Call Detail
30th National Juried Photography Show and Sale

Entry Deadline: 4/1/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $45.00
Media Fee(Each Additional Entry): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Photography
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado


The 2024 Louisville Art Association National Juried Photography Show and Sale takes place in Louisville, Colorado, a beautiful historic city on Colorado’s Front Range. The 2024 show runs from 5/24/24 – 6/2/24, and overlaps with the three-day Louisville CO Memorial Day weekend events.

We are honored to have Jennifer Renwick, as our judge and juror for our 2024 show.  Read more about Jennifer below.      


At least $6000 in cash and prizes will be awarded along with recognition awards including Best in Show and First Place in each category, Artistic Achievement awards and the People’s Choice award.


Entry Deadline                                  April 1, 2024

Notification of Acceptance                April 12, 2024

Delivery of Shipped Art                     May 15-17, 2024

In-person Delivery of Artwork           May 21, 2024

Show Gallery Open Dates                May 24 - May 27, 2024
                                                         [Closed May 28 – May 30]

                                                         May 31 - June 2, 2024

Awards Reception                            May 24, 2024 7:00 PM

Show Closes                                    June 2, 2024


When submitting your entries to the (CaFE) website (see instructions below), please choose the category that fits each of your images the best.  In response to photographer feedback, category options this year are once again entirely based on the subject of the image. There are separate Color and Black & White/Monochrome options in each of the 4 major categories.  Digitally modified images (e.g., composites, HDR, focus stacking, addition of textures, etc.) ARE allowed in each category.  However, no AI-generated images are allowed. Note that LAA reserves the right to change the entered category, in which case you will be notified.  LAA also may ask for original RAW/source image files.  Use the Category Name codes given below when using the CaFE website:

1) People  Images of people including individual portraits, group photos or photos where a person or persons are the main subject in the photo. Note that people in a photo where they are a minor component should not be entered in this category. For Color images: Category Name - PC.  For Black & White/Monochrome images: Category Name - PM.

2) Animals & Wildlife Images of domesticated animals or animals in the wild, either individual animals or groups of animals or photos where the main subject is the animal(s). For Color images: Category Name - AWC. For Black & White/Monochrome images: Category Name - AWM.

3) Nature Created This category includes landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and natural habitat flora where nature is the main subject of the photo. This can include macro images. For Color images: Category Name - NCC. For Black & White/Monochrome images: Category Name - NCM.

4) Human Made Images of architecture, city/botanic gardens, street scenes, cars, trucks, bridges, etc., where human-created objects are the main subject of the photo. This can include macro images. Category Name - HMC. For Black & White/Monochrome images: Category Name - HMM.

THE JUDGE – Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer is a full-time nature photographer based in Golden, Colorado. She travels the American West in a travel trailer with her partner, fellow photographer David Kingham, teaching photography workshops in various national parks and wilderness areas. While photographing the landscape, she is particularly interested in photographing natural abstracts and smaller scenes. She extends her photography passion to her students by teaching visual storytelling, slowing down in the field to connect with their subjects from behind their lenses, and expressing themselves through their imagery.

Her work has been featured in various photography magazines, including Outdoor PhotographerLandscape Photography MagazineOn Landscape, LensWork, and Lenswork’s Seeing in Sixes” photography books.

Her website is


●          ALL work must be the original work of the photographer and executed in a professional manner. Work shown in previous LAA National shows will NOT be accepted. 

●          Digital entries only – all images should be in .jpg format and at least 1200 pixels along the longest edge.The (CaFE) image specs have recently been updated, allowing larger-sized images to be uploaded (and our juror will view the images at the uploaded size).  However, the image file size must be less than 5 megabytes. See updated image prep details at

 ●          DO NOT Watermark your images.

 ●          The submitted art price must include all your preparation costs (e.g. framing cost, etc.). No changes will be made from the (CaFE) price listed on your entry. 

●          The frame size limit is 48 inches on the longest side. 

●          Work must be suitable for a general audience of all ages, no frontal nudity. The LAA reserves the right to reject any photograph that is not deemed to be appropriate. 

●          Entry fees are non-refundable. The fee for the first three pieces is $45 and $10 for each additional entry. Limit of 6 entries per person. Note that a maximum of 3 pieces will be accepted for any individual artists.

●          If your work is selected by the judge for the juried show, in addition to your accepted piece(s) you may display any or all of the following (collectively called “Bin Work”) :

  1. Up to 5 pieces of matted and unframed bin work (max size of 36” on long edge, no metal prints, canvas prints or any piece thicker than 3/8”)
  2. 5 boxes of greeting or note cards
  3. 10 individual cards (wrapped for individual sale)

●          All sales will be conducted by the LAA and a 25% commission is charged on all work sold. 
This means that if a piece of juried-in art or bin art is priced at $100, the artist will receive $75 and LAA will receive $25 in commission fees. Please make sure to price your juried-in art and bin art accordingly. 

●          ALL ACCEPTED PHOTOGRAPHY AND BIN WORK, must be clearly labeled with the photographers name, item name, and price. You MUST submit a completed inventory sheet for all work. A blank inventory sheet will be sent with the acceptance letter. Such work is to be shipped or hand-delivered per the same deadline as the juried-in work. Shipped work MUST CONTAIN PRE-PAID POSTAGE and PAPERWORK for return shipping. If the postage and paperwork is not contained, your work will NOT be considered. Shipping: Artwork must be shipped in strong, reusable cartons or crates with no free-floating Styrofoam popcorn packing. 

●          All exhibition work must be properly framed, wired and otherwise ready to hang. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS, NO EXPOSED GLASS EDGES and NO CLEATS. Work not properly framed or damaged in shipment will not be hung or judged. 

●          PARTICIPANTS WAIVER: Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against the Louisville Art Association, including the officers, members and employees. Submission allows LAA to use images in promotional material, with credit given to the photographer. 



Online submission and fees are being handled ONLY by (CaFE) at Please go to their website and follow the easy instructions to first register as an artist and then submit your images. You can search within (CaFE) for the Louisville Art Association Juried National Photography Show and Sale or by the entry deadline date which is April 1, 2024. The CaFE submission process and uploading of your images is simple and easy to use. Cost is $45 for the first 3 images, then $10 for each image added up to 6 images.


April 1, 2024   (CaFE) Entry Deadline

April 12, 2024          Notification of Entrants of Acceptance or Non-Acceptance

May 17, 2024          Deadline for Delivery of (Accepted) Shipped Artwork to be Delivered to:

                                LAA 2024 National Photography Show 
                                c/o Bolder Insurance
                                800 Jefferson Ave
                                Louisville, Co 80027

                                (303) 449-9595

May  21, 2024         Hand-delivered work juried-in must be brought to the Louisville Center for the Arts between 1:00pm and 6:00pm ONLY.

                                Address, 801 Grant Ave., Louisville, CO.

 May 24, 2024         Reception and Awards Ceremony 7:00pm

 June 2, 2024          Pick up hand-delivered work between 5:00pm and  6:30pm.

                                No early pickup. No storage is available after 6:30pm.

Unsold work will be returned ONLY via the prepaid shipping label furnished by you when you shipped your artwork to us. Any pieces not picked up will be donated to a charity.


Submission to this Exhibition constitutes acceptance of stated conditions and includes permission to photograph accepted artwork for publicity purposes.

Questions? Please email or call:


Kirk Fry
(303) 241-8710

Rich Saxon
(720) 313-3095


Application Requirements


Eligibility Criteria