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Spenard Road Public Art: Municipality of Anchorage Public Art Program
4700 Elmore Road
Second Floor / Public Art
Anchorage, Alaska 99507

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Alaska
Entry Deadline: 11/30/17
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

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MUNICIPALITY OF ANCHORAGE                                    
Request for Qualifications
Spenard Road Reconstruction
Public Art Program /Public Works
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK  99519-6650
(907) 343-6473


Project:                                                        Spenard Road Reconstruction
Deadline for Entries:                                 November 30, 2017 9:59 PM
Contact:                                                       Curator of Public Art, 1% for Art, (907) 343-6473
Amount of Commission:                          $85,000 (total, 2 or multiple locations)
Eligibility:                                                    Alaska ONLY

Municipality of Anchorage is announcing a call for qualified artists to create artwork for Spenard Road in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Project Information
Project construction began in summer 2017 and is planned to be completed by Fall 2017.  The landscaping of the project will take place in summer of 2018.  The installation of artwork will be negotiated with the project team and is intended to take place during summer of 2018 to coincide with the finalization of the landscape.

 Site Description
The art selection jury intends to commission two, or multiple art installations totaling $85,000 to be permanently installed at various locations along Spenard Road in Anchorage, Alaska 99503.  There are 2 approaches to this call for art.  Approach 1 is for two interventions, one at the Photo Avenue location ($55,000), and the other is at the Bsoco’s location ($30,000) totaling $85,000.   Approach 2 is for one progressive art installation at various locations identified along Spenard Road, for $85,000. Please see the location information below and attached graphics for more information.     

Approach  1:
Location 1: Photo Avenue Location $55,000
Location 2: Bosco’s Location $30,000

 (1)   Photo Avenue Location $55,000

Photo Avenue is located on the East side of Spenard Road at the intersection of Spenard and Benson Blvd.   Once a closed road, Photo Ave. will be open to allow access.  Currently a grassy area, Photo Ave. will be transformed into a circular plaza with landscaping.  The location identified for art is currently set to receive landscaping.  Any base or footings needed for artwork will be the responsibility of the artist. There will be no seating and the jury is not interested in concepts that include seating.  The jury is interested in seeing a variety of concepts for this area that transform and highlight the space.  The jury is interested in many different types of sculptural interventions for this location. There is potential for artworks that require electrical components at this location.  The dimensions available for this site are varied, but the general area measures 100' x 40' for approximately 3000 sqaure feet of available space.  If interested, the plaza location may be available as well. Please visit for site plans an graphics. 
 See themes for more information on the jury’s vision for the works.


(2) Bosco’s Location 2301 Spenard Road $30,000
Located at 2301 Spenard Road, this location shares grounds with Bosco’s, a beloved comic shop in Anchorage that specializes in comics, games and the paraphernalia of pop culture. The Bosco’s location is on the East side of the street and faces Spenard Road.  It will be landscaped and any base or footings needed for artwork will be the responsibility of the artist. The jury is interested in seeing a variety of concepts for this area that transform and highlight the space.  The jury is interested in many different types of sculptural interventions for this location. There is potential for artworks that require electrical components at this location. The dimensions available for this site are varied, but the general area measures 40' by 25' with approximately 900 square feet of space available.   Please visit for site plans an graphics.  
See themes for more information on the jury’s vision for the works.

 Approach 2

Multiple locations identified along and throughout Spenard Road:  From Hillcrest to Benson Blvd. $85,000

Please see page two of the graphics for the identified locations. There are 5 areas identified in red markers that are available for art interventions.  For this approach, the jury is interested in seeing an intervention along the road that incorporates multiple pieces that are a part of one cohesive design. The locations identified include: the artwork site location at Bosco’s, the landscaped area in front of the parking lot adjacent to W.23rd Ave., the landscaped area bordering the sidewalk between W. 25th and W. 26th, the North East corner of W. 27th and Spenard Road, and the east side of W.27th, and the Photo Avenue artwork site.  The jury would like to see artwork that ties one side of the road to the other and creates visual consistency for commuters, walkers, and bikers.  The dimensions and measurements for these sites vary, and at this stage the jury is interested in concepts for the locations. Please visit the link below to see measurements of all locations. There is possibility to integrate electricity at the Bosco’s and Photo Avenue locations. Please visit site plans an graphics. 
See themes for more information on the jury’s vision for the works.

The Spenard Jury discussed several themes as they relate to the project.  The Jury is interested in artworks that “tell the story and capture the cultural essence of Spenard.”   Spenard was not part of Anchorage until 1975, prior to that time it was an independent city.  Spenard began as a lumber camp, and was named after Joe Spenard, the owner of the camp and an early entrepreneur in Alaska.    Early on, Spenard was known to be the place to have fun.  Today, Spenard is a destination, with multiple local businesses, restaurants, bars, music establishments, a theater, and retail and arts spaces. Spenard is also home to a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group of individuals, with a population of approx. 12,108.  It is a gathering place.  The jury would like to see works that tell the story of Spenard while capturing it’s cultural essence.  They have no preference on the types or the subject of that expression.  Artists working individually or as an artist team are invited to apply.  Emerging artists are encouraged to apply. 

 The Spenard Road reconstruction between Hillcrest Drive and 30th Avenue began as a traffic and safety improvement project in 1999.  After years of Engineering reports, Traffic and Safety Analyses, and District Planning, this project began this summer.  This Spenard Road corridor has a pedestrian presence and transit use amounts that are among the highest in Anchorage.  Before this road construction, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities along the corridor were minimal or non-existent. This reconstruction project will widen the sidewalks, add bike lanes, improve street crossings and add curb cuts and curb ramps. Spenard Road has a history of repeating collisions at a higher rate that is considered acceptable for this type of roadway and one of the highest rates of pedestrian-bicycle related crashes in Anchorage.  The road reconstruction will change the 4-lane model to a 3-lane model with a 2-way center left turn lane.   This reconstruction will update the road to current urban standards, adding a new road base, curb and gutters, storm drains, transit improvements, lighting upgrades, pedestrian crossing improvements, landscaping, and art. The improved corridor will accommodate the year 2037 traffic levels at an appropriate service capacity.

There are no restrictions on style or the design of the artwork, but the proposal must provide assurance the artwork will be durable and routine maintenance requirements must be minimal.  Also, surplus materials (2%) will be required for future maintenance needs, if appropriate.  The installation must be permanent and must be designed to last the life of the building.  This is an earthquake area and needs to meet standards in the IBC 2009 building code as amended by the Municipality of Anchorage.  All suspended pieces must be at least 18” lower than the sprinkler system by code.  Suspended items cannot impede the flow of water.   Sculptures taller than 6’ must be engineered and permitted through the MOA system set up for works of art. 

The budget for the artwork is $85,000 which includes all costs of design, fabrication, installation, photographic documentation, catalog documentation and an identifying plaque.   Any permitting fees required for sculptures taller than 6’ must be paid by artist.  State laws related to public construction, including licensing, insurance, bonding, and payment of prevailing wage rates, may apply.

 Selection Criteria:

Artists will be selected to develop proposals with the project team based on:

  1. Artistic Merit as evidenced by representation of relevant past work in images. 
  2. Appropriateness of the artist’s medium, style and previous experience in relation to the project goals and setting.
  3. Experience with projects of a similar scale and scope including familiarity with the public art process, the public review approval process, and/or collaboration with high schools, and design agencies; and art selection juries. 
  4. Artists must have good communication skills and be able to work with diverse community members.
  5. Diversity of artists and media reflects the overall program goals to strive for diversity in style, scale, media and artists in new and traditional art forms. Artists with no prior public art experience will be seriously considered.  Artists with strong bodies of work, with little public art background are encouraged to apply and will be given equal consideration.  


Artists are required to submit the following items:

1. Six digital images of past work should be loaded into CaFE ( following the guidelines on that site.

2. Each image should be identified with title, materials, dimensions, and value.

3. Current 1-2 page resume, including 3 professional references.

4. Your artist statement should include a description of why you are interested or particularly qualified for this project.  It should also address any experience or work sample deficiencies in relation to your chosen medium.

5.  Answers to required questions about location, medium, and commission level.


Jennifer Noffke represents Municipality of Anchorage as the Project Administrator, Troy Frey is the Construction Inspector on this project and also represents the Municipality, Chandre Marie Szafran is a local community member, Danielle Larson is a local professional artist, Jay Stange represents the Spenard Community Council, Mark Kimerer is a representative from Bettisworth North Architects and is the Landscape Architect working on this project.  


Additional Information

Requests for additional information may be directed to the Curator of Public Art, at Municipality of Anchorage at the Department of Public Works.  The telephone number is (907) 343-6473; the FAX number is (907) 249-7567.  The 1% for Art program for the Municipality of Anchorage has a web site at

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