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Beauty in the Ordinary: AVA's Fall 2024 Juried Exhibition

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Entry Deadline: 7/2/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $15.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Wyoming
Event Dates: 8/1/24 - 8/31/24

AVA Community Art Center in Gillette, WY invites artists to submit three (3) artworks for consideration in the Beauty in the Ordinary Exhibition. The exhibition will feature up to thirty (30) individual artworks, based on juror selections. Awards for Best In Show, Second Place and Third Place are to be allocated based on a juried selection process. Additionally, one (1) People’s Choice award will be selected based on public votes and announced during the Artists’ Reception.

We are surrounded by ordinary objects in our lives: books, chapstick, keys, salt-shaker, boot, pencil, baby rattle, comb, saucepan, towel rack, hammer, packet of tissues, light bulb, roll of tape. Most of the time we give little attention to the ordinary items that occupy spaces in our homes.

Artists often notice things we otherwise might miss - looking closer or from a different angle. A creative eye takes something ordinary and makes it something special. This show highlights the gentle rhythms of life, celebrates home comforts, and draws attention to the unique beauty in the ordinary.

Allocated awards, selected by a guest juror for this exhibition, are as follows:

 Best In Show - $500.00

Second Place - $250.00

Third Place - $150.00

One People’s Choice award will be selected based on public votes:

People’s Choice - $100.00

Details regarding the guest Juror for the Beauty in the Ordinary Exhibit will be announced soon!

Application Requirements

Please read the following details carefully before submitting:

•   2D and 3D original artwork in any medium will be considered for acceptance into the exhibition & art auction.

•   Artwork must have been created on or after Jan. 2020. Artworks previously seen at AVA and works created under the supervision of an instructor are not eligible.

•   Submitted artwork dimensions are restricted to forty-eight inches (48”) in any direction, inclusive of matting and framing.

•   Artists must be 16 years or older to enter this show.

•   All work submitted must be Artist’s original work. Artwork that will not be considered for inclusion in the exhibition includes:

  • Celebrity Portraits or Fan Art
  • Giclee Prints or Reproduction Prints of Original Artworks
  • Artwork created from a Tutorial
  • Direct Copies or Replications of another Artwork belonging to anyone besides the Participating Artist
  • Photo Reference or Artwork blatantly infringing on copyright laws

By entering AVA’s Exhibition, the Participating Artist certifies that he or she holds the copyright for this material and the copyright remains with said Artist. The Artist also certifies that the work submitted is original and does not infringe on any existing copyright. If artwork includes image of any person, artist certifies that a model release for such person has been obtained.

 •   Each Individual Artwork submission must include at least one (1) high resolution digital image.

•   Submitting artists must pay a one-time submission fee of $15.00; only one payment is required for submission of up to three (3) artworks. All entry fees are final and are non-refundable.

•   Submitted artwork must be finished and display ready when turned in to AVA.

•   Artists may frame their own artworks, however finished framing must look professional.

•   No sawtooth hangers, clip frames, plastic framing, French Cleat hanging systems, or pre-drilled stainless post hanging systems.

•   Artworks on canvas must be framed.

•   All mats and backings should be made from acid free materials.

•   Hanging wire and display hardware must be firmly attached and safe for artwork to be hung.  

•   AVA reserves the right to reject artwork due to framing finishes or may request additional steps are taken by artist before artwork will be displayed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • AVA’s exhibitions facilitate annual operational health and longevity for AVA Community Art Center. All proceeds from this event directly support AVA’s mission of enriching lives by creating the bridge between the Visual Arts and our community.
  • Participating artists will receive a 65% commission split with current enrollment as an AVA Member, or 55% as a non-member. Participating artists can enroll as AVA members at
  • Upon acceptance, Artists are required to provide a short biography of relevant information pertaining to their artwork and professional artist experiences to be included in AVA Marketing and media related to this exhibition. Artists may also provide a business card or appropriate professional links to their website or digital platforms to be included with the purchase of the artwork.