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Passion to Perform

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Call Type: Competitions
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Entry Deadline: 2/7/14
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THE INVITATION Yamana Gold is one of the world's leading gold mining companies, with operations and projects based throughout the Americas. We believe in creating options for all of our stakeholders, in a prudent, reliable and reasonable way. Performance is at the centre of our entrepreneurial culture and business strategy, constantly inspiring over 8,500 colleagues who are committed to delivering value through Yamana Gold's core principles: - Sustainability. - Dependability. - Respect for the environment and our communities. - Safety of our colleagues Our strategic focus is to develop, construct and manage assets in a dependable manner and we contribute to the sustainable development of the regions and communities in which we operate through significant investments in local infrastructure, technology, health and education. One of our greatest strengths, is the diversity and quality of our workforce, with men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives. "Passion to Perform" is an art competition which celebrates the success of Yamana Gold, and we are looking forward to engaging creatively in a way that reflects our company's diversity and core values. We invite you to create a work of art entitled "Passion to Perform", motivated by our company and core principles. Please use this title as a guide only; there is no need for literal interpretation or for entrants to feel restricted by any artistic spirit or flair. The submitted artworks can be in the form of paintings, photography, sculptures and drawings. Winning submissions will be displayed on a range of communication materials, as well as in our corporate offices in Toronto, Canada. PRIZES The following three prizes will be awarded. First prize $6,000, second prize $2,500 and third prize of $1,000. In addition, the corporation has established a fund for the acquisition of additional artworks for its private collection. These acquisitions will be selected from the short listed artworks. THE JUDGES The judges have been invited from a range of backgrounds; - Representative from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) - Members of the Board of Directors of Yamana Gold including the CEO - Mrs. Jane Marrone, artist and competition founder ENTRY PROCESS The competition is open to any person practicing art. The initial entry is online, followed by a second round of short listed works before final selection. We have partnered with the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), and will be using their CaFE online system. The company will bear the cost of entry for all entrants to the competition. We will only be admitting 1 entry per person. The panel of judges will initially review initial entries made through the CaFE online system. Following this, approximately 35 artists will be short listed and invited to record a 60 second video to present their artwork and creative motivation. The selected artists will then deliver their actual works through a regional collection process sponsored by the company. Only works that are short listed from the initial digital submission will be reviewed for final judging. Notifications and instructions on the regional collection process will be sent to the short listed artists only via email. KEY DATES 2 December: Competition opens 7 February: Deadline for online email entries, by 5pm EST, unless we have reached 1,000 entries beforehand, in which case this date is not applicable. 14 February: Results of initial entry, including short listed notices, instructions on recording the 60-video and physical transportation of works are emailed to artists by this date. 7 March: Results of final round of judging and award notices RULES AND CONDITIONS OF ENTRY Works entered must be an original composition created by the entrant. There is no maximum size or specific dimensions for the work. Entrants should submit digital images of the art work with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. All entrants will be required to register with the site and agree to the waiver and disclaimer found in the electronic submission form in order to enter the competition. The entrant must specify the price of the artwork in the online registration form, as part of the initial online entry. This price will form the “catalogue selling price”, in the event the corporation wishes to acquire the artwork. This price is independent of shipping and insurance which will be borne by the company. The value for the artworks can only be up to U$ 1,500 in order to accommodate the possible acquisition of the artwork by Yamana Gold. Any submitted artwork with a registered value higher than U$ 1,500 will not be accepted into the competition. All of the short listed works will be transported to the corporate offices of Yamana Gold in Toronto, Canada, using regional collection centres set up by the company with reputable courier firms. The cost of shipment and insurance of the short listed entries will be borne by the company. Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, submissions that are awarded any of first, second or third prizes become the property of Yamana Gold and none will be returned. All artists and participants by applying to the competition, agree to participate in media interviews and any other public relation events to promote their work and the competition. Any questions regarding the art competition, please write to
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