Call Detail
2024 Centennial Traffic Box Wraps
Entry Deadline: 5/30/24
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Colorado
Jury Dates: 5/31/24 - 6/10/24
Budget: $1,000 for the winning artist(s)

As part of the City of Centennial's annual efforts to bring art into the community,  Centennial is working with CACF to search for local artists to provide public art.  After this call is closed, judges will rank all submitted applications.  The top three (3) pieces of art will be the winning submissions and each artist will be eligible for a $1,000 commission. Each winning piece will be replicated at four (4) different locations throughout Centennial.  The City of Centennial reserves the right to select which art is best suited for each available 2024 location.

Upon approval by the City of Centennial and the receipt of a signed agreement, the City of Centennial will request the appropriate digital files as specified in this call. Traffic Boxes (cabinets) have variable sizes and configurations that may require adjustments to art files in order to fit best and display art in its best configuration.

The winning artists and artwork will be celebrated at Centennial Under the Stars on August 10, 2024 at Centennial Center Park.

SEE 2023 Traffic Box Wrap Art through link below!

TIPS for Artists!

 + Understand that this is 5-sided art (look at example)
+ Contact for any application/deadline questions
+ Don't wait till last minute as file uploads can experience issues
+ Public Works and Centennial staff have final approval of art selected and location it is placed

Application Requirements

  • Artworks submitted should address Centennial’s vision statement, “The City of Centennial is a connected community, where neighborhoods matter, education is embraced, businesses are valued, and innovation absolute.”
  • References to local history and Centennial’s unique neighborhoods are encouraged.
  • Design should be pleasing and add beauty to the community. The design must be family-friendly.
  • Design cannot contain business promotions or advertisements.
  • Design cannot include any breach of intellectual property, brands, logos, trademarks, or depictions of illegal activities.
  • Artists do not need to include the City of Centennial logo in their design. A 4" border at the bottom of the traffic box wrap will include Centennial branding.
  • Artwork shall not contain colors nor shapes in a way which could be confused as traffic control devices (for example, no red octagons that mimic stop signs).
  • The design cannot incorporate any physical objects attached to the traffic box.
  • Utility boxes contain essential computer equipment; thus, it’s recommended that the bulk of submitted artworks be lighter colors to help prevent overheating of the electrical components.

Artists who have questions about these criteria may contact 303-325-8000 and ask to speak with Public Works about Traffic Box Art or email 


Please review the past designs to better understand how the art transforms from 2D art to 3D art.  The ART must take into account how it presents as a 3D image.


AFTER/IF art is selected the art will be converted to a digital file. (Scanned versions of artwork that was originally non-digital are welcome.)  

Final files will be formatted for final selections:
Vector format (.AI, .EPS, .SVG) is preferred for clearer printing. Alternatively, designs may be submitted as a PDF, TIFF, or RAW.
For any non-vector artwork, we ask for the artwork to meet the following requirements
        o       minimum 150 dpi/ppi 
        o       minimum 2,000 pixels at the widest (landscape orientation) or tallest (portrait orientation) point of the artwork.
Box Size 
        o       The sizes below indicate the approximate size of final, installed designs. Boxes have variability and artists will be required to work with the Public Works Department to adjust images to fit the selected cabinets.
        o       Small size: 55” H x 44” W x 28” D
        o       Large size: 67” H X 49” W x 30” D

Eligibility Criteria

The call is open to all local artists (or artist teams) regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental ability. Youth, youth groups, and schools are highly-encouraged to submit designs for consideration.  City of Centennial Staff, Elected and Appointed officials, and their immediate family are not eligible.