Call Detail
FotoFocus: Stories of the Land

Entry Deadline: 5/31/24
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $25.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Photography
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Ohio

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park announces an open call for their exhibition gallery as a part of the 2024 FOTOFOCUS Biennial. This year’s theme is “Stories of the Land” which asks artists to submit a lens-based work that interrogates the many stories that emerge on the land on which we all live. 

While some works might engage with our earth’s longstanding history and others with stories from more recent times, the exhibition as a whole aims to connect with each viewer on a personal level, to prompt questions of their own place within the nature they live on. How does the land hold narratives? What do we know and what do we wish to know about the untold Stories of the Land? 

As always, we’d like to introduce new artists to this region, feature local artists, and exhibit everyone, from more established to emerging artists, in tandem. Exhibition space is limited. All accepted art will be eligible to win an award of $500!


Pyramid Hill’s FotoFocus Open Call Exhibition runs from 8/16/2024–11/22/2024. 


3/8/2024 - Applications open to the public

5/31/2024 - Deadline to submit

6/10/24 - Accepted artists notified

6/24/24 - Accepted artists confirmation day

8/05/2024 - Shipping Deadline

8/13/2024–8/15/2024 - Installation of art

10/15/24 - Artist Reception

8/16/24–-11/22/24 - Gallery run

1/3/2024–1/5/2024 - Deinstallation of art


Pyramid Hill’s Art Committee will be jurying this exhibition. The Art Committee is made up of Pyramid Hill board members, local gallery owners, and local artists/art professionals. The jury will not share images submitted outside of the jurying process. Only the images of art submitted will be judged. Check the Important Dates section for details on deadlines and dates.


Juror’s Choice and People’s Choice Awards will be announced at the closing of the exhibition. Juror's Choice winners will receive a cash prize of $500, and People's Choice winners will receive a cash prize of $300. 


Works selected for exhibition will be received, hand-delivered or shipped, PREPAID using USPS, FedEx or UPS from 8/5/2023 during Pyramid Hill Office hours: Monday–Friday 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Please call ahead at (513) 868-8336 to ensure that Director (and Registrar) Sarah Templeton-Wilson is available to accept your work. Shipped work must include a clearly marked return label inside the package. Pyramid Hill reserves the right to reject, upon review, work that has violated the rules on limitations. 


Artists who have hand-delivered their art must schedule a pickup with the curatorial team. All pickups must be scheduled and confirmed at least 24-hrs in advance either through phone call or email. All hand delivered work must be picked up between 11/22/24 and 12/3/24.

As stated above, shipped work must include a return label upon delivery. Costs and liability for damage are the responsibility of the artist. Please note that work will be returned in the way it was received, (ie: dropped off work will not be shipped back), there will not be any accommodations made on this rule.


Pyramid Hill takes a 20% commission for all sales of work in this exhibition. Please keep this in mind when setting your sale price. In the event of a sale, a check for the purchase price minus 20% will be sent to the artist no later than 15 days after the close of the exhibition. 


All works on the premises will be insured. 


By submitting, the Artist agrees that Pyramid Hill may use artist-submitted images for educational and publicity purposes. The Artists also agrees that objects on exhibit may be photographed by the public. Pyramid Hill will credit the Artist in all usage of the images for publicity.

Application Requirements

Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3

All images must be high quality JPGs or PNGs.

Please include a statement (under 250 words) on your artwork’s relationship to nature, your thoughts about how land intersects with art, or the backstory or process of your piece.

Eligibility Criteria

All work must be original. 

The exhibition is open to all lens-based art, including: Photography, Photography collage, Photo-transfer, Mixed Media.

Entries must be framed (in any frame of your choice) and if mounted, on a white mat. Entries (including frame and/or mat) must be between 1 foot (on the smallest side) and 4 feet (on the largest side). Entries (in their frames) must not exceed 18 lbs. 

No entry that requires the artist to be present for moving or assembly will be accepted. Work must be hung using D-rings, a wire, or cleats and hardware must be installed prior to delivery. Any other method of hanging must receive prior approval from the park. If work arrives that has been significantly altered, or is different from accepted images, it will be disqualified.