Call Detail
Call for Muralists - Haverstraw African American Memorial Park
Entry Deadline: 9/22/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 15
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: New York
Budget: Site 1: $25,000 Site 2: $ 8,000


SITE 1: The exterior building wall across from the Haverstraw African American Memorial Park.

38/40 Clinton St Wall. Haverstraw, NY.

(Wall-750 square feet)

SITE 2: The Haverstraw African American Memorial Park pavement within the park.

41 Clinton St. Pavement of the Park, Haverstraw, NY.

(Pavement 1500 square feet)

Site 1 overlooks Site 2 and should complement each other.


Downtown Haverstraw is a unique urban enclave that boasts a diverse collection of ethnicities. This village is a hub for artistic, culinary, musical, and cultural opportunities and stands out as well for its unique geographical beauty, long history, and vibrant revitalization as a riverfront community. The colonial history of Haverstraw dates to the 1600s when Henry Hudson named it. In the early 19th century, Haverstraw became the largest brick-producing region in the United States. At its peak, the village contained dozens of brickyards and produced millions of bricks annually to build downtown New York City, including the Chelsea Market.

The African American Memorial Park in Haverstraw was founded and continues to be developed and maintained by The Haverstraw African American Connection (H.A.A.C). This organization is dedicated to researching, recovering, preserving, and teaching the rich culture and contributions of African American people to this historic Hudson River village. The Haverstraw Riverwide Arts Mural Project, in collaboration with H.A.A.C., aims to foster the village's long history of art and creativity through public outreach of this mural project. The intent of the project is to promote knowledge, acceptance, and appreciation of the African American heritage on the shores of the Hudson.


Haverstraw River Arts Fund Inc., a 501(c)(3), provides artistic, cultural, and historical programming that enriches residents' quality of life and inspires unity within and beyond its borders. This community organization was founded in 2014 by a core group of Rockland County-based professional artists and community leaders from various backgrounds. We believe everyone should have access to quality art, music, performances, and education regardless of age, race, gender, or financial background.


Application Requirements

1.    Must provide background information on the artist, such as educational and proof of professional mural experience, examples of previous public work, and references.

2.    All artists must supply references and proof of proper insurance. Proof of insurance must include general liability coverage in a minimum amount of one million dollars and workers’ compensation coverage.

3.    Ability to meet project deadlines and perform work promptly and professionally.

4.    Materials used are of high quality and have durability for outdoor weathering, including UV protection and containing no lead.


Eligibility Criteria

Final elected Artists or Artist Teams will each be compensated in a total amount not to exceed $25,000 for Site 1 and $8,000 for Site 2. The compensation amount to the artist is all-inclusive, including but not limited to final artwork design, digital file preparation, applicable NY sales/use tax, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, and general liability insurance coverage in a minimum amount of one million dollars, employees, transportation, food, housing, installation, materials, scaffolding, site prep, site safety, site cleanup and production of mural.