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Art Forward Contests—Dialogue with Myself—Contest 4 Spring 2016
Art Forward Contests
1482 East Valley Road #257
Montecito California 93108

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Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: International
State: Unspecified
Entry Deadline: 2/8/16
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 13
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 13
Entry Fee (Art Forward 2): $35.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum):$5.00

ArtForwardContests has contracted for a full-page ad (a $3,000 value) in the April issue of Blouin Gallery Guide (distributed at the end of March). In this prestigious ad, placed up front in the publication, Gold Award Winners in the painting and photography category will have their selected images featured in one full-page ad.

Blouin Gallery Guide is the bible of the gallery world: it's the publication gallery owners use for advertising and it's the source gallery visitors go to for information on current shows. Published out of New York City, Blouin Gallery Guide is circulated to as many as 400 galleries nationally and internationally. But that's only the beginning—the guide is also distributed to 27 of the world’s leading art shows (from New York’s Armory Show to London’s Frieze Art Fair) as well as to 20 of the most prestigious art museums (from Chicago’s Art Institute to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts). Blouin Gallery Guide claims a total viewership of 700,000 for each issue.

That makes Blouin Gallery Guide the forum for artists to be seen in!

But Gold Award Winners are not the only ones benefiting from having their work chosen by the ArtForwardContests jurors—Silver and Bronze Award Winners will have their names printed in the same gallery guide ads as Gold Award Winners. And all 32 winners will have their images (including names, websites, artwork titles, years, media and sizes) exhibited in our Winners Gallery, which has already been accessed by more than 20,000 viewers. As new contest winners are added, previous winners are moved to the Past Winners Gallery, which turns the gallery into a permanent tool for exposure.

Don't pass up this opportunity. Stand up and be counted!


Who is eligible? 
Painters and photographers, 18 and older, at any career level, working anywhere in the world.

Is there a theme? The theme for Contest 4 Spring 2016 is Dialogue With Myself. The theme does not exclude any subject matter but challenges you to look inward to seek out the work that best exemplifies your artistic vision.

Which disciplines qualify? Contemporary art created during and after 2000 in the two-dimensional disciplines of painting and photography. 
♦ PAINTING—includes collage and every other variation of mixed-media techniques—but not drawing, printing and other graphic arts.
♦ PHOTOGRAPHY—includes black-and-white and color, digital and film, lomography and pinhole etc, classic printing processes and exposure techniques, and computer manipulation—but not digital art.

Who are the jurors?
♦ The jurors for this contest are Art Forward Contests founders Stuart Ochiltree and Henry Rasmussen (go to our website and click on "About Us" in the navigation bar to explore the juror's extensive background in painting and photography).

Are there size restrictions? There are no size limitations pertaining to the original art.

What are the submission image specifications?
File format: JPEG only.
File dimensions: No smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side.
File resolution: 72 ppi/dpi (standard web resolution).
File size: Maximum 5 MB. 

How much is the submission fee?
Basic submission is 3 images = $35.
Additional submission of up to 10 images = $5 per image.

Which are the basic legal requirements? Work must be original. Artist must own the copyright. ArtForwardContests reserves the right to reproduce awarded art for our use in publicity. All copyrights to the artwork are retained by the artist. Submission fee is non-refundable. Submission to ArtFowardContests is to be interpreted as acceptance on the part of the artist of the rules and conditions contained in the Legal Agreement accessible by clicking on the "View Legal Agreement" button at the bottom of this page.

How many winners? Altogether, 32: Two Gold Awards (one in painting, one in photography); six Silver Awards (three in painting, three in photography): 24 Bronze Awards (12 in painting, 12 in photography).

Pick your best paintings and photographs. Enter them in our contest.
Then imagine one of these images seen by a claimed 
of as many as 700,000 viewers. It’s time for your art to be seen by a large 

audience. It’s time for you to stand up and be counted.
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