Call Detail
Call for Artists - Artist Roster RFQ
Entry Deadline: 5/12/24
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 1
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Florida
Budget: Matching grants up to $20,000 on private property. Public property budgets will be determined as needed


Called “The Friendly City”, The City of Bradenton is a mid-size city with a small-town feel. Characterized by its caring atmosphere, it is an “Old Florida” community where neighbors live, work, and have fun together. With a population of over 58,000, Bradenton is located on Florida's west coast between Tampa/St. Pete and Sarasota. The city boasts 12 miles of waterfront along the Manatee River and easy drives to famed Gulf Coast beaches, cultural activities, and historic landmarks. With the new east extension, Bradenton's award-winning Riverwalk stretches over 3 miles.   


The City of Bradenton Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and its Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) are seeking artists and artist teams to place on an artist roster. The artist roster will be used to select artists for murals, sculpture and other media for public art projects in the Bradenton CRA Districts.

The CRA recently announced a new grant program, one of which is a public art grant. The grant allows property owners within the CRA Districts to apply for this matching grant to place art on private property that is accessible to the general public.  

This Call is for artists from the coastal counties of Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough. Qualifying artists and artist teams from these counties will be placed on the artist roster. Understanding of the public process and/or experience with other public entities or public art programs is preferred but not mandatory.

Approved artist/artist teams will be reviewed to select artists based on the best fit for each project, both public and private. Audience, locations, and local context will be considered.


Painted and Printed Murals: Murals are a new area of focus for the CRA Districts. For mural artists, please provide square foot costs to allow us to easily calculate project budgets as our mural program grows. Paint specifications will be verified prior to work performed. All murals must include anti-graffiti coating.

*A note for non-mural artists/painters: Murals can be various materials, surfaces, and sizes. We would like to see your work if you are interested in reproducing original work onto outdoor/weather resistant surfaces, or to have your work superimposed on vinyl or other mural materials.

Signal Box wraps: There are opportunities to create designs on signal boxes. These works will be superimposed on vinyl. Designs on all five sides will be necessary and specific measurements will be provided.

Other: Sculptures, 3-D, lighting, augmented reality and other technological advances in public art are welcome. Durability in an outdoor setting will be considered.


Application Requirements

This RFQ provides for a Question-and-Answer period prior to the due date for submittals. All questions will be answered by CRA staff in writing, with answers posted on the CRA's Public Art website at Any inquiries, suggestions or requests concerning interpretation, clarification or additional information pertaining to the RFQ shall be made in writing to the Public Art Coordinator at  Question submissions are due on or before April 26, 2024.

Each application must be submitted via the CaFÉ website ( no later than Sunday, May 12th, 2024 by 11:59 pm MT. Submittals received after this deadline will not be considered. Submittals must include the following: 

Name and contact information of artist and/or artist team. If submitting as a team, an individual resume should be submitted for each team member.

Artist’s Statement: Up to one page in length, which explains your interest in working with the City of Bradenton CRA and how your art will be able to contribute to the public art program in the three CRA Districts of Bradenton.

Artist Resume: Up to two pages in length, describing your work and general qualifications. Include any commissions, tours, exhibitions, collaborations, and projects involving the community and work in the public sector. If submitting as a team, submit an individual resume for each team member describing the individual or collective accomplishments. Please combine team member resumes and submit them as one document.

References: List at least three professional references familiar with the artists’ work and working methods. The list must include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Work Samples: At least three and up to 5 digital images of relevant artwork. Can be drawings, renderings, models, or photographs.  Up to one video.

Support Materials (optional): Each artist may include up to two selections of support materials such as reviews, news articles, web links and other related information.

Eligibility Criteria

This Call is for artists from the coastal counties of Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough. Qualifying artists and artist teams from these counties will be placed on the artist roster.

If selected, qualified artists will:

  • Be added to the City of Bradenton CRA Artist Roster.
  • Be recommended to create artwork for public spaces on public or private property.
  • Design and propose artworks for approval by the PAAB.
  • Work within a fixed budget and timeline.
  • Present to the public, the PAAB, and if requested, City Council and CRA Board.
  • Travel as needed during the proposal process.
  • Register as a City of Bradenton approved vendor.
  • Agree to contract, as written.
  • Adhere to state/local requirements such as contractor licenses, insurance and permitting requirements.


This RFQ is issued by the City of Bradenton CRA. The Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) will act as the selection committee and determine the roster.

The PAAB will then recommend the artist roster to the CRA Board for approval.  Audience, locations, and local context will be considered to facilitate the process of acquiring artworks that best suit the needs of the community.


Understanding of the public process, and/or experience with other public entities or public art programs is preferred but not mandatory. The PAAB will use the following evaluation criteria to select artist/artist team:

  • Qualifications and Experience - Demonstrated knowledge and experience of art creation.
  • Artistry and Technical Abilities - A unique vision or perspective with a demonstration of expertise and skill in your technique.
  • Past Works - Demonstrated ability to create a unique, engaging artwork that will engage a site and/or community.
  • Durability - Use of materials and processes that contribute to the longevity of public works of art located outdoors.


Accepted roster artists will be notified by May 31, 2024. Accepted artist portfolios will be shared with local private businesses that are interested in a public art installation on private property. Acceptance into the roster does not guarantee individual project proposals will be accepted.

If accepted, your information will become public record.


The CRA Public Art Grant matches up to $20,000 for public art on private properties. Budgets for art on public property will be created as needed. The budget must cover all design, fabrication, and installation costs. This includes materials, transportation, licenses, insurance, sales tax, studio space, and all other expenses. Engineering drawings will be required when appropriate.


The Bradenton CRA is governed by Florida State Statues Chapter 163 Part III Community Redevelopment. There are three districts which make up the urban core of Bradenton. They are: Downtown, Central and Tamiami Trail. Three unique business areas exist in these districts: Downtown Bradenton, The Village of the Arts, and Old Manatee. Bradenton also boasts LECOM Park, the Pirates Spring Training site and home of the Bradenton Marauders. The Bradenton CRA believes that Sustainable Redevelopment is achieved by utilizing Economic, Environment and Social elements within these areas.


The Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) is a volunteer board that was established in February 2022 with Resolution CRA 22-02. This advisory board makes recommendations to the CRA Board regarding the acquisition, placement, installation, maintenance, and/or removal of public art. The Board consists of representatives of the citizenry of Bradenton, including artists, design professionals, and business owners.


RFQ Released:                         April 11, 2024

Questions Deadline:                April 26, 2024

Submittals Due:                       May 12, 2024

Artists Notification:                 May 31, 2024

The City of Bradenton does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, economic status, or gender identity.

For questions, contact Jean G. Farmer, Public Art Coordinator at .