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Southern Utah University School of Business - Utah Public Art Program
Utah Public Art Program
Attn: SUU School of Business
300 S. Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Utah
Entry Deadline: 6/9/17
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Letters of interest and qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating art for the public area(s) of the new Southern Utah University School of Business in Cedar City, Utah.

The SUU Business Building will be the new home of the School of Business at Southern Utah University beginning in the 2018 academic year. Continued growth of the School of Business is driving the need for a new building to provide state of the art classroom, office and collaboration spaces to accommodate the next 10 years of education and entrepreneurism. 

The building will be located on a high‐visibility site at the northern edge of campus, which will define the northern edge of campus while inviting visitors and potential students to the campus. At the intersection of University Boulevard and the Library Walk, the new building will act as a primary campus gateway for students, while serving as the identifiable campus edge for members of the community. At the northern end of the site, the building is brought forward to the street frontage in urban fashion creating a clearly defined edge. The eastern face of the building is gently angled away from the Library Walk creating an inviting gateway to celebrate entry into campus while also providing a view into campus for passersby. Landscaping will act as a welcoming element in the high desert landscape, recalling pockets of vegetation surrounding the dramatic rock formations of nearby parklands at Zion, Bryce and Cedar Breaks to achieve the campus’s naturalistic vision for campus open spaces.

In response to surrounding campus buildings, a two‐story building mass will avoid dominating surrounding context. Primary entry into the building is available on the southeast corner of the building site from the Library Walk or also near the Sharwan Smith Student Center from the Stadium Walk. Additional entrances are located at the northern edge of the site from University Boulevard, as well as the southwest corner of the building in a newly‐formed vehicular drop off.

As the Business Building for Southern Utah University the building materials and expression seek to respond to campus and regional influences, as well as embodying the forward‐thinking, entrepreneurial spirit of the School of Business in a timeless way. Extensive use of natural materials such as masonry, reflect the natural beauty of Southern Utah and local parklands, as well as responding favorably to surrounding buildings with similar materials. Glass is used to contrast the heavy mass of the building, and to embody the forward‐thinking nature of the business world. This transparency is desired at specific locations along the building exterior to maximize opportunities for daylight and views for those inside the building, while simultaneously expressing the industrious and creative nature of the business school to prospective students and visitors.

This design driver of transparency is most obvious in the two‐story collaborative zone capped by a skylight, known as “Wall Street”. This zone spans the building from north to south, creating a central spine running through the building where interaction and collaboration is encouraged by providing spaces such as group study rooms, open seating and conversation areas. This central spine also sets up the building’s intuitive nature, facilitating orientation and wayfinding from a single primary corridor providing access to the building’s two major program areas, classrooms and offices spaces. The “Wall Street” zone carries the themes of responding to the building’s physical location, as well as its programmatic use by a metaphorical interpretation of the Wall Street in New York City, as well as Wall Street Slot Canyon in nearby Bryce Canyon National Park. Interior finishes and color palettes support these influences, while also setting a professional atmosphere for students and faculty, resembling future employment settings and inspiring students to achieve their highest potential in the classroom today and the boardroom in the future.

SUU School of Business -
Vision Statement
The School of Business will offer premier programs in the intermountain west by creating an environment where faculty and staff emphasize personalized learning, student engagement, and integrity.

Mission Statement
The School of Business offers an experiential learning environment that combines theory and practice, and is designed to prepare students to become fully engaged, productive and ethical members of the business community and society. In order to fulfill its mission, the School of Business will:

•    Provide students opportunities for effective learning by emphasizing interactive experiences and individual attention both inside and outside the classroom.
•    Empower students and faculty, who are both jointly and individually committed, to discover and apply knowledge for ethical leadership, innovation, and global awareness.
•    Attract, reward, and retain faculty who are able to make relevant intellectual contributions to their fields through excellence in teaching and scholarship, emphasizing applied and pedagogical activity.
•    Nurture personal development, and academic and professional partnerships to enhance the intellectual, cultural, social, and economic vitality of our region.
•    Involve students in regional service to provide important learning opportunities and to create relationships between students, the School, and stakeholders.

The School of Business has Gradutate program in Master of Business Administration and 
Undergraduate programs in: Hotel, Resort, Hospitality Management, Management, Marketing
and a Minor in: Marketing Education (Teaching Licensure)

Southern Utah University -
Southern Utah University’s more than 140 undergraduate and 19 graduate programs across six academic colleges are fully accredited. Southern Utah University is committed to providing the most innovative and relevant university experience. SUU offers world-class project based learning giving students professional experience before they enter the job market. 

Southern Utah University is the home of the Utah Shakespearean Festival, which provides an important economic and cultural infusion to the area. The professional quality of the plays produced each summer, employing talented professionals from all over the United States, is becoming known around the world. The Festival won the 2000 Tony Award for outstanding regional theatre. 

The college was founded in 1897 as a branch of the State Normal School (University of Utah). In 1913 it became a branch of the Utah State Agricultural College of Logan. In 1968 the state legislature transformed it into a four-year college of liberal arts and sciences with elementary and secondary teacher education programs. On January 1, 1991, it attained university status and its present name.

Cedar City, Utah                       
Cedar City, with a population of 29,000, is the largest community in Iron County and is located at the mouth of Coal Creek in south-central Utah. Its elevation is 5,800 feet above sea level, and it lies in a semi-arid part of the state with 10,000-foot mountains to the east and a vast desert area to the west.

Settlement began on November 11, 1851, with the arrival of a group of 35 men from Parowan, 20 miles northward, to establish an iron works.  Beginning in 1858, the town's economy started to become agrarian in nature although iron mining continued strongly through World War II and into the 1980s. The coming of the railroad to Cedar City in 1923 exposed Utah's national parks to the world of tourism, and Cedar City was promoted as the "gateway to the parks." The railroad also provided an outlet for the products of the iron mines. Currently the city's economy is based on tourism, agriculture, some mining activities, some industrial and space-age complexes, and Southern Utah University with an enrollment of 7,000 students. 

The Selection Committee is looking forward to working with an artist to help contribute to this important facility for the State of Utah and Southern Utah University. The new Business Building has been designed to be an integral component to the future success of the School of Business and those who work, teach and study within its walls. It is the desire and hope of the Committee that the artist(s) will be able to develop site specific work which is harmonious with the design of the building and contribute to an environment that inspires students to think creatively toward new heights. It is hoped this site specific work will encourage thought, exploration, and contemplation, while still being accessible in concept and intent.

The Committee has identified potential sites for placement / involvement as suggestion and will be open and to other sites as suggest by the artist.  Areas identified include all areas of the main interior corridor referred to as the “wall street,” stairwell area, and the south interior and/or exterior that faces the main campus.

$104,000 has been allocated by the Utah State Legislature to commission public art work(s) for this facility. These funds are intended to cover all costs associated with the artist’s public art commission(s) including but limited to; travel, installation and related expenses.

Finalists will be offered an honorarium to assist with costs associated with time and travel for a full proposal presentation and interview with the selection committee. The honorarium will become part of the total commission award for the selected artist(s).

Resident American or legal resident artists / artist teams are eligible for this commission. Utah artists are encouraged to apply. Art selection committee members, Utah Arts & Museums staff and employees, subcontractors or consultants of MHTN Architecture or Layton Construction are not eligible for this project.

Interested artists may submit applications online or via USB flash/thumb drives.  The deadline is the same for both methods and is not a postmark deadline.  Please do not include supplemental materials beyond the requirements listed below. All applications must include the following: 


•    A PC compatible USB thumb drive labeled with applicant's name containing:
•    A letter of interest of not more than three typewritten pages in pdf format. This letter should include the artist’s reasons for interest in this project in particular.  In doing so, the artist should also describe how his/her work and/or experience relates to the project.  
•    Up to six (6) images maximum of previous site-specific public work. All images must be in JPEG format, 1920 pixels maximum on the longest side, 72 dpi, with compression settings resulting in the best image quality under 2MB file size. The image files should be named so that the list sorts in the order of the image listing.
•    A pdf document identifying each image to include title, year, medium, dimensions.
•    A professional resume in pdf format

If the work cannot be documented well with still images a usb thumb/flash drive containing a movie file (of no more than 3 minutes) may be submitted as documentation of artist’s projects. Please note only one media, movie file or images, can be presented to the committee per artist in this preliminary phase.

If the artist wishes the material returned, an addressed and stamped envelope of ample size and postage for return of the flash/thumb drive should be included. Material that is not accompanied by a stamped envelope cannot be returned.

Utah Arts & Museums will not be responsible for applications delayed or lost in transit.  While all reasonable care will be taken in the handling of materials, neither the Utah Division of Arts & Museums nor the SUU School of Business Art Selection Committee will be liable for late, lost or damaged materials or electronic files.  Faxed or e-mailed applications cannot be accepted.  The SUU School of Business Art Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold the award of a commission or re-release the call for entries.  

Complete application packages must be RECEIVED on or before 
June 9, 2017 by 5 p.m. MDT (THIS IS NOT A POSTMARK DEADLINE)
Non-online applications may be sent by mail, courier, hand delivered or express delivered to: 
Jim Glenn, Utah Public Art Program
RE: SUU Business  
300 S Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The Selection Committee will review proposals from which a short list of semi-finalists will be selected and invited to develop a proposal. The finalist honorarium will be applied toward the commission amount for the artist(s) awarded the commission. The Committee reserves the option to commission more than one artist. Final selection(s) will be made from the semi-finalists.

June 9, 2017    Deadline for receipt of qualifications
June 29, 2017    Committee reviews applications
August 24, 2017    Finalist presentations / proposals
Fall 2018    Building completion

Brent Agnew - MHTN Architects 
Clint Bunnell - Project Manager, DFCM
Tyler Cornia - SUU, President, Student Association 
Marvin Dodge - SUU, Vice President for Finance & Administration
Tiger Funk - SUU, Director of Facilities Management and Planning
Jeffrey Hanson - SUU, Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Department Chair
Chad Nielsen - MHTN Architects    
Mary Pearson - SUU, Interim Associate Dean
Greg Powell - SUU, Associate Professor of Management and Department Chair
Scott Wyatt - SUU, President    

Please do not contact committee members. If you have any questions information is available at:
Or contact: Jim Glenn at 801-245-7271 or e-mail at:
Mackenzie Morton at 801-245-7270 or e-mail at:

Images courtesy of MHTN Architects
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