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Public Art Projects for the Future Baltimore Red Line Phase 2
All submissions should be submitted electronically through this site.

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Maryland
Entry Deadline: 6/23/16
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5

Media Images:10







1.1.         Overview of the Opportunity

The Program Management Consultant (PMC), contracted to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), is seeking artists and artists’ teams to create site specific artworks and artistic enhancements for the future Baltimore Red Line Light Rail Line. There will be art opportunities at approximately 23 major locations, including five underground stations, fourteen above ground stations, one pedestrian connector, two portals, Route 40 bridges, and other infrastructure elements.  For more information about the project visit:

The Baltimore Red Line is a 14.1 mile east to west light rail line connecting Woodlawn to the Bayview MARC Station through downtown Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  Construction of the Red Line is expected to begin in 2015 and end in 2021.


1.2.         Project Description

This Call for Artists is to create a roster of artists and designers of all types including 2D and 3D artists working in a variety of media to create integrated public artworks for the stations, environs and connecting infrastructure.

Up to three artists may be selected for each station or other major locations listed in Section 1.1 for an approved roster.  If selected for the approved roster, qualified artists will be assigned one or more specific opportunities by location and paid a stipend to create artwork proposals for specific station(s) or individual location(s).  From these proposals, artists may be competitively selected for award of contracts to design and integrate artwork into the overall station and infrastructure.  Artists would also work with the communities to create artwork that highlights the cultural vitality of the region, and reflects the artistic, cultural and/or historical interests of the surrounding communities.

Selected artists should be cognizant that consideration of art that relates to the local community is a feature required in the final art design in order to be eligible for federal funding.  Research, possibly including direct community contact, may require a site visit to obtain the necessary input.

Specifically, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires the following criteria be used when artists are involved in planning and design of transit projects and/or when individual works of arts are commissioned:


    (1)       Quality of art or design,


    (2)       Impact on mass-transit customers,


    (3)       Connection to site and/or adjacent community; art that relates, in form or substance to the cultures, people, natural or built surroundings, or history of the area in which the project is located,


    (4)       Appropriateness for site, including safety and scale,


    (5)       Durability of material,


    (6)       Resistance to vandalism, and


    (7)       Minimum maintenance.


Accordingly, selected artists will be bound by these requirements when submitting proposals in response to competitive Requests for Proposals (RFP) that will be issued by the Soliciting Organization (1.3). Therefore, artists that can demonstrate these criteria were considered and applied in the experience portions of their submission can improve the likelihood of selection.


1.2.1.     Project Locations


A series of competitive RFPs will be issued by the Soliciting Organization following the creation of the roster of qualified artists.  Each solicitation will request proposals for one or more of the project locations listed in 1.1 above.  Projects may be solicited individually, or grouped by type of project (e.g., underground stations, at-grade stations, plazas, buildings and infrastructure).


1.2.2.     Project Goals


The purpose of the Art-in-Transit Program is to enhance the travel experience, to promote transit use and to engage the community.  Possible opportunities for artworks and artistic enhancements include feature walls, ground planes and plazas, streetscapes, light installations, fences and railings, portal walls, functional objects, bridge enhancements, retaining walls, pylons and other possibilities. The Baltimore Red Line Art-in-Transit Master Plan will be available to the selected artists.


1.3.         Soliciting Organization


The Red Line Program Management Consultant (PMC).


1.4.         Solicitation Process


Details and the form of the follow-on procurement are still under review but those details would be given to the artists on the approved roster as a prelude to making a proposal. The follow-on RFPs are anticipated to be issued to meet near-term, critical path design requirements with the remainder of the requirements to be met in a later phase.


1.5.         Solicitation Tentative Schedules


The Application Deadline for this Call for Artists which will result in creation of the artist roster for all project locations is Monday, June 23 2014, 8:00am Eastern Standard Time.


The schedule for the follow-on RFPs will be as follows:


1.5.1      Schedule

  1. Call for Artist Finalist Notification and Invitation to Submit Proposal, June 2014
  2. Artists’ Proposals Due, August 2014
  3. Commissioned Awards, August/September 2014

1.5.2      Remaining Stations and Infrastructure Schedule

RFPs for the remaining locations will be issued in series beginning approximately in September, 2014.  Proposals will be due approximately 6 weeks after release of each RFP.  Selection of artists and award of artist contracts will be made approximately 6 weeks after receipt of proposals.    


1.6.         Artists’ Eligibility


This Call for Artists is open to all professional artists or artists’ teams with public art experience. If artists are applying as a team, the team should be declared in the Artist Statement, specifying a team leader to receive notifications.  Although it is not required, preference may be given to artists who have previously participated in or received a commission for a major public art project, particular in a public transit environment.  Qualified artists will be considered regardless of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, genetic information or age. Local artists are encouraged to apply. If you applied for Phase 1, you will need to re-apply to be considered for Phase 2.



2.1.         General


The budget for individual artworks may be up to $350,000.00.  Artists must thoroughly consider cost prior to submitting a proposal. The final budget may include, but is not limited to, all costs associated with the project, design, materials, fabrication, transportation, installation, related permits, licenses, insurance and site modification. The Final RFPs, if issued, will describe submission requirements and will include budget ceilings for each opportunity. The budget is subject to the availability of funds.  Cost will be one of the criteria considered by the Selection Panel when evaluating artist proposals.


Additionally, the Final RFPs will describe contractual elements that will potentially combine elements of design, artist supervision and fabrication in the final arrangements should an artist win an award as the result of the final RFPs.


2.2.         Payments to Artists


If a follow-on solicitation is issued, Artists selected to prepare proposals will be paid a stipend for work product in the amount of $3,500.00 to compensate for the cost of preparing and submitting a proposal.  Travel to the Baltimore area is anticipated as a means to acquire community input as part of preparing a proposal in response to follow-on RFPs, but is not a mandatory requirement.  The stipend is intended to cover all artist costs associated with preparation of proposals.



Jo Schneider, Art in Transit Manager

Baltimore Red Line

Transit Development Delivery

100 S. Charles Street, Tower Two, Suite 700

Baltimore, MD 21201



Artists shall correspond with the PMC regarding the Call for Artists only through the Point of Contact.




4.         STATEMENT OF QUALFICATIONS (SOQ) CONTENT AND SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS                                                                            


4.1.         General


SOQs may be submitted only through electronic means.  This is a Call for Artists only.  Do not send proposals. Applications should be submitted through the CAFÉ website – The PMC reserves the right to reject any submission in whole or in part for incompleteness, or because the submission fails to meet the requirements for eligibility set forth in this Call for Artists, or are otherwise determined not to be in the best interest of the State.   


4.2     Submission Deadline


Qualifications are to be received by June 23, 2014, by 8:00 AM in the Eastern Time Zone.  All elements of a submission must be received by the deadline date.


4.3.  Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Submittal Content


Submittals must include the following:

  • Application Form: If applying as a collaborative artist group, name each member of the group.   Electronic submissions will be made through the web site. The link to the Red Line Application is:
  • Work Examples/Images: Ten (10) digital file images of completed past artworks. Digital files must be in JPEG format (Images should be no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side, 72 ppi/dpi, 3MB maximums).
  • Annotated Images List: List each digital image in sequence. Indicate the title of the work, media, dimensions, location, brief description, date of work, project budget and project partners if applicable. For previous public art projects, please list the client agency.
  • Resume: Current resume and/or artist’s bio which outlines your experience as a public artist.
  • Statement of Interest: Briefly describe your interests and qualifications for the project (Two pages, maximum, double spaced). In your statement, address the criteria outlined in Section 5.1 – Evaluation Procedure.
  • Experience in Producing Art Meeting FTA Criteria:  Describe any past artwork that met or partially met any of the FTA criteria described in Section 1.2, above.
  • References: Submit three (3) references (commissioning agency or organization, design or arts professional, architect, landscape architect, etc.) that have detailed knowledge of the artist’s work and working methods. Must provide name, title, contact information (e-mail and phone) for each reference.
  • Preferences:  Submit prioritized preferences for the different types of locations listed Section 1.1.  The preferences will be used to help evaluators assign artists to the specific opportunities.


 Note:  Although the automated submission procedures should help an artist to avoid any omissions, should the submission be incomplete, the submission will be rejected.



5.1.         SOQ Evaluation Procedure

An Artist Selection Panel, comprised of art and design professionals, the PMC and community representatives will review artists’ portfolio and resume submittals to select artists for the commission opportunities. Artists will be selected based on experience and qualifications using the following criteria:

Artistic Merit

  • Originality, artistic excellence and innovation demonstrated through past work and supporting documents.
  • Style with which the artist composes stylistic elements
  • Mastery of techniques and materials.

Professional Recognition (Credentials) as evidenced by submitted statements and resume

  • Education and training as an artist
  • Exhibition record in museums, art galleries and/or non-profit art spaces
  • Public or private art commissions

Awards, critical response, artist-in-residencies, or other activities demonstrating professional practice.


Familiarity with geographic region


Familiarity and experience with working with large public agencies


Experience with Public Art and FTA criteria


Demonstrated ability to collaborate in regards to design, approvals and implementation with the community, architects and managers


Reference check


The above criteria are listed in order of importance.  The Panel will rank qualification submittals and select the top submittals to participate in the next step in the multi-step process.



6.         QUESTIONS

Questions from prospective Artists will be answered electronically and posted.  Questions to the Point of Contact shall be submitted via e-mail to the following e-mail address: Please identify in the subject line the Call Title.


Questions are requested to be submitted no later than May 30, 2014. The Point of Contact, based on the availability of time to research and communicate an answer, shall decide whether an answer can be given to submitted questions. Time permitting; answers to all substantive questions will be answered so that interested parties will have sufficient time for the answer to be taken into consideration in the SOQ preparation.





1.      Q: A quick question regarding the application process on CAFE for the Art in Transit project. You have it stated that submitted image size must be a minimum of 3300 x 2250 pixels. However CAFE will not let you upload an image over 1920 pixels (any side). Advice?


A: Revised photographic requirements have been posted which meet the download requirements of CaFE. The requirements are: Ten (10) digital file images of completed past artworks. Digital files must be in JPEG format (Images should be no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side, 3MB maximums, 72 ppi/dpi).


2.      Q:  In reviewing your call for the Red Line it appears we are permitted 5 applications. I am not sure what this means and how this works for the individual. I do work in several media- Is this how you would like the applications broken up?

A: We ask that you submit separately for each area of expertise. Select the options you feel most appropriate. The separate applications are requested to assist the selection committee in matching artist’s skills with the requirements of each individual project.




3.      Q: I am interested in applying for the Red Line art projects commissions.  Section 4.3 of the call detail at the Call For Entry website asks artists to list prioritized preferences for different locations.  Is it sufficient to state a general preference for underground, surface station, etc., or should a specific station be named?


A:  Your preferences for location can be indicated by station, group of stations (underground or above ground, for example) or segments (east or west).




4.      Q:  Question. On section 1.2.2 Project Goals, the text mentions the phrase "light installations" as in: 


1. Lighting 


2. Installations that are not heavy


A:  Light Installations refers to lighting, not weight requirements.


5.      Q: Hi, is there any interest in art for windscreens for this project?


A:  Windscreens are not specifically listed as an opportunity but there are fences and railings as part of the project which may meet that description.


6.      Q: 1.  I will be applying as an Artist Team (2 people), do we need to submit 3 references each or 3 for our entire group?


             2.  For the Preference section under location is there more developed plans or perspectives of what the enhancements are, especially at feature walls, ground planes and plazas?  
       3.  Is the stipend of $3500 per team or artist?


A: Please submit 3 references for the team. Please indicate your preference


for location by station, group of stations (underground or above ground, for example) or segments (east or west). Details of the locations will be available with the next step Requests for Proposals. The stipend will be paid per team.




7.      Q: We are interested in submitting as a team and have both done lots of rail transit work in the past, in the U.S, Germany and Italy.   Although digital images work fine for me, to give your panel a good feel for his work, we need to submit either sound or video files.  I did not see an option for either in your Cafe application.  In the past, Commissioning Agencies like yours have suggested we include web links to some of our short sound/video files in the body of the application letter.


What do you suggest?


      A: Yes, please  include web links to your short sound/video files in the body of the application letter.




8.   Q: 1. Could you please expand upon the "style with stylistic elements," point, of Artistic Merit?


    2. For the Foothills Goldline Metro art projects in LA, I did extremely well with saying that I will take whatever opportunity offers the biggest challenge, is overlooked,or has too few people applying.  May I say that here?  Please put my name forward to whichever projects you deem most in need.


    A:  Style is just what style work the artists does. i.e.: abstract, representational




9.      Q:  In the RFQ, there is a request, • Experience in Producing Art Meeting FTA Criteria: Describe any past artwork that met or partially met any of the FTA criteria described in Section 1.2, above.I assume that the criteria is the enumerated list (1-7) in Section 1.2. If we have done work that fits the criteria but was not a part of a transit project is that of interest or solely transit work?


A: Yes. If your work fits the criteria of FTA or has been of the scale and scope of a transit project and/or has been for a public agency, please submit your qualifications for consideration. 




10.  Q: I am writing from the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and I recently learned about the Baltimore Red Line Public Art Commission. I would like to include this opportunity in one of our own upcoming email bulletins. I also wanted to check whether artists from outside the US are eligible to apply.


Submitted by Helen Bayer, Membership and Communications Officer, Royal British Society of Sculptors


A: There is no geographic restriction on the Call for Artists which would restrict the Call to American Artists. The contract does contain a Buy America clause, but this only applies to manufactured products. The stipend paid to artists covers travel cost and there will be no additional travel reimbursements for concept designs.

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