Call Detail
2024 Traffic Cabinet Wrap Art

Entry Deadline: 1/30/24
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Jury Dates: 2/12/24 - 2/22/24
Budget: $525.00

Designs may be representational or abstract but must respond to the urban context and be appropriate to the location and setting. Diverse mural themes are encouraged but need to be acceptable to a broad audience of all ages. The design must be picture-based (not word based), visually active (so not to invite tagging), and should cover four sides of the cabinet. Artwork cannot depict traffic lights, signs or signals or include similar colors. The use of dark colors is prohibited to avoid overheating problems for the utility cabinet. Artwork cannot include logos, copyrighted or trademarked images or be a form of signage or advertisement in any way.


Selected Artist will be compensated a total of $525 for the following: 1) the purchase of final design, 2) time required to make any requested changes to the design, and 3) to submit a high-resolution digital image of the final design. After final submission, the city will contract with a professional sign company to print and install the vinyl wrap at the city’s cost.


The selected artist will work remotely with the selection committee to further develop their design and adapt it to fit the dimensions of a metal traffic cabinet. The artist’s design will be significantly enlarged and may need to be altered slightly to fit the specific conditions of the cabinet, such as to avoid interference with any functioning parts i.e. vents, hinges, locks, handles and any cautionary text.


The Artist shall transfer high-resolution files to the designated point of contact. The required format for final designs is either a vector .eps file or a .pdf with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi if designed in Photoshop or photographing an existing design. If submitting artwork that is not computer generated, the artist may require assistance from a professional photographer and/or a graphic artist at their own cost. The vinyl wraps will be CMYK printed.

Application Requirements

Each artist may submit up to three different color designs (no black and white designs accepted) in the form of finished designs or as full color thumbnail sketches.  

If selected, the artist’s final design will need to be formatted to cover the panels so that when printed as a wrap, all vertical sides of the cabinet will be covered. Estimated dimensions are attached. (see Exhibit A of the Sample Contract).

May also be submitted by 5pm on January 20, 2024 via:

  1. Email):
  2. Mail to City of Greeley Public Art, Attn: Kim Snyder, 651 10th Ave Greeley, CO 80631
  3. Hand Delivery to the downtown Recreation Center front desk staff (651 10th Ave, Greeley) Using a large envelope clearly labeled to: Kim Snyder, Public Art Submission, (current date)

 Incomplete or late entries will not be considered.

The artist will be required to sign a contract with the city and a W-9 form in order to be paid. Payment will be requested after the final design has been delivered and approved. Please allow 3-4 weeks for payment to reach your mailbox after final acceptance.

Once the final design is accepted by the Greeley Art Commission and payment is made for the design, the City will retain all rights of the design’s final layout as submitted. Artist will retain rights to any individual portions of the design that the artist had previously created. For example, if the artist used photographic images of a painting on canvas, the artist shall retain the rights to the canvas painting including all copies of the canvas painting.

In recognition that the City is entering into this Agreement with the intent and purpose of publicly displaying the Project, the City shall have the right to publicly display the Project as well the right to make, publish and distribute two-dimensional reproductions of the Project.

The Artist will grant the City full-unlimited rights to reproduce the final design provided by the Artist for the initial installation and, if necessary, for reprinting the final design to replace, repair or maintain the vinyl wrap.  

If artwork needs repair, due to age, damage, or maintenance, a professional contractor may be hired to perform such repairs using the original artist’s design. The city retains the authority and right to destroy or paint over the image at any time, without notice, for any reason, including maintenance, replacement, safety, and vandalism. The average life expectancy of vinyl wrap art commissioned under this program is 3-5 years. 


Eligibility Criteria

All artists, including individual and groups of professional and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Previous Public Art experience is not required.