Call Detail
2024 National Fine Art Show

Entry Deadline: 3/22/24
Days remaining to deadline: 25

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $45.00
Media Fee(Media Fee): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado

The Lincoln Gallery and the Thompson Valley Art League invite you to enter the 2024 NATIONAL FINE ART SHOWOpen to all U.S. artists working in the 6 categories listed below.  All entries must be for sale.  No installations or sets of works to make one entry will be accepted.  Cash awards of $2,000 will be awarded.

The exhibition will run from May 10 - May 30, 2024 with the Artists’ Reception and Awards Presentation on Friday, May 10, 2024. 

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS!  Due to the large number of photographic entries we have been receiving, we are no longer accepting photography for our National Fine Art show.  Instead we are announcing a show strictly for photography, watch for our Call for Entry! The 2024 NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW exhibition is Nov 8 - Dec 5, 2024. Please watch for the announcement and stop in the gallery to see the show!   

Juror:   JAMIE LINDHOLM: b., 1961, Akron, Ohio.

Jamie Lindholm is an American artist and painter working primarily with Oils. She creates complex woven paintings connecting emotions, experiences, figures, and memories culminating in conceptual work about our entanglements. 

Lindholm’s art has been exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in Sweden. Her work is in the permanent collections of the International Securities Exchange (NYC), Dancker, Sellew & Douglas (NJ), Somerset County Parks of New Jersey as well as private collections in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden. ​Jamie is a Signature Member of American Women Artists, and a long-time member and former National Coordinator of the Ambassador Program of the Portrait Society of America.  She is a frequent Mentor for their Cecilia Beau Forum. She currently works from her studio in the greater Denver/Boulder area. and her work can be collected through her studio.  Selected works can be found through Sugarlift in New York City. 
“For more than three decades, my approach to painting was to represent a life in a portrait. I didn't want to represent just the subject's likeness, but incorporate their style, their personality, their surroundings, and even their energy if I could.  For the most part, these concepts were represented by pose, color, lighting and objects included in the painting -- typical of most representational portrait work. In the process of getting my Masters (Fine Art), I explored a more conceptual process, and it completely changed the way I approach a painting. That is what you see today.  I primarily paint in oil. The paintings represent the entanglements of places, subjects, memories and metaphor and all their simultaneous existence.  The visual image of a landscape may be physically woven with the image of my subject and then translated onto the panel through multiple layers of paint. Visually, they are meant to intertwine the dimensions where they appear to be receding and emerging within the energy in unison. I imagine myself standing looking out a window at the cold, snowy Rockies while remembering the warm sunshine and perfectly clear, black-blue water of the Baltic. In that moment, I am in both places at the same time and experiencing both equally.  The air is different, the sounds and smells as well, but the senses are all engaged. That quantum mixing of energies -- their entanglement -- is what my work represents. Memories woven with experiences, past, present and future. The actions of one always effects and affects simultaneously in ways that are seen and unseen.”

More about Jamie at

Jamie will be offering a three day workshop in early May 7, 8, And 9, 2024 from 9-3 pm at Lincoln Gallery. 
CREATIVITY RELEASED: A Journey to Your Unique Voice

Embark on a transformative journey with a three day workshop to discover the various levels of your unique inner voice. Guided by seasoned artistic insights and innovative techniques. Designed for artist of all ages and skill levels. Unlock the depths of your imagination by exploring the creative process to make your voice and your art yours. Through a dynamic blend of hands-on activities, group discussions, and personalize guidance witness your artistic voice take shape.

Registration at / workshops. The Governor's Show at the Loveland Museum will be exhibiting Mid April-Mid May


1.  Oil 
2.  Mixed Media 
3.  Acrylic 
4.  Watercolor
5.  3D & Sculpture
6.  Pastel & Drawing
Artists may enter multiple categories but total entries may not exceed 6.  Artwork not meeting any of the above criteria will be rejected.  The Thompson Valley Art League reserves the right to categorize your entries if we feel they are entered incorrectly.
Only entries received online through CaFE’ ( will be considered.  Deadline for entry is 11:59pm, Mountain Standard Time,  March 20, 2024.  All artists will be notified by email of the juror’s decisions by April 5, 2024.  While the Lincoln Gallery will undertake the utmost care in handling all entries, the Gallery will not be held liable for damage occurring either while in the gallery or during shipping.  Insuring the artwork is the responsibility of the artist.

Artificial Intelligence Statement: The Thompson Valley Art League will not accept any Artificial Intelligence generated art for this exhibition. It is not considered a medium for a fine art exhibition. 

$45 entry fee includes up to 2 entries.  Additional entries are $10 each for a maximum of six (6) entries total. Fees are non-refundable.  Your email address will be our primary contact.  Only works selected by the juror will be displayed and eligible for awards from the show. 

Shipped deliveries will be received between April 24 - May 3, 2024.  Hand delivered work will be received between May 3 - May 4, 2024 at the Lincoln Gallery between the hours of 12:00-5:00pm.   Any artwork not received by May 4 may not be exhibited.  Shipping containers will be stored and reused for return shipment.   If a piece is sold and the artist wishes the shipping container returned, the Lincoln Gallery must be notified by email.   A prepaid return-shipping label must be included with all shipped artwork.   Return shipments will be shipped by June 1, 2024.  Please deliver or ship to:

Lincoln Gallery
429 North Lincoln Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537 
Phone:  970 663-2407

All works must be for sale and preferably remain on display until the close of the exhibit. Sales will be encouraged to further the efforts of the artists and to stimulate acquisition of original art by patrons and the public.  The Lincoln Gallery will collect a 35% commission on all sales.  Payment for sold items will be mailed to the artists on the 20th of the month following the close of the show.

Cash awards of $2,000 total will be presented for Best of Show, 1st and 2nd Place in each Category.  The Awards Ceremony will take place during the Opening Reception to be held on May 10th, from 6:00pm - 7:00pm for Artist and guests only, The reception will be open to the public at 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the Lincoln Gallery, 429 North Lincoln Ave, Loveland, CO, 80537. Live Facebook awards presentation will be at 6:30pm on Facebook @thelincolngallery. 

Calendar of Important Dates:
March 20            Entry deadline  
April 5                 Notification by email
April 24 - May 3  Arrival of accepted SHIPPED work to gallery 
May 3-May 4      Hand deliveries of accepted work at Lincoln                                      Gallery 12:00-5:00pm
May 10               Opening Reception 6:00pm - 9:00pm.  Awards                                       Presentation at 6:30pm     

May 30               Show closes.  
May 31 -June 1  Pickup unsold work between Noon - 5:00pm  (Arrangements must be made for alternate pickup times.  970-663-2407)                                     
June 1                Unsold work will be shipped


Application Requirements

Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6
Entry Fee (Includes up to 2 entries): $45.00
Media Fee (per entry over minimum): $10.00

Eligibility Criteria

Open to all US artists working in the listed categories.  Work must be original art, not copied from photos or works by other artists, or done under instruction. No installations or sets of works to make one entry will be accepted.  The juror reserves the right to disqualify any work which they consider to be in poor taste or inappropriate.  Entries must have been completed within the last 3 years (on or after 1/1/2021) and may not have been included/accepted in previous Lincoln Gallery or Thompson Valley Art League juried shows.