Call Detail

CAFE SKETCHES: Artists Travel Drawings and Paintings
Perry and Carlson Gallery
504 S. 1st Street
Mount Vernon, WA

Entry Deadline: 7/14/17
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 8
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 8

Entry Fee (CAFE SKETCHES: Artists Travel Drawings and Paintings): $35.00

In the tradition of artist’s recording their travels, Perry and Carlson Gallery is featuring a group-show of sketches, drawings, ink-washes, paintings and collages from artist’s travels, real or imagined. Whether detailed and representative, gestural and fleeting, even better coffee stained and dog-eared, we want to show what you’ve seen, as you’ve seen it.

Details: Work must be the original, not reproduction. Framing is at the discussion of the artist, non-framed work must be adhered to card-strock or equivalent to hang in the gallery. There is no minimum size, and the work need not be literally from your sketchbook, but in the spirit of. Maximum size will be restricted to 18” in either direction. Please only propose artworks that are for sale, and be sure to specify the dollar amount you wish the work to be sold for. Given the nature of the show, we recommend prices no greater than $500 per work, and we will take a 50% commission of your specified amount. Please specify: title, medium, size in inches, and retail price.

Exhibition Dates: August 3 through September 2, 2017 with an opening reception for the artists on August 3rd to correspond with Mount Vernon’s Art walk.

Artist Notification date: Friday July 19, 2017 

Shipping: Accepted works must arrive by Tuesday August 1, 2017. 

Work return to the artist: All work not sold must be picked up, if local, by 6 pm September 8, 2017. Artwork with prepaid return shipping will be shipped to the artist during the 1st week of September in the packaging it was received in. Return postage is the artist’s responsibility.

The Perry and Carlson Gallery is a forum dedicated to contemporary and conceptual art in all media. The gallery hosts: solo shows, group shows, and exhibitions with thought provoking, narrative qualities. The gallery is located in downtown Mount Vernon Washington, 1 hour north of Seattle. Thank you in advance for allowing us to consider your work!

Sincerely, Christian Carlson and Trina Perry Carlson., Instagram: perryandcarlson