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6th Annual 2014 Loveland Art Studio Tour
Loveland Art Studio Tour
429 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: 970.673.6252

Contact Email:
Call Type: Festivals
Eligibility: Local
State: Colorado
Entry Deadline: 5/21/14
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 8
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 2
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 2
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Entry Fee (6th Annual 2014 Loveland Art Studio Tour): $25.00
2014 Loveland Art Studio Tour Prospectus:
Curated, city-wide self-guided walking/driving tour offers a sensational opportunity to build your audience by demonstrating your skills, educating interested visitors, and welcoming collectors into your studio over two weekends in October.
2014 Loveland Art Studio Tour Event Calendar:
Thursday. March 27 – applications open on
Saturday, May 17 – applications close 12 midnight
Tuesday, May 28 – entrants are notified of the status of their application via email provided
Friday, September 12 – Meet the Artists! Reception at Loveland Museum/Gallery during Night on the Town event - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday, October 10 – Gala Kick-Off event at Loveland Museum/Gallery during Night on the Town event - 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Loveland Art Studio Tour Event
Saturday and Sunday, October 11-12 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, October 18-19  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Artist(s) studio/location must be a Loveland mailing address.
Artwork from only the Loveland Art Studio Tour approved artist(s) may be exhibited/offered for sale at the location(s) during the tour.
Preference will be given to working studios providing demonstrations on both weekends.
Location must be open and staffed for published hours on the contracted weekend(s).
Applications must be made through the Call for Entry website (
Terms and Fees:
Limited to 35 locations in Loveland, Colorado mailing address area.
Individual artist:
Single artist’s work at one location includes one thumbnail ad in brochure, one piece in Loveland Museum Preview Show: $175 + $25 application fee (non-refundable)
Group application:
Multiple artists work at one location includes one thumbnail ad in brochure/artist, one piece in Loveland Museum Preview Show /artist: $175/artist + $25 application fee/artist (non-refundable)
Permanent business location primarily focused on showing and selling artwork.  A list of all gallery artists represented is required on the application includes one thumbnail ad in brochure, one piece in Loveland Museum Preview Show: $325 + $25 application fee (non-refundable)
A single weekend may be chosen on the application but will not adjust the event fee.
Event fee may be divided into two payments.  Additional information will follow.
Event will provide:
One free hour of consultation per application with an expert in such topics as: marketing, website design, Pinterest; Photoshop, visioning, etc.  More information will be provided upon acceptance.  Value: up to $100
Regional event promotion– print ads/articles, digital ads/articles, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Prior year promotional budgets have been in excess of $7,000.
10,000 copies of full-color, high quality brochure designed by an award-winning graphic artist.  Sixteen plus pages including large artists’ thumbnails, a multi-page map to artists’ locations including points of interest and local sponsors.  Distribution is throughout Loveland and the Front Range region, including but not limited to: Lincoln Gallery, Loveland Gallery/Museum, libraries, Visitor Center, Art in the Park event, the Sculpture Weekend, and others.  Prior year designing and printing costs have been in excess of $4000.
Loveland Art Studio Tour booth at Pastels on 5th, Art in the Park, and NoCo Mini-Maker Faire to show and/or sell artwork. Artists must attend/staff booth to participate.
Preview of your work in the Loveland Museum Foote Gallery.  Please exhibit the piece chosen for your thumbnail in the brochure map.  More information upon acceptance.
Meet the Artists Reception a month before the tour opens.  Held at the Loveland Museum/Gallery, patrons are encouraged to get to know the artist and their work.
Opportunities for artist-driven programming at the Loveland Museum (demos, lectures, etc.) for the month between the Meet the Artists Reception and the Gala Opening.
Gala Opening on the Night on the Town event the night before the tour opens!  Created by a professional party planner for our enjoyment!
Promotional material for artists’ distribution – brochure, post cards, rack cards, etc.  Personalized postcards may be available at the graphic artist’s discretion for a small fee (tentative). 
Rotating coverage on the website with artist’s personalized information, Loveland Art Studio Tour Facebook page for artists’ postings.  Twitter feed of the event #LAST #Loveland #LovelandArtStudioTour for artists to generate interest and drive visits.  Instagram postings.  Pinterest site to drive interest leading up to the event.  Instructions available as needed.  Artists are encouraged (strongly!) to provide content.
Artists’ Feedback & Wrap-up Party (date and location TBD)
Things to keep in mind:
All applications will go through a judging/curating process.  Excellent pictures of your art will help the Curator give you a fair viewing. 
The decision of the Curator is final and may not be appealed.
The Loveland Art Studio Tour is a largely volunteer event.  Participating artists are expected to work hard to “get the word out.”  A successful tour event (number of visitors, sales, etc.) will be largely generated by your efforts in mailing out postcards, writing emails, handing out brochures, inviting people directly to attend.  The very minimum participation required is your distribution of fifty (50) Loveland Art Studio Tour postcards or rack cards.
The focus of the tour is on education and demonstrations for the visitors.  Sales are encouraged but only from the Loveland Art Studio Tour approved participating artist(s).  Past years have seen sales vary from more than $4000 to less than $50.  The event manager is willing to meet with you at your location to discuss strategies for success, but it is your effort that will be required.  Please be aware that her time is limited and an early appointment is suggested.
Locations need to be safe: handrails on stairs, adequate lighting, no loose animals, etc.
It is recommended that the artists have personal liability insurance for the days of the tour. 
Liability belongs strictly to the artist(s).  Please review your insurance needs with your personal agent.
Parking must be available within reasonable distance of your location.
Event will provide signs to direct visitors to your location.  Artists are required to pick-up, place, and return signs in a timely fashion.
Artists are required to have all necessary licenses for any sales and to pay all applicable local, county, state, and federal taxes. 
A smartphone credit card payment account is suggested.  Ask the Event Manager if you need help.
Please read the Legal Agreement very carefully.  You are bound by all terms of the agreement.
Ask for help!  It is best to have someone available in your studio to help with sales and the tour so that you can focus on being an artist and your demonstrations.  Limited staffing may be available by local volunteers so ask early.
The Loveland Art Studio Tour can be a wonderful event.  You have the unique opportunity to share your creative process with your community. In turn, the community has the chance to delight you with their response.
We hope you have a marvelous experience!
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