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Nude Nite Orlando 2024

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Entry Deadline: 1/5/24
Days remaining to deadline: 31

Entry Fee (Nude Nite): $40.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Audio | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 2
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 2
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Florida

Facebook & Instagram: @nudenite
Event Dates: February 8, 9, 10 - 2024
Submission Deadline: Jan 5 - Midnight Mountain time (2am Eastern)
Fees: $40 per Application to include up to 2 images.
Location: TBD
Who: All genres represented - contemporary to traditional, abstract interpretations to literal. Refined, elevated, and FINE art.

Nude Nite is America’s largest figurative fine art exhibition showing over 200 works by artists from 52 states. Held in a 25,000 SF pop-up gallery setting, thousands of art enthusiasts view and purchase artists’ works. Our mission is to inspire transformation and exploration of the human experience through a body empowering immersive art event resulting in a kinder inner and outer world.

Celebrating 19 years, Nude Nite is focused on selling your artwork. It is NOT an erotic or lifestyle show but a show with a national reputation for exhibiting artists breaking boundaries through FINE figurative artworks.

Connections lead to opportunities and collaborations. Network with fellow artists, collectors, and thousands of enthusiasts who view and may potentially purchase your work or commission future works.  

Nude Nite provides a fully equipped sales desk and a dedicated gallery sales team working for YOU.         


In previous years, we have not released the theme of our upcoming show before our Call to Art opens. We wanted our artists to have a full range, so we kept it a secret. But, this year we have decided to share the theme of the 2024 show to spark inspiration. You do not have to submit art that follows the theme, though it is recommended. 

Form will explore the rich and diverse tapestry of the human body. Form seeks to celebrate the wondrous complexity, adaptability, and resilience of the human form, while also fostering a deeper understanding and love for the body as a vessel of the human experience.

Form invites artists to delve into the myriad dimensions of the human body. We encourage you to interpret this theme in your unique style, embracing its multifaceted aspects such as:

Celebration: Showcase the beauty and diversity of human bodies through your art. Highlight the uniqueness of every individual's form, emphasizing the inherent dignity in our physicality.

Love for the Body: Create pieces that convey a sense of self-acceptance, self-love, and empowerment. Explore the emotional connection between individuals and their bodies, depicting the beauty that can be found in self-acceptance.

Flexibility and Malleability: Dive into the concept of how our bodies adapt and transform throughout life. Explore the resilience of the human form and the journeys it undertakes, whether through growth, aging, or other life experiences.

We encourage artists to explore the artistic representation of the human form. Form is about celebrating and appreciating the beauty, contours, and expressions of the human body in its entirety.


Notification and Drop Off/Ship: Artists will be notified by an e-mail of acceptance or rejection within 7 days after the deadline. An email will indicate when to bring accepted artwork to event or shipping procedures. Invited artists receive 3-nite entry, plus a total of three guest passes. Drop off will be Tuesday, Feb. 6 and Ship Receive by date: Friday, Feb. 2. Artists selected and invited to exhibit will be responsible for the cost of producing and transporting their works. Pick Up: Delivered work must be picked up on Sunday Feb. 11 or Saturday evening directly after close of show. The gallery accepts no responsibility for work not retrieved on pick-up date. After 30 days the gallery may dispose of the work.


All accepted works of art must be “GALLERY READY” when brought to the event facility (i.e. all hanging works must include an installed horizontal wire). Artists with work requiring a pedestal(s) MUST provide one (them) before show opening. Pedestal(s) must be white/black and tall enough for the work to be near eye level. Pedestal must be sturdy, and all parts must be connectable. This is to ensure the safety of your work. If work is not “gallery ready” or deemed unsafe for hanging, mounting or standing (whichever is applicable) risking possible damage to the event facility and/or the art itself, then the work will not be presented in the event during any of its dates. Artists with accepted MP3 or MP4 work, MUST provide a projector, screen, headphones, or any other technology or equipment necessary for patrons to view work. **If your work requires special handling, or has a unique hanging method or assembly please communicate this to the director so that proper planning and attention can be allocated (

Technical Support: Please call 303-629-1166 Mountain time (8:30-5pm) for help uploading. 

Acceptable Media File Types for Images:

  • File format: JPEG or JPG only
  • File dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest dimension
  • File size: under 5 MB

Acceptable Media File Types for Digital Multimedia: 

  • File format: MP3 or MP4
  • File length: Maximum length- 5 minutes

Application Requirements


1. A non-refundable application fee of $40 is required. Artwork submission to this event (whether invited or not) includes your complimentary, non-transferable entrance to the event on the night of your choice. One application per artist, please.
2. All works MUST be for sale. Abstract representations or conceptual representations are welcome. Artworks do NOT need to show nudity, but should encompass our theme of the human body. 
3. Limit TWO works of art per artist.
4. Please upload JPEG, MP3, or MP4 format files through the Cafe system at
5. All submissions must be of completed original works of art. Submissions representing incomplete works of art will not be accepted.
6. Previously submitted works to the same city-call cannot be resubmitted.
7. All entries must contain copyright-free material or material released with consent from the original source. Unauthorized use of any copyrighted images, text, or other material will not be accepted.
8. No substitutions of works of art selected will be accepted (i.e. works of art selected are not to be replaced by different works of art upon bringing works of art to the event).
9. Submissions received after the deadline WILL NOT be accepted.
10. All works of art will be curated after the entry deadline.
11. While Nude Nite promotes a broad interpretation of the nude, the show tends not to display works depicting arousal or graphic sexual genitalia. If you have a question about the content or suitability of your work, please email the director at for guidance.


12. Submission of works of art by the artist and acceptance of such by the curating body for Nude Nite is an agreement to show the submitted works of art at the Nude Nite event.
13. Accepted works of art will be in the possession of Nude Nite and remain in the Nude Nite event facility during the duration of the event (all show dates) unless otherwise allowed by the event director. This is for both sold and unsold works during the event.
14. Decisions by the curating body for Nude Nite are final.
15. Artists are responsible for providing their own insurance. While Nude Nite takes precautions against theft and damage, Nude Nite bears no responsibility for loss or damage to works before, during or after the event.
16. Gallery split commission is 60/40 artist/gallery and is detailed in the legal agreement.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to artists 21+

Based in U.S.