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1990 & 2000 Delaware St. San Mateo, CA - Public Art
MidPen Housing Corporation
303 Vintage Park Drive, Suite 250, Foster City, CA 94404

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: California
Entry Deadline: 4/12/15
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6
1990 & 2000 S. Delaware St. is a distinctive, pedestrian-friendly community that provides rental homes for working families and individuals with easy access to groceries, retail and public transportation. The 120 households may include teachers, nurses, policemen and women, city employees, and others who provide vital services to the community. The complex consists of two 60 unit buildings: 1990 S. Delaware was completed in 2013 and 2000 S. Delaware is scheduled for completion in August 2015. To learn more about the buildings, please visit and  A site visit is welcomed and highly recommended. Artists from the Bay Area region are preferable and out of state applications may or may not be included in our jury process.

We are seeking proposals to create a public art installation on a prominent central area in front of the building. This location will be highly visible to pedestrian and vehicular traffic along Delaware St. We are most interested in commissioning a work of art that that is meaningful in the context of its time and place and one that resonates with the members of the surrounding community. We welcome the possibility of kinetic or solar-powered elements and we are open to a variety of mediums and techniques provided that the artwork is durable, weather and vandal resistant. Please view images of the project here:

MidPen Housing is one of the nation’s leading non-profit developers, owners and managers of high-quality affordable housing. In the forty years since MidPen was founded, it has developed over 100 communities and 7,500 homes for low-income families, seniors and special needs individuals throughout Northern California.

Westlake Urban is a full service real estate development company based in San Mateo, CA. Westlake Urban is committed to connecting people, places, ideas and technology to build better communities. It is currently redeveloping numerous properties in its existing portfolio around the Bay Area. To learn more about how Westlake Urban values public art, please read our blog post at:

Palo Alto Partners has over 50 years in combined experience in all facets of the real estate field including design, engineering, construction, entitlement and marketing. Palo Alto Partners has worked with private for-profit and non-profit developers, cities and counties throughout Northern California on commercial, multi-family and single family developments, as well as infrastructure and public works projects.

Artists interested in responding to this Request for Proposals must submit all of the following information by April 10, 2015

Artist Experience:
Brief descriptions of your current work should be included as well as photos of completed projects that are most similar in scope to the proposed housing project. Please include detailed information (location, medium/materials, client, timeline, budget) and photographs for at least two completed (include projects most similar scope).

Installation Proposal:
Include a description of the proposed concept for the 1990-2000 S. Delaware artwork. This should include a written explanation of how it will help to define and enliven this public space, along with at least one image to illustrate the concept.  Dimensions of the potential art area: Top: 10' x 26', Front wall: 12' x 6', Ground 12' x 6'.

Proposed Schedule:
4/10/15: Deadline for RFP
4/30/15: Interviews for finalists
May: Design Review and Preparation for San Mateo Civic Arts Committee Meeting
June-October:  Production of art work
November/December 2015: completion and Installation

Proposed Budget:
The total budget range for this artwork is approximately $70,000-$100,000, including installation.  Please include an itemized budget for the proposed project, including costs of each portion of the work, as well as the artist’s fee.

Proposals must be submitted through Call for Entry:

The jury, comprised of project partners and community members, will choose up to three artists to interview before arriving at a final decision.  

For questions regarding the housing project or to schedule a site visit,  call Helen Tong-Ishikawa:  650-356-2968
For questions about the Public Art Proposal, call Melissa Smedley:  831-737-5360
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