Call Detail
2015 Uptown Tree Project
Kim Snyder/Public Art
City of Greeley
651 10th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80631

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Entry Deadline: 4/6/15
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 8
Total Media - Minimum: 4, Maximum: 8
Background-The City of Greeley is committed to linking the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) campus to downtown Greeley with a trail of artwork for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to enjoy. This part of the Downtown/UNC Art Walk corridor will be in collaboration with Community Development’s 8th Avenue improvements and the Downtown Development Authority. The Uptown Tree program allows the versatility needed to help create the art corridor.The first “planting” of trees along the corridor in 2014 included ten trees that have added interest, form, color and fun. Over the next four years, this program will add twenty (20) more original sculptural art trees. Artists are invited to apply their creative energies to continue the designing and fabrication of these Art Trees.
Five (5) additional art trees will be added in the fall of 2015. The intent of the program is to purchase tree sculptures that are diverse. Maximum creativity in design and selection of materials is encouraged. All forms of media that are appropriate and complementary to the project, theme and site, that can withstand Colorado’s weather extremes, require little or no maintenance and do not invite vandalism will be considered.
There isn’t a common theme and each tree will be completely unique. Art tree designs may range from literal to surreal, to kinetic to musical and to just plain fun. There may be abstract sculptures that don’t appear to have anything arboreal about them. Any form balanced in a tree-like pose that is sculpted around a ’trunk’ and ‘rooted’ in a large planter box will meet the ‘tree’ definition of this program.
Budget- A budget of up to $10,000 to include all applicable expenses, including but not limited to design fees, execution, transportation and installation of the artwork selected is currently available for each approved art tree sculpture. Designs proposed to exceed the budget will not be considered.
Scope of Work
  • All artwork must be original or limited edition pieces.
  • Artists are required to design artwork around a steel or aluminum pole (trunk) provided by the artist. The pole must have a 6 inch outside diameter unless otherwise approved and cannot be over 20 feet high.
  • Artwork shall be fabricated and securely attached to the tree trunk pole by the artist. Pole may be painted, sculpted or otherwise modified provided that structural integrity is maintained. Artists may also create artwork around a sleeve that slips over the pole that is securely attached.
  • There will not be electrical power available at any of the ‘planting’ sites so Art Trees must be fully self-contained.
  • Artists will be responsible for the installation with assistance from City staff.
  • The City will provide the required 40”x40”x30”H concrete planter box.
  • The City will provide a 24” round 7’ deep concrete base foundation.
  • The artist will be required to weld a sheet of metal to the bottom of their pole to be bolted onto the 24” round concrete base.
  • Maximum height for any element of the sculpture is 20 feet high.
  • Clearance to walk under the lowest part of Art Trees will be 10 feet from ground level where the artwork protrudes over the sidewalk beyond the 40” square planter .
  • Any part of the Tree protruding over the street needs to be 17 ft. above ground level to avoid traffic parking along the curb.
  • Artists are encouraged to be creative in their concept, design and selection of materials while considering safety requirements common to publicly accessible artworks. The artworks must be substantially fabricated and sufficiently safe to withstand the effects of Colorado extreme weather changes including high and low temp changes, wind, rain and snow, etc. Wind load will be a major concern; artists are highly encouraged to contact a structural engineer for advice.
  • Due to City of Greeley sign code, art trees that could be interpreted as a form of advertising or signage for businesses nearby will not be accepted.
  • Sculptures will be reviewed in final form. Sculptures not built to required specifications and/or according to the contracted design may be rejected at any time before or shortly after installation upon review by the Art Commission.
  • Incomplete or late entries will not be considered.             
Proposal Requirements - Proposals from artists must include the following information:
  • Resume - submit one copy – if applicable include education, past exhibits, designs and installations, and at least one reference from a previous project client.
  • Up to 6 digital images of past works/projects; include an inventory sheet including title, medium, dimensions, location and date produced.
  • A written Letter of Intent which includes the following information:
a. Description of the expected design approach and type of materials that would be used in the artist’s anticipated work product.
b. An understanding of the physical setting and context of the 8th Ave. corridor.
c. Any experience with similar project design, construction and installation.
  • Visual example of proposed sculpture by one of the following:
a. Drawings showing three views of the sculpture or
b. A 3-D model or
c. Photos showing 3 views of artwork if it is pre-existing.
 Proposal Timeline for Top 5 Finalists
APRIL 22, 2015 – Top Five artists selected will be notified and will begin detailed design phase which includes submitting a 3-D model.
MAY 8, 2015 – 3-D models and detailed design due in Public Art office by 4pm.
MAY 12, 2015 – Final approval completed and contracting process begins.
 June– August - Monthly project reports are required to show fabrication progress.
September 2015 – Installation date to be determined..
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