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Newport Beach Civic Center Invitational Sculpture Exhibition

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: California
Entry Deadline: 7/9/17
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 4
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 4


Artists/Private Collectors/Galleries/Museums/Non-Profit Organizations may submit only one (1) original artwork for consideration. All submissions must be made online using CaFÉ (  There is no application fee. 


To apply: The following information must be uploaded to CaFÉ and received by Sunday, July 9, 2017, at 11:59 pm. (Pacific Standard Time)

Applicants are STRONGLY urged to submit early to allow for dealing with any technology challenges.  Late submissions will NOT be accepted.


This call is open to all professional artists and artist teams, private collectors, galleries, and museums/non-profit organizations. All applicants must be over the age of 18.


1. Statement of interest (250 words maximum), addressing:

•    Why the submitted artwork is appropriate for the Civic Center Park;

•    Has the proposed artwork been installed in an outdoor, public setting before? If not, how will you prepare the artwork for the outdoor, public installation at the Civic Center Park?

•    Relevant public art experience.

2.    Resume/curriculum vitae (no more than two pages) including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email and website (if applicable).

3.    Three images of the artwork submitted for consideration (an overview, and two detail images).

4.    An accompanying Annotated Image List including:

•    Title and date of artwork;

•    Very brief description of artwork (25-word maximum);

•    Medium, dimensions, and weight;

•    Artwork value

•    Is artwork available for sale?  If so, at what price?

•    Collection of [insert name here] OR Courtesy of [insert name here]

•    List previous exhibition locations

5.   Preliminary Budget to include:

•    Estimated transportation cost

•    Insurance cost

•    Artist honorarium


•   Your application submission indicates you have read, understand, and are willing to accept the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding & Loan Agreement if selected to participate in the exhibition.


•         Applications will only be accepted online through Call for Entry.

•         Do not send applications directly to Arts Orange County or the City of Newport Beach.

•         Late applications will not be considered.

•         If artists are applying as a team, include resumes for all team members.

•         The City of Newport Beach reserves the right to reject all submittals and to decline to award contracts for this project.

•         All artists who submit their materials for review will receive notification of the results of the selection process, including the identification of the selected artists.

•         All information contained herein does not constitute an expressed or implied contract.

•         Artists will not be eligible for more than one artwork selection in any given exhibition.

•         Works selected must remain for the entire duration of the exhibition and be sturdy enough to withstand the site’s significant climactic environments – Cold, Heat and humidity, Salt Air, Wind, etc.

·        The City of Newport Beach has retained Arts Orange County, the nonprofit countywide arts council, to provide professional services for the artist selection and installation of the inaugural sculpture exhibition.  Display: art installation and storage services and Joe Lewis, a public art consultant will assist Arts Orange County with the project.


May 22, 2017          Open Applications

July 9, 2017             Call for entries deadline

August 2017           Public Comment and Input period

Selections made by the Newport Beach Civic Center Invitational Sculpture Exhibition artist selection committee to include ten sculptures and three alternates

September 2017    Submit recommended works to City Arts Commission for review and approval Present to City Arts Commission - approved recommendations forwarded to City Council for final approval

Selected artists notified and Memorandum of Agreement & Loan Agreements signed

Schedule installation dates

Prepare site for installation

Develop media and promotional materials

October  2017                    Installation of artwork

October 28, 2017              Opening reception  


The City seeks to have a well-balanced exhibit of Public Art emphasizing a variety of styles, types, sizes; and a diverse pool of artists. The artist selection committee will determine specific locations for artworks within the Park grounds.

•    Artistic Merit: Artists shall have substantial professional qualifications, high-quality artwork that demonstrates originality and artistic excellence. Private collectors, galleries, and museum/non-profit organizations shall have professional reputations for collecting and exhibiting high-quality artwork that shows creativity and artistic excellence.

•    Durability: The Selection Committee will consider only artwork made of high-quality materials which can withstand the natural elements of coastal Southern California for a minimum of two years. Consideration will be given to structural and surface integrity, protection against theft and vandalism, and requiring minimal to no maintenance.

•    Meets Minimum Requirements: Artworks must be available for the duration of the exhibition period and prepared for installation, in most cases, on a concrete foundation or footings. Artworks, when installed, will be readily visible from the interpretive trails. Artworks should be suitable for viewing from all angles. Artworks shall be appropriate for audiences of all ages.

•    Site Responsiveness: Artwork should be appropriate in scale, material, and content for the immediate, general, social, and physical environments to which they relate. Artworks will be installed in unsupervised areas and must not exhibit unsafe conditions or factors that may bear on public liability, as members of the public may come into contact with the works

Artworks which incorporate sustainable strategies, demonstrate green processes or utilize green design, materials theories, and techniques are welcome, but not required.


A Selection Committee consisting of up to three Newport Beach Arts Commissioners and two local arts professionals will be responsible for selecting the artworks to be loaned for this project. They will review each artwork and make decisions based on the selection criteria as outlined in this Call for Entries. A nonvoting installation professional will also be on hand to assist with the selection process. Residents of the Newport Beach community will also have an opportunity to provide feedback and their preferences to the Selection Committee at several different points during the process.

The Committee may choose up to ten finalists, and three alternates for this project. The final selection is contingent upon approval by the Arts Commission and the Newport Beach City Council.


Please direct all questions to Nicholas Thurkettle, Program Assistant
ArtsOC (714) 556-5160 x 14 or


The exhibition will locate up to ten (10) sculptures throughout the 14-acre Civic Center Park.  The Artist Selection Committee will site and install some artworks on predetermined concrete pads  and determine the positioning of the remaining sculptures after careful review of their interactive and visual properties.  Depending upon the nature of their design, some works may be installed in such a manner that they come into direct contact with the ground.

Successful applicants will be responsible for transporting their artworks to and from the site according to the contract schedule. The City of Newport Beach will coordinate professional installation and de-installation services for all selected artworks.


Selected artists will receive an honorarium of between $2,500 and $6,000 in exchange for a two-year loan of their artwork. Honoraria will be determined by the selection committee depending on the artist’s preliminary budget, complexity of the project, weight, and size. And it shall cover transportation of the artwork to and from the exhibition site, structural engineering documents (if required), any insurance needed or desired for artwork transport and display, and fees for on-site availability during installation and removal. Artists will receive half of the honorarium upon signing the contract and the second half of the payment after de-installation.

Selected artworks will remain on display for approximately two years with installation planned in October 2017 and de-installation scheduled for September 2018.

Artworks may be available for purchase during the exhibition period. Artists who wish to make their artwork available for sale agree that their piece shall not be de-installed until the conclusion of the exposition period. The City of Newport Beach will not request a commission from the sale of artwork.

The Newport Beach Arts Commission will host an opening reception for the exhibition on October 28, 2017.  Participating artists are encouraged, though not required, to attend.  Artists whose works are in the exhibition will also be invited to talk about their work during a public forum.  The City plans to distribute information about the temporary exhibition to the news media, to conduct tours of the exhibition, and to create a self-guided smartphone audio tour.  Participating artists will, for promotional usage, submit brief explanatory statements about their artwork, in writing, and participate in audio recording sessions for self-guided tours and educational activities, as possible.

Please Note: To preserve the validity and integrity of the selection process, no applicant may contact any member of the selection committee, City Arts Commission, or the City Council until the entire process is complete, and the City Council has rendered its decision.  All decisions and final. Please, direct any questions you might have to Arts Orange County.

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