Call Detail
Palmdale Playhouse Historical Narrative Mural

Entry Deadline: 3/28/24
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: California
Budget: $75,000

The Palmdale Playhouse is a place for the enjoyment of professional and community-based theater in downtown Palmdale.  It offers opportunities for the residents of the Greater Antelope Valley to volunteer their time and talents to the arts and serves as a learning center for people of all ages and abilities to explore the many crafts that come under the umbrella of theater. A 152’ wide, high detail, narrative mural featuring some of the historic theatrical programming will be painted on the façade of the Playhouse.

The all-inclusive budget for this project is $75,000.  The budget covers the artist fee, the stipend for the proposal design, paint supplies, equipment rentals, and any other expenses incurred and arranged by the artist in association with the design and completion of this mural project.  Artist will be required to provide insurance and obtain a current City of Palmdale business license as outlined in the agreement.

When asked what residents would like the new artwork to represent, the following two themes resonated the most with members of the community who participated in the survey:

·         Reflect the history and impact of the Palmdale Playhouse through activities and celebrations of the community.

·         Reflect on Palmdale's diversity (multi-cultural composition, friendly people, community).

Selected artist will submit a color sketch or digital image of the proposed artwork to scale. The proposals should reflect the project objectives, including theme and context within the project site, and should be respectful of the greater context of the community. Proposed artwork must be family-friendly and cannot depict sexual conduct or sexually explicit nudity nor advertise any activity illegal under the laws of California or the United States.  The Panel will select proposals that best meet the City’s objectives for this project. The Public Art Commission reserves the right to contact artists prior to final selection for clarification or expansion of their proposal.

Important Dates:

March 28, 2024:                                                 Applications due

April 5, 2024:                                                       Review completed by Artist Selection Committee

April 9, 2024:                                                       Artists contacted; mentors assigned

May 2, 2024:                                                        Concept designs due from selected artists

May 28, 2024:                                                      Public Art Commission meeting

June 20, 2024:                                                     Mural installation may begin

July 29, 2024:                                                       Mural to be completed by this date

Application Requirements

A complete application includes the following:

·          Artist’s resume

·         6 – 10 examples of artist’s previous artwork showing high detail murals with people as subjects

·         3 Professional references

·         Statement of interest about the project

Eligibility Criteria

The Panel will review and score submissions based on the following criteria:

·         Encourage the highest level of creative engagement;

·         Select an artist whose past efforts have maintained a high level of quality;

·         Further the mission and goals of the Public Art Program and the City;

·         Identify the optimal approach that is suitable to the demands of the particular project;

·         Select an artist who will best respond to the distinctive characteristics of the site and the community it serves; and

·         Select an artist who can work successfully as a member of an overall project team.