collection. This includes temporary work which may be removed or altered as part of the project scope of work.

Project Budget

The budget covers all design, fabrication, and installation costs. This includes materials, transportation, licenses, insurance, sales tax, studio space, and all other expenses. The Public Art Program requires engineered drawings as appropriate. Artwork should adhere to Florida Building Code requirements.

The City of Sarasota Public Art Program will provide:

·         Lighting

·         Reasonable, simple foundation (more elaborate foundations will be at the expense of the artist)

 The Artist Roster will be used to select artists for projects with budgets between $35,000 and $150,000. For projects above $150,000, an open call for artists will be conducted.

Selection Process

The Public Art Committee will determine the Roster finalists. The five-person panel includes representatives of the citizenry of Sarasota, including artists, design professionals, and business owners.

Incomplete, illegible, handwritten, or late applications will not be submitted for review.


Application Criteria:

·         A unique vision or perspective

·         Demonstration of an authentic relationship to your subject matter

·         An ability to engage a site and/or community

·         Understanding of the public process

·         Experience with other public entities / public art programs

·         Demonstration of exceptional skill in your technique


 Approval and Notification

The Public Art Program will notify Roster Artists by November 30, 2023.

Successful applicants will be eligible for projects from January 2024 – September 2026. If accepted, we will share the portfolio that you submit with local art selection committees.

Terms and Conditions

·         Acceptance into the Roster does not guarantee individual project proposals will be accepted.

·         The artwork you submit must be your own.

·         You must give credit to any partners on projects.

·         We do not accept late, incomplete, mailed, or hand-delivered applications.

·         Acceptance into the Roster does not guarantee you will be selected for a public art project.

Applying as an Artist Team

·         You may only submit one application. You cannot apply as both an individual artist and a member of an artist team.

·         If you apply as a member of an artist team, we will ask whether your team has a lead artist or if you equally collaborate.

·         If your team dissolves, we will remove you from the roster. Any team member may reapply to the next roster in 2026.

·         If you identify a lead artist and your team dissolves before 2026, the lead artist may remain on the roster. We will ask them to update their portfolio to reflect their current work.


PAP Vision Statement

The Public Art Program envisions a healthy and thriving community where integrating public art into City initiatives, neighborhood revitalization efforts, and private development is a norm; where every citizen and visitor can freely experience quality art and creative expression as part of their daily lives.

 About Sarasota’s Public Art Program: The City of Sarasota’s public art collection contains nearly 100 artworks in and around the downtown core. Recently, the Program expanded to incorporate public art citywide. With a new Public Art Plan, program, and leadership, the City is positioned to begin strategic implementation of new public art in urban activity centers, parks, neighborhoods, and more.

About the City of Sarasota: Distinguished by U.S. News and World Report as No. 5 on the top 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S. and the number one place in Florida, the City of Sarasota is a diverse and inclusive community located on Florida’s Suncoast with 56,000 year-round residents, several internationally recognized cultural arts venues, stunning sunsets along Lido Beach, and Major League spring training baseball with the Baltimore Orioles. Learn more about us at www.SarasotaFL.Gov.

Contact us

For questions about this Call, contact

 Please allow up to 5 business days for a response. No phone calls will be accepted.


Application Requirements

Required Submission Materials

A statement about your work

A brief biography 

8 high-resolution images 

Image descriptions for 8 images 

Eligibility Criteria


The Roster is open to:

·         Individual artists

·         Artist teams or artist collectives

Qualifying artists and artist teams from Florida will be placed into our Regional Artist Roster.

The Public Art Program will not accept late, incomplete, mailed, or hand-delivered applications.