Call Detail
Shared Thought - Collaborating with AI

Entry Deadline: 1/23/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $25.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Regional
State: Washington
Event Dates: 3/6/24 - 5/5/24
Jury Dates: 1/24/24 - 1/31/24

Have you imagined the role AI will play in art? Columbia City Gallery will explore the concept of how AI represents the shared thought of all humanity, in a first-of-its-kind opportunity for artists working with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We invite your submissions of 2D and 3D works for a juried exhibition featuring artwork created using AI as part of the artistic process. This forward-thinking show aims to build a local community of artists making AI accessible to all. It will position local and underrepresented artists as leaders in these new ways of creating and showcase the immense potential unleashed by AI. 

Artists from all backgrounds are invited to submit their AI-incorporating artworks for consideration. We are seeking pieces that go beyond mere representation or commentary on AI, but rather demonstrate the artist’s integration of AI technologies within their artistic process. Combining techniques is encouraged. All media are welcomed. You may use free online AI tools, ChatGPT, image generative AI, or any other AI technique contributing to your creation of the artwork. 

For a $25 entry fee, you may submit up to 3 pieces of artwork for consideration.  We are accepting entries via Café (  You may upload up to 3 images/artworks. The entry fee can be paid online through Cafe. Your entry is not complete until payment is received.

A panel of jurors will carefully review all submissions. The selection will be based on three criteria: 

  • Artistic merit
  • Contribution to the discourse surrounding AI-generated art
  • Provide a transparent record of how AI was used in the process is a required element of submission. The chosen artworks will reflect a diverse range of styles, techniques, and conceptual approaches, highlighting the multifaceted nature of AI art


Q. Does my work have to be completely generated by AI? 

A. No, AI must at least be used in some part of the creative process.  

Q. What are some examples of using AI in the process? 

A. Prompt a chat bot to write a story that inspires the work; Prompt a chatbot to write a visually descriptive prompt for image generation, then feed it to an image generation tool; Generate AI text or images to apply in your process or mix into the final work; Generate the work entirely from AI; Describe your work to AI while in progress, ask AI for feedback, and incorporate the feedback into the work. 

Q. What about digital work?

A. All mediums are accepted. If selected, all work must be printed and ready to be hung when delivered to the gallery on the drop-off date.

Q. How do I share my process of using AI? 

A. Think of it like journaling your dialogs with AI. Copy-paste every AI interaction to a document, then later pick out what was used. Save intermediate images. Save the prompts you gave to the AI. Note the date and URL of the tool used for ease of record keeping. Submit a process narrative with your application. 

Q. Where do I start with some of the best AI tools? 

A. Please find a list of resources below.

Midjourney Prompt ideas, 





Additional Terms:

  • All artwork in the exhibit must be for sale; the gallery takes a 50% commission on works sold.
  • The artist agrees that images of artwork may be used in publicity materials.
  • If you cannot deliver your artwork, shipping costs are your responsibility. A pre-printed shipping label for return shipment must be included with your work.
  • The Gallery reserves the right to reject work that is not represented accurately in the image or that arrives damaged, poorly constructed or poorly presented.
  • 2-D works must be properly prepared for exhibition with wire securely attached. Sculpture must be able to stand on its own without wobble.
  • Each accepted work must arrive with an ID label with your name and artwork title securely attached to the back of the frame or bottom of the sculpture.

Questions: or 206-760-9843

Join our Discord community for encouraging support, discussions, and new friends while preparing your work for submission.

Application Requirements

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Brief artist bio that includes your creative vision and the role of AI in your artistic practice, even if this is the first time incorporating AI.
  • Process narrative to display alongside the final work. Provide a record of detailed steps employed with AI in the artwork's creation process. Include the prompts given as inputs to AI and the outputs returned. Show how you arrived at the final work.
  • Submit up to three images/pieces per application.
  • Your entry is not complete until payment is received though the Cafe application portal.

Eligibility Criteria

This is an open call for artists. All accepted art must be delivered to Columbia City Gallery, at the responsibility of the artist.