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Masterclass: Build A Body of Work 2024
Entry Deadline: 4/5/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Masterclass: Build A Body of Work): $35.00
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Images | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 5
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 5
Call Type: Workshops
Eligibility: International
State: California

The difference between 99% of artists who stay students forever and artists who exhibit their work is their approach, commitment as evidenced by their ability to build a body of work.

This six-month master class is designed to help artists hone their vision in creating a cohesive body of work and articulate that vision to the world. The curriculum features recorded lectures on creativity, time, intention, flow as well as bi-monthly live sessions each month in a group setting. The Masterclass artists also gain access to Fireside Chats and live critiques Q & As with artists, curators, publishers, and other art professionals all in the service of helping them nurture their work and how they present it outwardly beyond the art itself.

This group includes artists from all different kinds of media. During live sessions, artists share their works in progress, artist statements, websites, and media articulating their work.

This 6-month Masterclass is designed to help artists hone their vision in creating a cohesive body in a group setting with other artists.  In addition to developing their voice, artists are guided towards articulating it in a variety of mediums for a mass audience.  The workshop focuses on four main aspects of professional art development:


Over the course of 6 months, accepted artists work towards the beginning and refining a series of works centered around a topic, style, and idea of their choosing. The bi-monthly virtual group sessions allow students to pitch and bounce ideas, as well as share groupings of works as they evolve.  


The Masterclass uses a series of prompts, videos, and assignments designed to guide artists in developing their work in their own voice.   Using excerpts from studio visits with many well-known artists (including Lari Pittman, Rosson Crow, Rebecca Campbell, Annie Lapin, Chris Trueman, Enrique Martinez Celaya, and more), participating artists expand their own vocabulary of how to arrive at new ideas. 


Creating a body of work also requires attention to how it is communicated to future collectors, gallerists, museum directors, and curators. As the work starts to develop, the curriculum and assignments guide artists in communicating what their work is about through writing, a catalog, the artist’s digital portrait (website, social etc) and film. 


During live sessions, fireside chats, and unique live events, curators, artists, and writers offer invaluable insight into participating artists’ work.  All participating artists have access to a private positive and exclusively art-based online community where they can share work and news about their career and discuss exhibitions, articles, studio visits, and anything else.

Requirements and submission:

Please submit your application via Once the interview process is complete, applicants will be informed whether or not they have been accepted into the workshop.  

As this class is virtual, participants will need internet access for the course content and Zoom for class meetings.  Tuition does not cover art supplies, studio space, or any other ancillary materials for the course. 

First Person Artist

First Person Artist, founded by artist Kimberly Brooks, is devoted to advancing artists' practices with a rich recorded curriculum, along with live sessions and exposure to working artists today.  Artist / Director: Kimberly Brooks is a contemporary artist who exhibits internationally. Brooks founded the Arts Section of the Huffington Post.  Her work is the subject of numerous books and she is also the author of The New Oil Painting, a now best-selling painting book released by Chronicle Books in 2021. Brooks also conducts workshops at institutions including The Anderson Ranch Art Center, Kipaipai and the Otis School of Art and Design.

The cost of this workshop is $2400 over 6 months.  Accepted applicants are billed $397 monthly.  The application fee is to apply and does not guarantee entry.

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 Masterclass: Build A Body of Work

Application Requirements

2 years min experience and a solid technical foundation in any media

Eligibility Criteria

22 years or older.