Call Detail
Beyond the Photograph: Artificial Intelligence, Photorealism & (Other) images that fool the eye
Entry Deadline: 3/30/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Beyond the Photograph): $15.00
Media Fee(Additional Image fee): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 15
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Photography
Eligibility: National
State: Rhode Island

There is a long tradition of technological aids to help an artist produce more realistic work... often generating work that looks like a photograph, but was not captured with a camera. For this exhibition we are looking for work that fools the eye, pushes boundaries and otherwise leaves the viewer wondering how the image was made. “Photorealistic” work in any media (except conventional photography) is welcome.  Drawing, Painting, all forms of Digital Media, Manipulated or Composite Photography including AI based or enhanced images are welcome. This call is for work that challenges the viewer’s perception and leaves them wondering, is it a photograph? 

We are looking for AI generated or enhanced images to explore Artificial Intelligence as an emerging art form, not as a replacement for, but as one of many extensions to an artist's toolbox. We are looking to explore AI generated or augmented images as an art form or vehicle for self expression, not as a replacement for photography but as it's own medium presented alongside previous photorealistic methods and media.  

We are looking for work, in a wide variety of media, that looks like it might be a photograph but isn’t… 

This call is open to AI generated or enhanced images, painting, drawing, printmaking and all forms of digital images. 

The Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, 118 N. Main St. Providence, RI


Exhibition: Thursday, May 16 thru June 14th, 2024
Registration Deadline:  March 30th
Delivery of Accepted Work: On or before May 11th
Reception and Awards: May 16th, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Juror: David DeMelim, The Founder and Managing Director of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, David is an active artist with a strong background in technology, and a career full of testing and adapting new imaging technologies.     

A strong background in wet darkroom and printmaking, with both Commercial and Fine Art applications lead to a career spent integrating digital technology into the image making and reproduction processes. A lifelong interest in emerging technologies has driven four decades of exploration, experimentation and embracing existing and emerging image capture and image making technologies. 


The RI Center for Photographic Arts, RICPA 118 N. Main St. Providence, RI 02903
Located in the heart of Providence, RICPA was founded to inspire creative development and provide opportunities to engage with the community through exhibitions, education, publication and mutual support. 

RICPA exists to create a diverse and supportive community for individuals interested in learning or working in the Photographic Arts. We strive to provide an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas in an open and cooperative space. Members should share a passion for creating, appreciating, or learning about all forms of photo-based media. We work to provide a platform for artistic expression, that fosters dialogue and drives innovation in the photographic arts.

The Gallery at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts is a member of Gallery Night Providence

First Place: $250 
Second Place: $150
Third Place: $75

Eligibility: Artists of all levels who are at least 18 years or older are invited to enter.

Artwork: Open to all forms of photorealistic image-making in any process or technology, current or historical. Work must be your original creation. All work must be exhibition ready, no saw-tooth hangers please. Work that does not follow the guidelines, or is deemed not to be a faithful representation of the image submitted, will not be exhibited.

Entry Fee:  Artists may submit up to 15 images. The entry fee is $15 for the first image and $10 for each subsequent image.  Current RICPA Members receive a 20% discount on the entry fee. The discount code is posted in the Call Listing on our website at You must be login to our website for the code to be visible. All CAFE fees are non-refundable and must be paid by credit/debit card.  Payment of those fees indicates the acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of the exhibition.  Juror’s decisions are final. 

Want to become a RICPA Member? Membership brings many benefits and discounts, for more information and to find the membership level that fits you, visit our website at You may become a member at entry, member benefits begin immediately and run 365 days from your start date.  

Size Limit: Maximum size 48” including the frame. Artists may have multiple pieces (diptych, triptych etc.) to make up one work.  

In-Person Delivery of Accepted Work: In-person deliveries will be accepted May 11th, noon till 5:30pm or by appointment. The RICPA Gallery is located on the 2nd Floor at 118 North Main Street Providence, RI 

Shipment of Accepted Work:  Shipped deliveries should be scheduled to arrive by May 11th. Shipped work must be accompanied by a prepaid, return label. Please make sure that you label your work on the back with your name or name on the shipping label if different. 

Print Service: Save on shipping fees and take advantage of our professional print service complete with frame rental for the duration of the exhibition. Email for more information, available for accepted entries starting at for $45 prints framed up to 16” x 20”

Return of Work: For artists who delivered their art in-person pickup will be on June 15th. Shipped art will be returned in the packaging in which it was sent using the provided prepaid return shipping label. The artist is solely responsible for any charges that may arise from inadequate packaging, or redirected shipments.

Sales & Commissions: The Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts retains a 40% commission on works sold, 20% for Supporting & Exhibiting members.

Liability - Legal Agreement & Participant’s Waiver:  Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against RI Center for Photographic Arts, including the officers, members, and employees. RICPA will exercise all reasonable care in handling entries, but will not assume any liability for loss or damage while in RICPA’s possession or in transit. Work should be independently insured by the artist.

Usage Rights: The artist retains all copyright to the images submitted. By submitting images you are giving RICPA the right to use the images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition and for reproduction online. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation from RICPA. Artist’s recognition is provided with any use. Submitting artists will be added to RICPA’s email subscriber list. They may opt out using a link on each email at any time. RICPA reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control.  Payment of the submission fee indicates acknowledgement of all terms and conditions.

Questions: Contact  To learn about other RICPA exhibits and programs, visit

Application Requirements

One or more photorealistic images to be juried individually.  Work must be your original creation.

Eligibility Criteria

Artists of all levels who are at least 18 years or older are invited to enter. Open to all forms of photographic image-making in any process or technology, current or historical. Work must be your original creation.