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2017 Watershed Summer Residency Scholarship
Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts
19 Brick Hill Road
Newcastle, ME 04553

Contact Email:
Call Type: Residencies
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Maine
Entry Deadline: 2/15/17
Application Closed
Media Images:10

Entry Fee (Summer Residency Scholarship): $25.00
Scholarships at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts can partially or fully cover the cost of a 2-week residency at the Center in midcoast Maine. Awards range from $250 to $1525 (the full cost of a two-week Watershed session). Awards that cover the full cost of a residency are called Kiln God Awards.  All artists are eligible to apply for Watershed Scholarships and Kiln God Awards, regardless of age, experience, or media/discipline.

The Zenobia Award, a new scholarship in 2017, covers the full cost of a two week residency at Watershed. The award will be given to an artist of color with exceptional talent who is interested in ceramics. The artist need not primarily work in clay but must have a familiarity with the medium and be comfortable working independently in the studio.

Those applying for Watershed Scholarships, Kiln God Awards, and the Zenobia Award may all use this application.  Artists applying for the Zenobia award will also be considered for Kiln Gods and Watershed Scholarships. 

Awards are for summer residency sessions only and are decided primarily on merit and secondarily on need. A review committee of ceramics professionals makes annual determinations. Funds cover residency fee-related items (housing in a double room, meals, and studio space); there are no cash awards. Residents participating as invited artists in an Artists-Invite-Artists group are eligible for scholarships of up to $500.  Award recipients are responsible for housing upgrades, travel expenses, materials, firings, and packing/shipping of work.

Full-scholarship/Kiln God recipients are not eligible for funding again for three summers following an award and may only be fully funded twice in total.
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