Call Detail
Baby, It's Not Cold Outside
Entry Deadline: 8/20/24
Days remaining to deadline: 84

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 4
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 4
Call Type: Photography
Eligibility: International
State: Unspecified
Jury Dates: 8/21/24 - 8/22/24

Baby, It's NOT Cold Outside!
A Summertime Photo Competition!
Hosted by Stein Ward Studio


 Here's our next call for photographers from all over the world, and two classes are offered in this open-themed call: Color and Black and White (includes grayscale, monochrome and sepia). Cash prizes for the Best of Show for each category. 

The theme for this competition is OPEN, however, subject matter must be family friendly. No nudity or vulgarity is permitted. 

$35 for up to 4 entries. 
Payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance. Entry fee does, however, guarantee that the entry will be judged.

BEST OF SHOW Color Photo - $100 cash prize 
BEST OF SHOW Black and White Photo - $100 cash prize 

HONORABLE MENTIONS - Several selected works will receive Honorable Mentions which will not be awarded monetary prizes.

Professionals and amateurs will be juried together, but classes will be separated by color or black and white. Black and white class may also include sepia, grayscale and monotone work. Artists may submit a grand total of 4 (four) works from their Café portfolio and all may be submitted in a single class, or or multiple works submitted across both classes. Any combination of submission is accepted. 

Several entries will be juried into the gallery. Prize money will only be sent via PayPal to the email address on file with CaFÉ. The gallery will notify all accepted artists. Best of Show winners will be notified separately of their win to verify their email address for payment.

All entries must be the work of the artist. No signatures, borders, digital frames or mats, names, logos, borders, or watermarks may appear on the work. Any work with these elements will be automatically rejected without question. Copies or works based on another artist's work will not be accepted. NO A.I. GENERATED WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED, WHETHER IN PART OR AS A WHOLE WORK. Minor editing such as Photoshop, Lightroom and similar software filters, cropping, saturation, dodging, burning, color corrections, levels, etc., are permitted. Excessive filters are accepted but not encouraged if they detract from the overall aesthetic of the photo.

Entries may be made from February 20, 2024 - August 20, 2024.
Entries will be juried from August 21 - 22, 2024.
Notifications will be emailed on or before August 22, 2024.
Gallery selections will display the week of August 22, 2024.
Prize money will be sent upon the gallery’s receipt of final payout from WESTAF (CaFÉ). Winners will be notified prior to payout and generally are made around the middle of the month following the close of the call.

Notices of both accepted and unaccepted work will be emailed to the entrants. No other means of notification will be provided. If for any reason you do not hear from us by the notification date listed, please check the spam/junk filters in your email account. Notification emails are sent to the email on file with CaFÉ. All communications are via email. 

No works will be offered for sale through this event. 

Accepted entries and winners will be selected by an anonymous committee of jurors to protect the integrity of the selection process. All decisions are final. "Selected" is defined as being chosen by the juror(s) for presentation in the online gallery and considered for a prize. Not all selected work will be prize winners, but all selected work will have the honor of appearing in the gallery. Entrants agree that by entering the event, the jury selection is a paid opinion of the quality of the work from the juror’s own perspective and in no way represents the opinions of anyone else. This event is designed to be fun and to celebrate the art of photography!

Application Requirements

All images must be in JPG format and a minimum of 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side and up to 5MB in file size, or follow the specifications listed with Cafe's portfolio criteria. ALL PIECES MUST HAVE A TITLE. Untitled work or work that uses "Untitled" as a title, will not be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria

Works that have previously been submitted, selected or that have won in past competitions by Stein Ward Studio are eligible to be entered into this call so long as they fit all other criteria set forth by the call.