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Kapor Center Building: Façade Art Competition

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Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: Local
State: California
Entry Deadline: 10/13/14
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6
The Kapor Center for Social Impact focuses primarily on diversifying the field of technology, mobilizing the tech industry for positive social impact, and broadening tech-driven access to education. We build partnerships with tech-driven community organizations, invest in seed stage social impact tech startups, and convene thinkers and doers to build movements. We seek a vibrant installation to cover the first floor of our building at 2148 Broadway (at Franklin and 22nd Streets) in Oakland. While we prepare for the full renovation and construction to begin in late spring 2014, we want our building to complement the blossoming creative vibe of uptown Oakland, where our building and future home is located. The building is located at a highly visible stretch of Broadway, two blocks from the Paramount Theater and 19th Street BART station, one block from the major intersection of Broadway and Grand Avenue, and in the heart of overlapping Uptown business and arts districts. The artist who submits the winning entry will receive a $7,500 artist’s fee. The Kapor Center will cover up to $20,000 in materials for the production of the installation, working with our list of preferred vendors. The artist is expected to install and be available to help maintain the and be available to consult on maintenance of the installation for up to 1 year after launch. The winning artist should expect two to three rounds of exchanges with Kapor Center staff on the final design for production. The installation should be complete and prepared for unveiling by Friday, December 6, 2013. We estimate that design will last three weeks, leaving one week for production and one or two full days to complete installation. Artists in all career stages who live in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) are welcomed to submit work for consideration. As a demonstration of civic pride and commitment, we will prioritize work from entrants who live or work in Oakland. Interested artists should submit six slides of previous work, along with a resume of no more than three pages and a brief artist statement of no more than one page, through Deadline for entries is 11:59pm, October 13th. Stage I entries will be considered by Kapor Center staff and an artist consultant, looking for engaging style and creative potential to produce a compelling installation. On October 18th, five entrants will be invited to submit ink sketches or formal renderings of the installation; each will receive a $150 honorarium for their work. These five finalists will submit sketches by November 1st. Please note that we are not looking for color renderings in this stage. We are looking for pencil drawings that articulate the key visual elements of the design. Stage II entries from the finalists will be evaluated by a panel of judges from the Kapor Center, Uptown/Lake Merritt Community Business District, City of Oakland, artists community, and our building development team. Primary selection criteria include: Creativity of design Accurate and appropriate reflection of Kapor Center’s core values of inclusion and innovation Creative method of incorporating the Kapor Center for Social Impact’s brand Thoughtful reflection of the spirit of Oakland as a diverse and vibrant community Suitability of design for building and neighborhood Designs should take into account: Graffiti repair and deterrence The method by which the art will need to be installed on the building (some will be behind glass, some exposed to the elements) Allowing access to the interior of the building by builders (keeping doorways free) Ease of installation and maintenance. Digital output of the installation is strongly encouraged and preferred. This means that final designs should be delivered to the vendor in high resolution at 50% of actual size. In anticipation of the unveiling, the Kapor Center will work with the artist on communications strategy, including a press release and possible ribbon-cutting event. The Kapor Center will retain ownership of the final physical art panels. The artist retains ownership of their concept. The Kapor Center would request the rights to use the installation images in other Kapor Center-related projects and publications, with proper credit given to the artist. Once building construction begins and necessitates the removal of the installation, we will work to reuse the installation elsewhere. Please look us up at For questions, contact Dimensions of areas to be covered by art on building in order from Franklin to Broadway: 2 windows 70w x 89h each 2 windows 81w x 72h each 1 window 66w x 72h 2 doors- 1 with glass one without 30w x 70h each 2 windows 71w x 72h each 2 doors 30w x 70h each 1 door flank 24w x 6ft 2 windows 53w x 6ft each 2 windows 87w x 6ft each 1 window 85w x 71h 2 door flank 33w x 71h each 2 doors 30w x 70h each 2 windows 78w x 71h each 2 windows 84w x 71h each Attached to wall, exposed to elements: 4 large frames 158w x 100h each
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